HWS Tank Rush Event

Hey @everyone,

to overcome the wait for Alpha 8 / HWS 8 it might be good to have some Events from time to time! So here we go with a brand new one

HWS Tank Rush Event

It is pretty simple but will hopefully create tons of fun!


Your goal is to capture (replace the Alien Core with your core) and hold the big Tank Rush Tower in the middle of the battleground. Obviously it won’t be that easy…


The battleground will be built within a large area and there are two sides:

West versus East!

  • There is no max. limit but a minimum of 10 player per side. So we need at least 10 versus 10 player to have a fun event!
  • Both sides will be only reachable via the Teleporter in ECC HQ (left = west, right = east). You have to choose one side and stay with that decision!

  • You can participate in the event either alone or best in a team of 2.
    One player is the driver + gatling gun pilot. The other guy is sitting in the Artillery Turret.

  • There will be 10 Tanks per side already ready to play with, however you can spawn these tanks yourself as well during the battle (see Rules below).

  • The Tank Rush Tower has a LOT of rewards and gifts for you but be prepared for close combat First Person Shooter in there!
    Except the Doors and the Core you can’t damage anything of the Tower. And as soon as the first guy replaced the Alien Core with his player core we will exchange it again to an alien core but make it destructable + set the faction, so the tower can’t be shot down but you know it got captured.

  • The Tank Rush Tower has 3 Medic Bays. All of them have the code 1111 for usage.
    If you die you either spawn at West or East (50%/50% chance). So maybe let one guy defend your Home Base?

  • You have 1 hour to fight your way through the Tower and replace the core. After one hour we will start to remove one tank from both sides one by one until there are zero left and the event is over then.

  • As soon as one of the two sides replaced the Tower Alien Core with their own we will start a 30 minute countdown in Global Chat.

  • The winner event prize is only given to the side who had the core until the end in the tower.


  • NO other blueprint are allowed to spawn except these tanks and NO modifications allowed except the color! Otherwise you will be disqualified!
  • If you spawn a tank you have to play with it. You are NOT allowed to spawn it as decoy!
  • Your Tank MUST have either a “West” for the west side or an “East” for the east side in the Tank name. If you impersonate the other side you will be disqualified!
  • Make sure you alliance with the other team members before the event starts!
  • Friendly Fire can happen but if you do it with purpose you will be disqualified and punished!
  • You can split your faction to fill the west and east side

HWS Tank Rush Blueprint

You can prepare yourself for the event with the blueprint below:

HWS Tank Rush Event Tank.epb (2.0 KB)

Event prize

The more people participate the higher the prize pool!

Everyone from the winner side gets

1 million credits and 100 RP per player if we get 10 vs 10.

+1 additional million prize money and +10 RP per additional team player
So if we get 20 vs 20 everyone from the winner side get +10 million credits and +100RP on top

Everyone from the loser side gets

500000 credits and 50 RP per player if we get 10 vs 10.

+500000 prize money and +5 RP per additional team player
So if we get 20 vs 20 everyone from the winner side get +5 million credits and +50RP on top

You see, there are no losers, only winners! But don’t be lazy and participate! :slight_smile:

EU date

24th Feb. Saturday 8PM server time

NA date

25th Feb. Sunday 2AM server time

(I will stay awake)

See you at the weekend! And prepare yourself :slight_smile: :popcorn:

Your HWS Team


now that sounds like my type of game :P, love it mate, perhaps u sohuld do a 1 high class hv vs 10 vs 10… kinda of a 'roug’e tank… hehe

How is that supposed to work with only one seat? :thinking:

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He runs around chasing the tank and it has to stop and wait for him to fire… might allow motorbikes if we’re feeling generous. :slight_smile:


The engineer was fired yesterday.

I updated the blueprint in the first post.


now that looks fun! Hopefully I will get home from work in time… :slight_smile:

With combat on foot in the tower - is there going to be a player med bay area to respawn to and cargo boxes (or personal locker) to store some supplies? Or is it a case of once you are dead it is over for you unless a team mate can rescue and resupply? (Or can you leave and return to the playfield via the portal to do so, during the instance).

Just thinking through the game play on this - sorry if the thoughts are a bit random…!

Each side has its “Home Base” with a medbay and some re-group stuff like boxes, etc.


Cool! and ammo/fuel for the tanks? :slight_smile: (yeah I know its the obvious question, but just in case…)

As written: the pre spawned ships are ready to go. Rest is up to you.

But maybe there are coming some supply drops from the sky, worth to fight for… who knows…

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:smile: Sounds awesome!

  • I may assuming the obvious here, (but for clarity for all), would it be correct that no modification of the tanks is permitted at all, only repairs. So not adding turrets, extra armour after spawning and not altering the basic blueprint in any way etc. Vanilla blue print only.

(- of course not that anyone would actually contemplate this sort of thing…)

…And a suggestion,

  • Perhaps it would help in game if their were two identical versions of the Blueprint - except one is painted all over blue for the West team and one is painted Red all over for the East team. May help in the confusion of the battlefield with identification.

( Of course that also assumes/implies a rule that you can only spawn the colour tank for your side in the battle - no covert operations!) :sunglasses:

are you doing sign ups are do we just show up?

Yes of course! No modifications EXCEPT the color is allowed. I let it intentionally grey so everyone can color it as they want.
I expect a bit of common sense from the players to either color all of their side to one color / -scheme or their tanks name properly …
But I added the rule that you MUST have a W / West or W / East in your Tank name.

If someone tries to impersonate the other side he is out.

For interest I would like if some people raise their fingers but I hope that at least 10v10 show up on the event. Otherwise everything was for nothing.


I would imagine that this would make ideal content for a gameplay video (sort of an Empyrion version of World of Tanks). Perhaps one of the admin team or the police could take some Ariel footage of the battle…

…Do we have any “expert” video production guru’s is in the community?

(OK I am going a bit off topic here :upside_down_face:, but I do think this event has huge potential, for fun and as a HWS showcase)

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if rexxx would allow perhaps andrea and I could come to watch or take some footage :stuck_out_tongue: but i’m guessing we would diei nstatnly so only person who can vid would be rexxx, btu would love to watch

Cool idea))) Idk would I have a time for that, but I try)

Btw, mb rework this ones below for event too? xD But there gonna be little heavy for fast matches)