HWS Tank Rush Event



That was very funny! it was great that we had the same tanks to use, and that the game was not massively laggy. The biggest issue was the difficulty of telling side apart when they were on foot.

Also spawning tanks and re factioning could cause allies to shoot at each other - a individual spawning garage would be an improvement.

But such fun and quick to play :slight_smile:

Sacredglade - The WEST team!

(Edit - PC - did anyone take pictures of the aftermath? Soo many backpacks and dead tanks littering the battleground!!!)

Hope the NA guys enjoy their version as much later on…


Hiii I participated on the East side
was fun! :smiley: Too bad I didn’t know about the rules prior to the game!
Next time, eh! ^^
Thank you for the hard work and the effort


thanks for the event but some ruined it intentionally.
Sc4rface east, but i left after i got killed by my own team 3 or 4 times


Was fantastic! Well done all who helped organise the even and for those who took part!

I was WEST with GMC, and we were really raging in our discord with that invincible core so i got our tanks to try and ‘cut’ the middle and bottom parts of the tower in order to destroy the core. I believe it worked so we managed to core it in the last little bit of the game which was fantastic, a real turnaround!

Good fun, i have some suggestions that i’ll post when i have all the data in.

Best regards


That was great fun. I had a really good time and I love those little tanks. They take some coordination to shoot while the other person is driving. A very good event @RexXxuS - Thanks. Also, being on the winning side makes it all the better - I will need my prize please. I was on the West team.


Was much fun really. But just utter chaos with factions. Many ppl renamed tanks unproperly. And there was no accepting alliance request from all factions. Shoot-them-all game )


Thanks @RexXxuS, had a lot of fun there!

There were a few issues but that’s to be expected with any new event, I think walls around the spawn pad would help alot with the friendly autofire.

Phobos - WEST


OMG I am on the Kill board after that event!!! :rofl:


Event was chaotic but lots of fun! The rollercoaster of emotions I had after clearing the top of the tower, holding it for minutes and then after finally having removed all eastern intruders the whole tower came down under my feet when I placed a new core and dropping right into a bunch of plasma wielding easterners sitting in the remains of the elevator :anguished:

Was close in the end! :slight_smile:

edit: West obviously. Just for clarity! :slight_smile:


West Team for me.
I imagine there’s going to be as chaotic a discussion as the fighting was :smiley:


Participated on West team - did we actually win??


Yes; west won near the very end.


Was on west team. Would have been good if all was in same aliance. Many team kills


I participated on the WINING west team :slight_smile:
Some… better info and clear rules should be implemented. It was hard to recognize enemys.


Hey, @HotNFluffy what is your ingame name?


East team NA server


East team NA server also


IGN: Ryan
East Team


IGN; [2ndLt] W.Hammer[PTF]

bit laggy but expected , was a awesome tank battle but forgot yo bp the tank so went and gaurded the core lol and i thought the building would have been invinceable lol but nope


Groovin with TPP on East side. Had alot of fun. Actually got out with what I went in with and a bunch of ammo.