HWS Test Time | First Person Shooter Event & New EU Server

Hi HWS Community,

While I’m working for HWS 9 heavily, I want to improve / enhance what we have now.

New HWS FPS Event | Deathmatch Arena | Daily

Thanks to @olurz we have a very cool FPS Arena! :slight_smile:

Every day on EU (8PM) and NA (4AM) we have this event running.
Please type ev:start:fps / ev:list

Reward & Gameplay

The type is “Win, if you get an specific item in your inventory”.
And the item here is the “Zirax Shotgun”.

More info:

  • It requires at least 10 players up to 20.
  • We recommend highly to equip your best armor you have
  • You get the lost RP for dying back at the end
  • Don’t forget the ev:restart command

But watch out! Only 2 Zirax Shotguns are available in the arena!

But if 1 or 2 players have this item in the inventory and the time ended you get this reward:


  • 1 million credits
  • 100 Reputation Points
  • All Epic / Enhanced Weapons + 1 Epic Armor

Good luck and please leave your Feedback about it!

New (monster) HWS EU Server

As mentioned in Discord yesterday, I went ahead and bought a new server - a really big Black Friday deal.
I am currently configure Windows and try to migrate the old server configs to the new one.
I will let you know when it’s ready.
I don’t know right now if you have to spawn the blueprints again as 2 years ago or if it’s now stored on the server - some say this, some that.

More details will follow!

That’s it for now and more bigger announcements regarding HWS 9 are coming very soon.

Your HWS Team


Wow - the event sounds great! What is the time limit on the gameplay - can you join in even after the official start - while the event is running?

And a new server! that is a huge investment/commitment to the future of HWS! :clap::clap::clap:

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I was thinking about it but for now nope. Could be abused I think.

Thanks mate

I know i can find them somewhere if i search enough but what was the “old” server specs?

And for the event, how early you can log in it and does the event start right away or is there a start signal some sort?

  • Intel Xeon E5
  • 2x Xeon E5-2630v3 - 16/32t - 2.4 GHz / 3.2 GHz
  • 128 GB RAM DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  • SSD
  • 1 Gbit/s
  • Cost: 237$ / month

In ~50 minutes you can start to sign up to the event. You are queued for it then.
At 8PM all get teleported into the Arena then. Everyone at random position (hopefully).
You get a custom inventory anyways at the beginning: a chainsaw :stuck_out_tongue:

@RexXxuS, unless you have a way to make Steam think it’s the exact same server, then yes people will lose their ready to spawn blueprints.

When we join the game won’t use our cache/blueprint files (client side) from the old server on the new server because it will start a new Server folder client side when joining.

Remember, if client side and server side don’t match then the server automatically removes them anyways on log in the first time.

I would just make a clear warning ahead of time that people will likely lose them.

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Yeah, that was always the case until now.
But one day the Dev told me, it’s now on server side… guess it was an april fool.

Yes, I will make a big clear warning.
My aim for now is the 1st December to try the new server

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Sadly, my testing shows that the client still has those files currently, and they do still matter.
I think we all hope for the day that those files are only stored server side, then we would finally be able to play the game in MP from multiple PC’s. One day.

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bring good armor is mandatory as the event don’t give you one.
As the epic durability falls to zero after few deaths (checked after 2 and it was 0, brand new epic)
you will almost have to fight naked…

Light or medium armor with armor boost (as boosters will still be there even if armor durability falls to zero) will allow you to keep a few armor after dying.

We (the whole server) might have to league against RED ( /kiss) as they are more players…
(i didn t shoot at light armor guys or guys that weren’t shooting at me for example…)

Hope it can help new players. Have Fun all.
Thx ReXx again.

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In each armor locker you had light + medium + heavy.
But get grabbed fast…

The issue with Personal Container are: the first time you do the event you get it, but not in the next one.
Kinda tricky but I reworked the Arena the last hour and there are tons of weapons, ammo and loot boxes overall now. Plus some easter eggs.
Thanks for joining and will improve and implement more of them in HWS 9 :slight_smile:

Fine like that. But i wish all have to know that. And armors in armor lockers are quite risky to use as you can die when changing boosters etc.

Just checked my activity log, and told me that you maybe could add reward to kill counter in zone… can make FPS-event more attractive for (new)players. 50k per kill wont change end-game player’s life but could make a good deal for new ones…
But already nice like that.

Yeah, it’s quite dangerous.

Good idea regarding an additional kill boost. Best in form of a cumulative system… we try to add it some day.

Missed the event ths time, but one question. Will this daily event skew or impact the player kill board? Or is/can the kills be excluded?

It’s not excluded right now. I only excluded the RP loss for dying now.

Overall I think it’s a nice attraction for others to participate in the Kill Board score.
The idea behind it was a bit taken from the Survey: make PvP more rewarding + attractive for non-veterans.
FPS at least.
But we are working on a ship deathmatch event mode as well.


The event was fun imo, it was different for this game not being best for FPS.
I became guilty from event(lost 5 RP) and was getting spammed about messages being guilty(it did not warp me from playfield though) yet you do not get the +5 rp for killing someone.

It says it is FFA event but killing people who I am allied with did not result in a +1 for kill count etc

The event was fun but I was a passenger in my raider when it and I were teleported into the event and my mate flying my raider was left in the cold depths of space. Then when the event was over my raider didn’t come back with me :frowning: But besides that the event was fun and like Calo I lost RP and went guilty for killing an Alliance member to many times plus lost RP for getting killed two times. All in all I will do the event again for sure but I really would like my ship back LOL.

Good morning guys,
Glad to hear and sorry for the inconveniences.
We will exclude the guilty system etc.

I hope the rework of the Arena was much better than it was on EU.
The main issue was: too few guns.

I will try to participate in the event again today on EU.


Any chance it can sometimes be a bit later? Some of us never get home in time to take part.

Typical timezone issue :wink:
Maybe I can delay it to 9PM. But it will collide with the Tower Jump event sundays. Decision to make then. Will think about it.

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