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OK, voted in NA and EU Server. NA Working perfect, In EU i hope it works to be cumulative :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I withdraw above just for waiting a few to check if the cumulative rewards works… but no… As you can see in the voters list, I voted three times for NA server and claimed, but received only one reward yesterday. Maybe it takes time to display the cumulative reward… Ty

I voted yesterday for the second day in a row, got my 2 rp bit didn’t get my 14k credits. Do you want us to put in a support ticket for this missing part of the reward?

First of all keep that in mind! It is only cumulative if you also login cumulative so to speak. We have no que system yet, even though it is handy to do it while being offline.

I can see that you got RP + Credits today for voting on EU so I have to check if this was an one time issue or all NA guys don’t receiving credits.
Next time a ticket plz, yes.

Thank You @RexXxuS, now the cumulative credits and RP work fine for NA server, I received them. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear and thanks for voting! I hope I can improve the system in the future even more.

But at the moment I really need to work hard on the HWS 8 universe… it’s harder than I thought.

According to me and after having been a host of several Empyrion servers, HWS is the best server of this game :slight_smile: I hope that the two servers will be at the top, remains to know if it will be the NA server or the EU server in the first rank lol. Good day and thank you.

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Voted every day for 8 days, only twice have received rewards, as far as I can see, including today. Tried running jobs, to no avail.

I fixed only today the code. It was more or less “luck” before.
You have to follow the same procedure as the others if you want to get the previous rewards.

F**k. new month = reset of the counter, just that it had 11 votes already
ok, starting from scratch again :frowning:

@everyone the Votes have been reset for the new month (as every month).

This means you have now the chance to stack up to 30 Votes = 465 RP and 3,225,000 credits! :slight_smile:
Remember: the full wipe does not affect it, so you can create a good start reward for HWS 8.

Vote for EU:

Vote for NA:

(vote and reward for both possible)

Thanks for voting and see you soon in HWS 8


jajaja, no problem RexXxuS. Now for the 465 RP :rocket:


Keep in mind to differentiate this carefully too.
“Receive our payment” is technically totally given here.
But your main issue comes together with CSW which is in its whole thing a different topic.
And even then, there is still a “payment” for some creative gameplay.
For example, before you overwrite your EU RP with your NA RP, you could spend the EU RP for something. Basically you babysit 2 separate accounts and only overwrite the one in question, in very specific cases.
I saw some players are doing it. It takes some effort but overall you get what you asked for (and more) :wink:

It is on the connect but then wiped so technically its not, which is why I am asking about it.

creative gameplay? What do you mean by this?

I understand it can be exploited atm but my issue is that we are meant to be awarded/payed/given for voting for the server and currently for the people who are doing this are giving away free votes. I either would have liked a fix (which cant be done right now) or would like people informed they are not receiving what they thought they were just by voting. I am guessing I have to be on the eu server to vote to receive the rp right?

this would be a lie.
Because they do get the vote reward.
But it is not our business, if they overwrite their reward with CSW.

You have to play active on the server you vote for is my last knowledge.

If their reward is being wiped by a game mechanic that the admin have implemented and people have not been informed of this then people ‘receiving their reward’ is a lie. So therefore it is your business that they do not get their reward which is why I was posting about it in the first place.

It also means your server have been receiving free votes, this also makes it your business.

Overall I hope by posting about this a fix can be found in the future, that people are now aware of this and it would be nice if admin would make sure people were aware of this in the future. Something in the guide maybe?

You can’t generalize it that easy… but you are right that it can be hinted in a better way.
At the moment you see this:

“Collect your reward with CSW” is right and wrong. For the credit reward it is obviously right.
For the RP reward, in your mentioned scenario it is wrong. It will get overwritten. I will point this out in a better way and rework the Guide about Vote + RP.

I just mean with “not our business” that some players make full use of 2 servers and 2 votes. They receive it for both and make use of both. For example with HWS Ingot convertions or having a different Origin on the other server than on the main, for different/better RP gain.
Not to mention that it’s the duty of players to read the manual before using any feature

Ah yes too true. To be honest I just glazed over the small writing, I didn’t think it important when learning how to play as I had no idea about csw and never thought to reread as its always there. I might browse through guide again to refresh myself.

I suppose my chances of getting that rp I have been missing out on is pretty slim. Any chance I could please at least get todays eu rp on na?

We can’t hand it out recursively, sorry.
And even not 100% clear for the Vote, it is 100% clear for CSW that RP is overwritten.

Latest with your HWS Firework event ticket / experience you should have known that.

But I have my generous day today, so see it as done.

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Many thanx rex, sorry to take up your time on this matter.

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