HWS wish you a Merry Christmas | X-mas Event | HWS Connect Daily Loot

Good Morning @everyone,

we wish you all Merry Christmas and nice holidays!
To celebrate this we have 2 days (until 26.12. evening) a special HWS Connect Daily Loot prepared for you:


5 Autominer Core
1000 Gold Coins
7 Cookies
7 Anniversary Cakes
300 Pentaxid.

Furthermore the X-mas PDA mission is now ready with its 24 doors and we hope you had a lot of fun with it :slight_smile:

Here are all Door Codes again:

01.12.: 6729
02.12.: 5973
03.12.: 0149
04.12.: 3905
05.12.: 6099
06.12.: 5300
07.12.: 3491
08.12.: 2144
09.12.: 4786
10.12.: 2425
11.12.: 8532
12.12.: 0268
13.12.: 9841
14.12.: 5368
15.12.: 0946
16.12.: 7239
17.12.: 8825
18.12.: 6770
19.12.: 2541
20.12.: 3584
21.12.: 8413
22.12.: 3812
23.12.: 8998
24.12.: 2985

Remember that you get the Alien Core as your final present and to take care of it properly:

After you placed your Alien Core to your structure you have to set it back to your faction. That can be done with this command. WARNING: as soon as you drop the Alien Core in your structure, it is set to Alien Faction and your structures will probably shoot at it. Make sure to prepare yourself for it!

Thank you for playing on HWS and have nice holidays!
All the best,

Your HWS Team

P.S.: The X-mas PDA mission will be active until 31.12.


Merry Xmas HWS team :grin:


Thanks a lot of course !

But why do i need an alien core ? No need for O2 and energy is nice but not sooooooo super OP ? Unlimited ammo would really give some power to it… or additional weapons to place.

In general i have huge fuel tanks in my CV and BA that last for very long…

With solar panels, alien cores are pretty useless. My bases are on a planet with oxygen, so I don’t need that, and my solar panels produce enough power to power my base…

Solar Panels do not work on CVs / SVs yet…

Good job with all the tons of kg it is needed for your structures. Good luck with the explosion chain if one of your tanks get blow up.

But if you don’t like it, just skip the mission.


I think they are young player Rexx… they will feal the hunger for Fuel and Oxigen in the future… I appreciate the core and the Autominer Cores you gifted us.

THX and Marry Xmass to you, your family and all the HWS Staff

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I meant base wise. I agree, an alien core will be useful on a CV, especially one with massive power consumption.
And 2 years playing, 1500 hours isn’t exactly young.

Great stuff Rex thanks

Thanks Rex and merry xmas. My fuel guzzling big-ass CV thanks you for the alien core :slight_smile:

You world never be able to energy my faction base with solar panels, 80 adv constructors and 40 furnaces… keeping it lvl 7. Sorry for my joke about young player.

Ok, my base has a high power consumption as well, but can easily be managed by a „power save“ self defined button, the alien core is quite useless.

But maybe it can be sold for a good price ? xeno substrate achieves a high price as well, although weaker than combat steel.

Yes Yes i know the light weight argument, but with 1 billion T2 RCS plus hyper thrusters this is no problem.

Is the daily loot to return to normal? clicked on option now but still displayed the grand special. I received nothing in game and the counter reset to 24hours again. Was really getting used to this excess offer everyday. :slight_smile:

I will set it back to normal in ~5 hours.

Did you click on the loot button during your log in time or were you already ingame and clicked the button?
Try also maybe cb:startjob

I was in game, emptied contents into a container to make room and went back to the web page. Click the button, back to game nothing, repeated 3 or 4 times and then decided to refresh webpage. After fresh login, clock set to next 24 hours.
Will run cb:startjobs now.

Ran this command before, but saw no results. If it does run, where would it place the contents then?

I can see in the logs you clicked but the tool didn’t get the answer.
I refreshed it for you for now.

Success, Danke. Do not know what happened there. Why did the startjobs not get it? Will give it some time tomorrow night.

It was just a try. Normally it processes the offline job queue. If you were offline and clicked the button it is in your offline job queue. If you then login and don’t want to wait the 1 minute you can do that command to receive it faster.
In this case it wasn’t even registered in the tool.

Understood. Will try it tomorrow. Thanks once again.