HWS X-mas Event 2021 on all servers

Dear HWS Community,

for the fifth time, since 5 years, we host our traditional HWS X-mas Event. This year, the first time on the HWS RE as well. (I prepared a different loot table for it [e.g. Augment Armor gift])

Starting tomorrow, the 1st December, you will get the Lock Code for the 1st Door here in the Forum, in this post and in Discord, in the #event channel.

Make sure to have room in your inventory to receive the gifts!

How to activate the Event?

Press F1 and activate the PDA Mission under Solo Mission > HWS > HWS X-mas Event.

X-mas Advent Codes:

Door 1: 2846
Door 2: 6214
Door 3: 8244
Door 4: 3223
Door 5: 7841
Door 6: 2547
Door 7: 8966
Door 8: 7846
Door 9: 1245
Door 10: 3598
Door 11: 2356
Door 12: 9718
Door 13: 2058
Door 14: 7846
Door 15: 6957
Door 16: 3625
Door 17: 1563
Door 18: 4856
Door 19: 7895
Door 20: 8956
Door 21: 9627
Door 22: 0298
Door 23: 1059
Door 24: 3577

Note: This year Santa is very busy and stressed out. That means the Xmas Event will only last till tomorrow until the full wipe on RE. On EU/NA probably until end of the year.

We hope you had a good year so far and can finish it warm and nice.

We wish you a great Christmas time and fun on HWS.
Your HWS Team


going to be a little odd to get loot with an SV in RE if it is the usual stuff. perhaps allowing CVs on planet again would be safe now without worry of clutter.

I tested the changed loot on RE and it looks like the PDA ignores your Volume Capacity.
So all you need are free backpack slots.
Using the Teleporter should work fine in worst case.
But sure, I can also allow CVs temporary.


yes now that the garage is taxed there should be less of an issue like we’ve had in the past :slight_smile:


Perhaps for most this is obvious, but I think not for everyone.

To receive a gift on the RE server, you must activate the mission in the PDA (F1). At the very bottom of the HWS list - HWS X-mas Event
Then get to the door and inside the room stand in the corner indicated by the arrows.

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Thanks, I edited the op

So I opened the PDA and it states the mission is already completed. Flipping the switch, opening the door, and standing on the pad does nothing…no rewards…

NA server…
Edit - I just noticed I have a santa hat from last years event…so is the PDA showing this years event completed because we havent wiped since the even from last year?

well, here we go :grimacing:

=> Xmas Event already complete - #4 by zyranz


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Im logging on now Rexx…will be afk for a few though

ok, check your PDA plz

that was fast…still shows completed

and now?

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its reset…thanks!
So you have to reset all vets manually? Dude…

:frowning: yeah… if it will be more than 7, I just make a copy of that PDA Chapter, so it has a new ID.
Totally forgot that the last X-mas event ran until silvester…


I do not have any mission pda, tried to relog on ecc, nothing, what can i do?

Make a new ticket please with details on what server you play.

anyone having issues seeing the mission in the PDA should restart the game and immediately join the server to try again. swapping servers & saved game files without restarting the game has a tendency to bork the PDA and F3 skill tree.