HWS X-mas Event 2022

Dear HWS Community,

for the sixth time, since 6 years, we host our traditional HWS X-mas Event.

Starting today, the 1st December, you will get the Lock Code for the 1st Door here in the Forum, in this post and in Discord, in the #hws-events channel.

Make sure to have room in your inventory to receive the gifts!

How to activate the Event?

Press F1 and activate the PDA Mission under Solo Mission > HWS > HWS X-mas Event.

X-mas Advent Codes:

Door 1: 4144
Door 2: 4211
Door 3: 1834
Door 4: 3233 Have a nice 2nd Advent :candle::candle:
Door 5: 7322
Door 6: 1866 :santa:
Door 7: 7442
Door 8: 8877
Door 9: 9085
Door 10: 4588
Door 11: 3957 Have a nice third Advent :candle::candle::candle:
Door 12: 3786
Door 13: 9774
Door 14: 3748
Door 15: 0967
Door 16: 7403
Door 17: 6323
Door 18: 6780 Have a nice fourth Advent :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle:
Door 19: 5322
Door 20: 4468
Door 21: 2280
Door 22: 0432
Door 23: 3034
Door 24: 2023

We hope you had a good year so far and can finish it warm and nice.

We wish you a great Christmas time and fun on HWS.
Your HWS Team


if this is anything like last year, bring a giant cargo ship :wink:


Megalonicigiant is more the word?

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sure would be nice if someone was generous enough to pay taxes on an OCD zone there. A 10 block CV wouldn’t be too expensive :wink:

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Anyone know what time of day the new code drops, assuming its automated?

It’s not automated…


Thank you! Sorry!

No problem :slight_smile:
Poking me in case I forgot it, always helps. :v:

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Very nice gifts, thank you. From a stack of wood to an advanced radar is certainly a step ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

@RexXxuS will the wraith be there after the wipe on +? Comming home from work late 23rd, so wont make it before the wipe :tired_face:

Everything else this season i will loose, but thats just fine, need to drain my ocd anyway :grin:

Well, i will run some extended deconstructor cycles next week and see, how much my OCD can take for a good start into 2023 :stuck_out_tongue:

Enough stuff to do, as all of my invincible-PVP-OP-super-blueprints from the past are gone i will have to construct them completely new from scratch for vaporizing all of you in the PVP sectors.

HWS+ will get the bonus that the whole Xmas event is collectable again.
Until the 27th 9AM.

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Would it be possible to get an exact time for the tomorrow wipe ? Thx for the great Mod

wipes normally start at the morning server reboot at 9AM server time (CEST) and usually take 2-6hrs depending on “issues”

keep in mind there are 4 servers running 2 different scenarios.

HWS+ NA&EU are wiping tomorrow. RE NA&EU are wiping on the 30th.


Would it not be fair and make sense the RE players get a chance to collect again as well, since the bulk of what we get now is going to be lost anyway if they are a player with more limited OCD capacity?
Perhaps a short run version with more common items that would enable a decent start at begining of new season?

As far as I know all items in the Xmas event can be stored in the OCD.
Christmas ends on 26th December. Nobody runs a Xmas event on January.
I think that is enough time to shuffle the OCD nicely.

I think fair is that everyone can just appreciate such event in the first place :slight_smile:


Well, i will deconstruct all these nice surplus xmas items, the space in the OCD should be sufficient afterwards to start with a brand new factory death star directly into the new season hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the calendar event, i really like it.

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lol christmas wraith. sounds very tim burton :wink:

Yes, i love my autocorrect. Just been watching sg:Atlantis and commented in a group :rofl:

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lol that’s exactly where my mind was going. just started watching sg:a a few days ago. hit episode 10 this morning. loving it so far :slight_smile:

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