I got Banned

Me and my brother is banned cause we duplicated our items i wasnt know it was a common thing or it’s forbidden until i read the forums.

I definetly did not know it was the last time i was playing in the best server of this game.

So I’m really sorry about it is it possible to remove my ban i promise for myself and my brother (WarriorElite and Raider)
we won’t do it again.

If its not possible sorry to bother you guys (and for bad English)

Fair one, I mean CHEATING is more or less accepted in most games right…you for real.

it is a bug its something in game

specially in multiplayer games

there was a lot of 6,500,000 cr guys in the chat so i thought everyone was doing it when i found out the bug

A ‘Bug’ that gives you an unfair advantage…


play dumb all you like, I have about that…and also 250 hours worth of play on the server.

not 10 mins worth of using an exploit.

use it all you want in single player…

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you are right i played like 50 hrs in this server and used the bug for like 20 mins then get banned.And it wasnt fun duplicating items. Like i said im reall sorry for doing this.

you know what i did somethin and maybe i deserve to punished until year 2102 it’s just fine it’s just fair

I appriciate you are sorry, don’t come looking to be forgiven when you say [quote=“WarriorElite, post:1, topic:1014”]
it’s forbidden until i read the forums

I don’t doubt you are sorry, just the idea you were unaware what you were doing was wrong.

Maybe he worked hard for the credits? Grinded till his drill was glowing and then sold his stuff? Never thought that he maybe could really have done something for his progress?

I have over 10m credits and mined/sold/automined the lot of it. No need to screw the game by exploiting.

I formally request the ban is doubled for coming here trying to play dumb,


Our general policy is (don’t know if I need to write everything to website etc):

  1. if you get banned and don’t contact us in any way: goodbye and thanks for playing
  2. if you get banned and contact us: ok, let’s see what he wrotes…
  3. if he is lying or telling bullshit: goodbye and thanks for playing
  4. if he apologize we lift the ban and reset the duped stuff / reset the player
  5. if the dupe bug is 100% fixed we lift the ban too… if we don’t forget it… somewhen…

So I sort you and your brother to point 4 which is ok. The greed of the human is part of him and can’t control by himself all the time. I understand this.

Just to mention the 6th point: if you doing it again you are really out… longer than in point 5.

Unbanned and have fun on HWS :slight_smile:

Im just curious how they got unbanned so fast, while the XTE guys got perma banned for doing simliar duping method?

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XTE… Duping was just a part reason

I agree with the facepalm, in fact…

Thank you for your understanding

i got banned till 2102 i already did one weeks ban and i log in to play and got banned again i dont know what i did i didnt cheat or anything and im shock i was banned. cmdr ryker orion class. i dont understand what i did please help admin?

The ban before was 2 days and asking in game why was already trolling again: Faction member steelign from faction

Now you got automatically banned due duping I guess. Have to look as soon as I am back from work.

rexxxus im so sorry i dont even know what duping is and im really not just saying that im so so so so sorry this server is the only one that i like i have no intentions to steal from anyone i enjoy playing this server i love this game the other servers hardly have any players and it feel lonly playing them thats why i love this server i logged in after my weeks ban and maybe i said somthing on that i cant even remember but duping is new to me its only really last few months iv becomming really into multi play games and if i did anything bad im so so so so so sorry please dont permanantly ban me im a nice guy im not horrible person and i was getting on with some of the players there . i apologize if i did somthing
yours sincerly
ronald jackson