I landed on a captured cv, i may have docked to it. now ship wont move but captured ship despawned

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What happened?
=> we had captured a capital vessel from the zirax and i landed on it to loot it. we were stripping it and both of us got terrible lag so we could not move on foot. we relogged and the ship despawed. my ship wouldnt then move. tried using the move ship command and removing the docking clamps. relogged and validated game files… nothing worked. I think the playfield has broken.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
Server? (EU or NA or RE)
When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
8 april around 22.00
On which Playfield?

Structure Name(s)?
Katan Deliverance
Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
How can we help you now?
=> transport ship to my home base entity ID 518 2789

did it give any garbage about undocked ships? also try fiddling with thruster and generator power switches.

Tried all that bob, strangely I couldnt get get the thrusters to turn on at one point using the switches or the ship. p menu. I had to turn them on by device menu. At one point it wouldnt let me approach my ship or Duanes ship. it was like there was an invisable wall there. Cupidsrage lost his ship trying to relog in the same playfield due to more playfield weirdness. when he came back on his ship was in bits. Duane and I were going there to rescue what was left of his ship. All very bizzar and irritating 1 ship lost and 1 ship disabled due to game / playfield issues. It didnt give any undocked ship warnings. dont get me started how on that bug on planets!!!

remind me why we play this game again??? lol

ouch. sounds like a database implosion is coming. be prepared…

tenor (15)

Hi any news on this?

so im guessing the last few server restarts didn’t fix it. last time this happened to me, my final fix was recycling and respawning. thankfully it was a small ship. i can donate some resources if u need to rebuild.

i’ve not been back bob, its right next to xenu battle carrier area plus I didnt expect it to take so long to get a response. There is a level of support I expect when parting with 25 euros a month from a game that i spend 20% of my time recovering from game bugs. I lost 4 quantums and a bastion sheild last week in a seperate instance which i shrugged off and the faction helped me get back up and running, If we were on EU no problem, i’d just spawn one of the dozen back up ships i have, but on RE this isnt exactly possible to just have 6 quantums, bastion sheilds, 1m cpu cores etc just kicking around. Unfortuntaly this means that something that i’d just shrug off on EU becomes a ticket on here.

Maybe it’s because of this?

By now it’s clear that Empyrion MP is not capable of handling so much stuff.
At least I don’t know what else is going on.
Since it’s such a plague by now I can only hope and please everyone to send videos of that bugs that trouble you the most.
Without a video (ideally a reproduction case of course) we can only raise our hands too.

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I had to respawn it (at your base) since the ship was bugged. As rex mentioned… thats a game bug. Not much we can do about it unless you report it in the Empyrion Forum.

Rex / Jascha,
I appreciate its not your fault, and generally i do report game bugs on the eleon forum. From my prospective the frustration is being left not knowing when you guys will respond. I know you are busy and have lots on your plate at the moment. But as a member who pays there is a certain expectation that problems will be dealt with in a reasonable amout of time. Even if that responce is sorry i’ll look into it or tough go build another one (lol).
I appreciate you dont want to give out powers to people who may miss use them. But would it be the end of the world to give Dr Dark or Gareth the ability to eithier TP a ship or respawn it? i dont see what you have to loose by it? whats the worst thats going to happen, they spawn a few extra ships that maybe you wouldnt of spawned verses frustrated users who just give up and go play else where.

I dont get anything out of meta patreon on RE its practically useless to me, I pay it to support you guys as I get a lot of enjoyment out of the server and I want it to succeed.

thank you for moving the ship. i’ll attempt to rebuild it back to how it was. but to be honest the whole thing has taken my enthususm away.


I’m sorry to hear that. I had some quite big changes in my life the last weeks (all positive), so I was not able to check regularly. Usually I do check more often and it will be like that again very soon.

But the point about respawning a ship might be actually an option we could enable for the admins. Thank you for the hint. Moving a ship on the other hand is quite difficult and even means for us a lot of work since the game does not always do what it is supposed to do :frowning: .

Oh, actually I didn’t know that this is the frustrating part :frowning: Your are actually the first who complains that heavily about us, providing support as good as we can in this buggy game.

On top of Jascha’s real life change, I am currently also in a not good shape.
Not only that my motivation is not the highest due the game bugs and the bitching from some people but also real life for me and some financial issues.
I mean we tell in the Guide and ingame, that we try our very best to respond within 24 hours and the average proofs that

Our Time to first respond is in very very rare cases more than 24 hours.
I mean I can understand your “I’m a paying customer” card, but compare us, 2 people “business” with OVH or other huge companies. I can at least tell that I have sometimes to wait 3-4 days until OVH responds to my support ticket if it’s about the HWS NA server. And THEN it’s crap like “did you turn it off and on again”.

Personally I find it a bit unfair, since it’s not we do not care.
In the end, it’s your opinion though and it is as it is.

And please let me highlight that “paying customer” or not: we try to help everyone the same way. Nobody has advantages only because he pay. I hope you don’t feel that way.

Thanks for your suggestion. Hopefully we find a solution.

I’m sorry you are both struggling with issues.

Most people in life don’t moan, they just leave and find somewhere else.

If you were to eat out with your family and the food was poorly cooked would you complain? if the waiter then said I’m sorry the chefs going through some stuff at home, would you think awww poor chef thats ok then?

I love this server but if you don’t understand whats annoying people then you wont have players.

There is other options when people have problems with ships, just delete it and complete a blueprint for them. yes they may loose some stuff but for 36 hours i’ve been unable to play in a meaningful way. 1st world problems!! anyway keep up the good work and please find volenteers to help take some of the strain away.

Well said about 1st world problems.

And to be honest: no. I’m not the type of person who complains at Waiters or Call Center dudes, because I know it’s not them making my experience bad. The root issue is out of their reach.

And I didn’t say I don’t understand what annoys people.
I also don’t understand your food analogy quite well. It also is not really fitting either.
But ok… if we go by that… then you and your family have chosen a restaurant which has at the entrance a big warning sign, that warns you about potential poor cooked food. It would also tell you that if you want to complain, please go to the Chief Cook directly.
It would also tell you that no matter the Chief Cook, the waiters try all they can nevertheless.
And if you accept all of that nevertheless, you might find the Waiters rushing around, trying to fix the food by themselves, under the hand, with own created spices to hopefully fix the worst taste coming from the Chief Cook but all in all the Waiters are burned out anyways.
HWS are the Waiters.

Anyways, yes, because above it’s hard to find volunteers but we try to come up with good spices no matter what :slight_smile:

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