I lose connection to dedicated server



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What happened:
=> When I try to connect to dedicated servers, the game loses connection to the server and I am not able to play. After a view attempts I made it to the server but 2 minutes later, the connection is also gone. My friends can join this server without any problems it just happen on my side.

Player(s) with issue:
=> FredZockt

=> My own dedicated server

Time (cb:time):
=> Every time

=> Everywhere

Structure Name(s):
=> Not existing

Structure ID(s):
=> Not Existing

How can we help you now:
=> I attached the error logs, maybe you can tell me what is wrong.

Client_181220-233056-54.log (20.9 KB)
Client_181220-233508-89.log (18.9 KB)
Client_181220-233943-52.log (16.7 KB)
Client_181220-234129-93.log (17.0 KB)
Client_181220-234232-74.log (23.8 KB)
Client_181220-234339-84.log (22.7 KB)
Client_181220-234755-37.log (26.2 KB)
Client_181220-235453-06.log (22.9 KB)
Client_181221-131717-89.log (16.7 KB)
Client_181221-132315-45.log (16.8 KB)
Client_181221-132545-29.log (28.0 KB)


The client logs does not tell much.
Maybe you see exceptions in your Dedicated log or in one of the playfield logs.
Not much we can see at the moment.

Generic stuff like verify steam files, clear the cache, turn on EAC help sometimes.


I logged on to the server and found the other log files, there seems to be a connection tried to be established.
I also verified the steam files and turned EAC on.
But still there is no connection, maybe the attached 2 files can help you define the problem?

Dedicated_2018-12-21__04-36-06.log (189.2 KB)
Playfield_181221-043614-61.log (131.4 KB)