I lost my reputation points

Hello!!. I am a long-standing Spanish player on this server. Last Sunday I realized that had lost all my reputation points and all the money that was in the Bank, and I don’t know why?!.

hi K3K0 is it possible you can fill in the blanks it easier and quicker for the admins to read

What happened:
Player(s) with issue:
Server: Time (cb:time):
Playfield: Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
What do you want us to do:

Loss of progress is often a punishment for such offences as ‘tackling’.

Hey and welcome back old friend!

But rules are rules

OK, don’t worry. We will continue giving war. I am glad to see you again.



Glad to hear. Really like to see SST back!

Don’t know if you remember but Jascha and me played against you spanish guys before HWS :wink:
You are one of the first guys played on HWS March 2016.

Have fun


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