I need help please am i going to get the refund for my vanished cv Grand Tie

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What happened: My Grand Tie Vanished i have bp proof aswell to back it up , i also asked rex when i bought it [ i was the first one to buy it on NA] if i could fix the gun placments as all the plasma was at the tips and he said as dee , so i bped it and refixed it in creator, its the exact copy of it to show i bought it, and also it is not on my structure commander. its up and totally vanished so i would like the30 mill back so i can buy other HWS ships or get my ocd 6. as i dont feel that the server absorbing my cv is my fault ,
Player(s) with issue: [2ndLt] W.Hammer[PTF]
Time (cb:time): 2:58 pm est [ is not the time it vanished ]
Playfield: Lawless space
Structure Name(s): Grand tie
**Structure ID(s):**its not on my structure commander , and this is the 2nd post i have made
How can we help you now: would just like my refund of 30 mil pls

Hey sorry,

but the tool does not know “totally vanished” in such a case.
If its not in the structure commander, then its already gone for days. In this case its too late.
Also without proper name/ID we can’t find it and cant find the reason why its vanished. This looks more like you did not touch it for long.
And keep in mind: To get it back you would have to pay a fee. Not the other way around.

So as long as we don’t have proper information to back it up in tool, we cant restore it, and will also not just give 30 mil (keep in mind you used it for quite some time then already. so if, no 100% refund).

If you create such a ticket, please deliver way more information then just “server took my cv”… what should we do with that? We cant do anything.

Help us by telling us things like:

  • Where and when did you see it last
  • When did you buy it
  • Is “Grand tie” the 100% correct name
  • Who was the owner Privat/faction
  • What did you do last with it.
  • Was it warped lately
  • and so on

You will help yourself a lot by that

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@Jascha no i bought it put it in lawless space beside my darkstar Op4 base and it stayed there i went and touched it almost everyday ie got in the cockpit and moved it turned it off and on and moved stuff around in the cargo containers , the id is 665 according to my blueprint i have , Grand-Tie - 30m
i owned [2ndLt] W.Hammer[PTF] Op4. I was the first person to buy one on NA ,so when it was first put on the NA server

the first post i did

like i said i am not trying to BS anyone and i wouldnt forget to touch a 30million dollar ship , and bp’ed ship i might forget to touch but a 30 million dollar one not a chance

Thanks. Would be good if you mentioned it before that that instance is related to the other.
But already there no Information where available about your ship. And you did not give us much to search for.
Having NO information in the tool is 99.99% unthinkable off. This only happens if a ship was destroyed under 4 minutes after it was created, or if its already gone for more then 5 days. The game might loose something, but the tool still keeps logs about everything.

Its not about if you HAD that ship once. Its about why it got lost and what happend last. Since you could not provide those infos we can’t check the legal issues in the logs and therefore not refund anything.

I’m sorry. Its not about trust here, but we can’t restore it. Otherwise everyone comes and ask us for something that the logs don’t show.

it sat in lawless space and only moved when i touched it to keep it from despawning when i put in the first post i was only gone 3 days and came back and poof gone ,

@Crewmember123 please do me a favor and try this with HWS Connect:

Step 1: Open the Dashboard and click on “Your Hotview”

Step 2: Uncheck the Box at “Hide deleted structures”

Step 3: Search in the Structure Commander for your “Grand-Tie”

I hope this helps.

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i did that already and its not there and its sounds like they are implying that i am lying about it and that its my fault , read this as its the msg from me to rex about modifying the grand tie

me talking to dee and him fixing it

and it cost me 5 mil , i am not sure why i have to go thru all this , i have never asked for the money back for a ship till now as its a 30 mil SHIP , and am starting to get a little pissed

I’m sorry that it is frustrating to you, but our hands are bound and there is no way back anymore.
As we said: You did not give us enough information to find that ships in the logs. If we CANT find something in the logs we will not restore it, since:

  1. We have no legal prove it existed (you have proof that you had a ship, so not applying here)
  2. We don’t know WHY it was destroyed/gone (Battle/Recycle/Wipe/Decay/Sold/…)
  3. We have no backup of that ship since we don’t know even which ship it is
  4. Everyone will claim ships that we can’t find in the logs… Where do we draw a line?

Again: Its not about us not trusting you that you had that ship. But the fact alone that you had that ship is not enough. You did not give us enough information from the beginning even though we asked you to. Without finding prove of life in the logs we will not restore anything. Thats nothing against you or anyone else. If I would just find a little hint of prove in the logs I would have restored it for you in a blink of an eye for the normal fee. But without: Sorry we just can’t do that.

You are a big faction and you have a lot of money. I know it still hurts, but its not like you lost everything. So also here the point of us stepping over our limits to save a player to restart completely is not given.

I’m really sorry, but no logs is not a grey area for us.