I need help please: base griefer

I was directed to this form from discord user Beetle.
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What happened:
I Built a small base in a tunnel that someone else bored out. nothing was in the tunnel, no vehicles or bases. nothing was in the tunnel to indicate it was even in use. I placed my base there a few days ago…
this morning (Silent&Deadly) comes back to the tunnel, claimed the tunnel was his, and had a fit that my base was there… there was no land claim, no vehicles parked, nothing to indicate property.
he then proceeded to grief my base by drilling out underneath it. in the process served me some insults in chat, and claimed that he was in the right to grief my base because his giant hv couldnt fit by my base. however I made sure that everything was passable and enough room for most moderate sv/hvs to pass by.
He continued to intentionally grief my base after confronting him, i have screen shots of him drilling out under my base, and his insistence in chat that he was in the right to grief my base.

Player(s) with issue: 50% Fuego / Silent&Deadly
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 3:26 A.M. EST
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): Squirrels for Sale
Structure ID(s): 14113203
How can we help you now:
It is my understanding from reviewing the HWS Rule book that this was a clear violation of Rule 2.2
griefing / harassment.

i would like to see the applicable punishment listed, enforced in this matter.

I have spent 99% of my time in Empyrion on HWS servers, I have always found the community to be helpful and never had any problems like this happen before. and why i believe HWS to be a superior server specifically because the rules are fair and balanced, and most of the community has been really decent to me.

thank you.

You should include screenshots as evidence

Silent built that tunnel it took him over 10-12 hours to do it. This guy blocked his access, then he got his ship stuck and could no longer access his tunnel. Multiple people in our faction used this tunnel daily, to go exp and loot occasionally when it was up.

I don’t know the situation I wasn’t their, but I went by to look at the base this guy did, 50% Fuego was not nice in faction chat in the slightest to Silent from what I seen. Sure seemed like he was antagonizing him.

He didn’t do anything to this guy to greif him or harass him, this guy built his base in everyones way so they cleared out around it to get in to loot the base.

Anyways, Just adding my experience and what I saw both in the drone base and in the global chat.

Well if its pve and not claimed a player can build a base, I assume by looting the base you mean a poi. BC looting a player base on pve is considered pvp

Yea that is a POI drone base on a PVE planet.

Both these images are standing in Silents tunnel, this guy is using this base to loot and store goods. They cored out around it to get in because he completely blocked access to the tunnel with their ships he was not intentionally grieving this guy he was simply accessing his tunnel to harvest some of the drone base. Silent’s HV is massive.

My understanding is a bunch of other people were also using the tunnel, because one day they thanked us in global. I don’t understand what 50% is so upset about. He will run into multiple people looting that base through the tunnel and he doesn’t exactly own the drone base. Silent did him a favor by coring all that out so he could place a base there to hoard loot.

should be noted that conspiracy is silent&deadlys clan mate.

and as you can see most of his input is acting as a distraction from the issue .

and in no way did my base block access to the POI base. none.

purely a vindictive statement.

ok this is just getting ridiculous.

the primary function of that base was a respawn point if i got killed in the poi.
and as i stated already, nothing at all was in that tunnel when i got there.

anyone looting a POI is doing so for the reward. and just to inform you conspiracy, the POI only contains two very rare (red) alien containers, 1 (yellow) alien container and two (black) common alien containers.

the loot is mediocre at best

actually that is exactly what he was doing.

Look man, I’m not here to argue you are clearly upset. I’m simply writing this to state what I seen. All the admins know he’s my friend. I was in discord with the guy he wasn’t intentionally griefing you, you are being ridiculous. He was coring out a big enough area for his massive HV to fit in the tunnel he created. You blocked the only access for any of use to get our HV’s in to kill the drone base. This shouldn’t be something we are drama filling the admins with, it’s the drone base we can all share it. That’s what it is there for.

because his massive HV was his only mode of transportation, and he couldnt be bother to get out and walk on my publicly available elevator, stairs and walkway? for the last 100 feet?

no, he saw my base, went back out to his cv got his massive HV (hes got more than one right) and went on a tirade because he had a fit that my base was there.
The idea that my base was blocking access is not factual nor is it even a strong argument, which sole purpose is to distract from the core issue here which is he did intentionally grief my base…

So let me get this straight… (please no more argumentations from her onwards, just facts):

  • Silent build a massive hole next to the poi
  • 50_Fuego build a base in there 4 days ago
  • Silent sees that base, they argue in chat and then digs below the base

So just a few questions:

  • How was the ownership of that Tunnel visible to others
  • Why did silent dig beneath the Base? With HV or Player?
  • ID of the HV

Please just answer me, don’t answer to each other. Thanks.

(21. 08:59-10:38)

Silent started digging below my base after he exclaimed in chat “how dare you build in MY tunnel”

I went to check that base right after and he was already digging out underneath.
see first screenshot. I asked him in global chat “are you griefing my base?”
which he responded “my tunnel”…
that was the first interaction with Silent that I had.

again. there was no claim at all to this tunnel anywhere, there was plenty of room to get by my small base.

he proceeded to pretend to cover it up by saying my base was blocking his massive HV. (cylon raider)
which had not even been in the tunnel since i built my base.

Any medium or small sized SV or HV, could have fit by my base… but that is entirely besides the point.
he intentionally griefed my base.

there was another hv parked in a separate tunnel on the opposite side of the drone base, it is a small lady bug HV.

but nothing at all was present in the tunnel i built in.

Also as this progressed, he started claiming he couldnt fit his massive HV around my small BA, 100 Feet from the generator room entrance. its not even logical.
I only needed a few bullets to destroy 2 sentry guns, and literally 2 remote charges to disable the entire POI.

it was a Tunnel when I built my base.
Silent was threatening to turn the tunnel into into a canyon, before i got off the server, so I hope he wasnt trying to further grief by exposing my base to the POI cannons.

ok so i checked the state of my base just now and hooboy did silent make a mess of that tunnel.

its now just a massive hole in the ground, and my base is now floating in the air exposed to the surface.

talk about having a fit.

i believe this was a further attempt to grief my base, by exposing it to POI cannons. given the proximity, to the base, I cannot fathom any other reason for this behavior.

Thanks for the info.

Lets just wait for silents reply. @Conspiracy: not sure if he is singed in here, but please let him know he should answer as soon as he gets online (or through you)

So just to add to this 50_Fuego exploited to build his base that allows him to monopolize the drone base spawn/loot. His base is build w/in the confines of the of the drone base that a player is not normally capable of building

From: 1. Bugs & Exploits

Definition: A Bug or Exploit, for the purposes of HWS Law, is defined as “Any mechanic, whether executed in or out of game, which creates a condition that was not an intended functionality of the game OR HWS Server features.”

Under no circumstances will the use of any bugs or exploits for personal gain or profit, or any advantage be tolerated for any reason

In advance sorry for the debug. The red section of structure here is part of the drone base that is remaining after harvesting the blocks for a while. The green portion is 50_Fuego’s base. It is built so when the drone base re spawns he can walk in take out the generators and loot everything with almost no threat what so ever, and in the event he dies he can spawn back in the safety of his base underground.

Edit: if you would like me to make a separate post about this let me know.

  1. The tunnel was not visible to any players as being owned by others other then it being shaped exactly like silent’s giant cylon raider HV. The tunnel was created by Silent over 2 weeks ago and we’ve been using it off and on since then when we build ships to harvest the walls of the drone base when it’s up, not to actually only claim the loot.

  2. silent cored out around the base with a HV to get past his base to get to the poi that was the initial interaction I’m not sure what occured after I went to see what was going on, this guy built his base at the exact point everyone was getting in at the end of the tunnel to destroy the corner out of the base to get directly to the core (as seen in the two pictures I uploaded, my two pictures are in plane to the tunnel created, I couldn’t fit my vessel in either even after he cored around it because my ship is much taller then his HV and before I could this guy’s base is smack dab in the tunnel created by silent.) The initial interaction are in 50% screenshots 50% initiated the conversation silent did not tell him “how dare you build in my tunnel” he responded with “This is my tunnel, I’m widing it because you built in it dingus”, silent even told the guy he wasn’t trying to grief he was just trying to pass in those screenshots to which 50% insisted he was being greifed. (He basically told silent all the hours he put into his tunnel didn’t matter and now that was his portion of the tunnel and he’s being greifed, 50% kept telling him he’s ganna report him in global, then this guy continued antagonizing him in global about ownership which I assume lead to silent taking his ship to dig a hole next to the tunnel so we could just bomb in and out at the end of the tunnel.

  3. I can’t see the id atm, silent will have to write to you.

Ok @Jascha I will let Silent know to respond to this thread. ETA about 6-8 hours ish. It’s 2pm central here atm, he doesn’t get on usually until about 8pm+ for me to talk to him.

Alright so here is my story, I hope you enjoy it.

When we first started playing on Cryo a1 we went up to a drone base and got murdered. So to get back to our backpacks i had the bright idea of digging to them which worked great. Then we turned our attention to the drone base itself and wanted our revenge so we extended our tunnel all the way to the drone base to assault it. This was a great strategy because none of the drone turrets went off on us while closing the distance to the base. So a couple days went by and we left Cryo to go to the alliance planet like i assume all noobs do.

We built a base on Alliance HQ and adventured forth around the planet. Discovering another drone base on this new planet, my interest was peaked. I set out to explore it. Before digging anything, I pondered a moment and realized the most difficult part of the drone base on the previous planet was running out of bag space. So i made a HV for the sole purpose of assaulting the base from underground with enough storage to keep all the treasure. I began digging a tunnel to the drone base about 400m away that afternoon and finished it hours later at night. It occurred to me upon finishing the tunnel that other people were bound to use it. This didn’t really matter to me as long as i could use the tunnel for myself whenever i wanted. Some of my faction mates thought the tunnel would be big enough for a base but i advised them against it because i knew it would cause several problems. Some problems being: an unfair advantage of a resurrection point being right outside the drone base; loss of content for other players because the drone base would always be looted immediately after re-spawn. My advice was taken and my faction decided it was in the best interest of everyone just to use it as it was, a tunnel. Since that day, I have witnessed many on alliance HQ using the tunnel I dug to their satisfaction. As a result i felt good i had done something to help others in the community.

I thought this would be the end of the chapter, but one day one of my faction members used the tunnel and discovered someone built up a base at the end. I instantly got in my ship and went down to the planet to investigate. I entered the tunnel entrance and continued to nearly the end where i saw the newly built base. At that point i inspected it and while trying to get past it, in my HV, became stuck. After several minutes of struggling to get free without any progress i got the drills out of my storage and put them on my HV. With the drills equipped i got free relatively easy but the tunnel had widened under the base. I took it upon myself to fix the tunnel so once again everyone could use it with any craft they wanted. This is when the base owner showed up on his HV and started squawking about the small gap under part of his base. My attempt to reason with the owner only inflamed his anger and he accused me of griefing him. The base owner repeatedly shouted at me in global while i went about fixing the tunnel. It is when he said, “I’m going to report you to the gm’s for griefing me and you are going to prison.” i realized his hatred went too deep in his soul and he would probably build at the end of my rerouted tunnel out of spite. So i decided to make something else. Eventually the base owner ran out of steam and flew off in his HV. I devised a new plan and figured I could keep the existing tunnel to get people close enough to the drone base without being shot. Then i widened the tunnel completely around the drone base. I still felt this wasn’t enough, someone could still just seal the tunnel. So i took out the surface of the tunnel creating a giant crater around the drone base. I chose to do this so even if he sealed the tunnel people, if fast enough, could still zoom into the gap next to the drone base and be safe. The crater finally completed, my night was done, i drifted off to sleep with a glass of carbonated water at my bedside while listening to an episode of Red Dwarf on TV.

Thanks for answering, but

I don’t want a story, I want facts. We have no time to go through your life.

So you really want to stay with this argumentation? Just wondering and giving you here a chance to think about it. Just keep in mind… If you try to play us or lie, you get punished.
And no story please.

Thank you