I need help please, police help involved - base on lawless moon

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======
On behalf of police - gareth

What happened: HWS took base - player locked inside
Player(s) with issue: APOSTATA
Server: eu
Time (cb:time): 21.44
Playfield: lawless moon
**Structure Name(s):**base in russian
**Structure ID(s):**13145453
How can we help you now: after a nightmare of translation, told him to use egs:buyshipback command it he doesnt understand… had to get outside help so not sure if he’s written a ticket out or not, prior to this he hadn’t - not sure if admins can give it back as a one off, told him via other ppl to check base out when it does become his faction again

CR4,600,000 plus 8RP to restore it.

Let me know … :slight_smile: