HWS Patch | New EGS Feature | Tool improvements


Hey @everyone,

today Jascha implemented a very nice feature to not only save us admins some time but also for your convenience

EGS Buy Ship Back

On HWS we have some limits to improve the gameplay for everyone having also performance in mind.
But limits without enforcements wouldn’t be limits. So we set your structures to the HWS faction after some warnings.

Until now we said that the first return of your stuff is for free and the next would cost your Blocks * Devices as credits.

Now you can handle it by yourself with the command


If you recent structure got set to the HWS faction this is the command to go (after at least 2 minutes wait time).

The pricing is a bit different however:

On starter playfields it is 1000 credits and the structure Class size as RP cost

For example your Class 3 ship got seized on Cryo L2 it would cost you 1000 credits and 3 RP.

On any non-starter playfields it would cost you (Blocks * Devices) / 2 credits and the structure Class size as RP cost

For example your Class 6 ship ( 13310 Blocks and 21 devices) got seized on Golden Globe it would cost you 139 755 credits and 6 RP.

Note: we will soon implement a better way of this handling for PvP playfields and some “tactics”.


Other than that we have a lot cleaner and better Intruder system now and we put the


command finally under the consistency hammer.

It is now


(no space anymore)

Hope you like it and any feedback is welcome.

In the meantime I am still coding on HWS Connect 3.0. It will be very big guys… but still needs some time…

Your HWS Team



Does HWS Garage ship too?

I like the fact sea, but could it be used to buy ANY HWS vessel?

Say we find a repossessed pos starter SV and we don’t feel like walking, will this allow for the ownership of any structure?

nope, it’s only checking the last owner and if it wasn’t you, you can’t do it

can you ad a option to forfit? egs:forfitship:id [just had a HV pin one of our CV’s] if you didn’t could not pay for it… then the option to have it destored/removed/deleted/exploded etc…

Do you mean cb:destroy ?
Already possible

First of all great job on all the work u guys been doin.

We had some awesome fights today @ GG and RED swarmed our base so that was the end, ok good game see ya next time… Now we as in faction ror were getting swarmed by intruder alerts even 1hr after we left and then iam not talking about 1 message at a time so i hope you could improve this system still a bit better to avoid this mass alerts.

Thank you.

I would like to command EGS:repairshipBP:shipID, which would repair the entire ship using BluePrint. :slight_smile:

Intruder logs should be fixed now.

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