I need help please RP CSW eating My RP,

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What happened:
=> Every time I travel through CSW from EU to NA My NA account looses all my collected RP and syncs with the EU RP level. I’ve worked out I’ve lost over 1000 rp because of this. So all the hard work since day One of this season has gone. Yes I have been doing it since day 1 of this season and I’m upset that it’s all for naught.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Shadow Chaser

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Every time I CSW from EU to NA.

=> CSW

Structure Name(s):
=> B2 & Whimp

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Please return my RP and Fix this issue plz. It getting unbearable to go through all that work for nearly a month just to see I got nothing for it.


I think you don’t understand the concept of CSW or?

Please read here first:

Especially this area:

Then let us know what you want.

  • One account for both server and the possibility to do CSW,
  • or two separate accounts without doing any CSW
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I understand CSW perfectly fine. I just don’t appreciate that this season my RP is going down the pan.

I use one account and cross over to play with my corp m8’s on NA. But everytime I do my RP resets which it didn’t use to.

Anyway Think this may be my last season as I’m done with wasting my time.

Hello @Shadow_Chaser

I don’t what you mean with this but again: the RP is transferring from one server to the other.
If you get faction RP bonus on EU but play actively on NA and then CSW over from NA to EU, you will overwrite the RP on EU with the one from NA.
That is how CSW work and that is just how everyone plays with it.
If you really want to maximize the benefits we give you with CSW, then never do a CSW and play the 2 accounts separately.
Only at the end of the season, you might merge one account to another regarding Bank Coints for example.

Checking your logs this is the only thing I might got from this situation.

Otherwise I highly recommend that @TheState or @imtimex helps you to get through CSW and your issue.

Ok well I’m done with this season then.