I need help please, unknown tax

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What happened: i got taxed for over a million without me being able to do anything about it
Player(s) with issue: tax
Server: europe
Time (cb:time): Write
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Bohrfahrzeug 31798712 Taurus II 31713698
Structure ID(s): Write here
**How can we help you now:**please advice


You parked these ships at ECC over night and as written on playfield enter + Tax List + Universe information taxes are applied daily at 9 AM.

You are :slight_smile: Just don’t park their for convenience reasons but instead in Peacekeepers.

i didnt park it there. Might be a faction member parked it there, but not me, so i get taxed for a million for someone elses parking?

For the system it doesn’t matter who the pilot was of course :wink:

I see it wasn’t you but as a faction you stay stronk together, no?

He has also some debts created so I guess taxes were not respected as a feature!?

Ask your mate if this might happen to him and we can talk again about it:

Well it can already be seen in the file you copied that the ship was only there for a few minutes :slight_smile:

Does look like a very expensive bug. Well good to know. If it stays this way there will be no need to travel from the hq planet and well i recomend all players to leave factions direct. a debt for over a million by someone else. that is strange and for me this killed my fun. feel free to confiscade all my stuff, i wont repay this debt because i simply cant and will never be able too

Oh sorry I marked the wrong line. Look 12 rows above. It stayed overnight.

Debts are reset at the end of the season in two weeks. No problem.
Yes a faction needs communication.

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