Certain playfields have Taxes applied to them for various reasons.

Playfields with Taxes:

  • Please press M in-game and read the playfield description. You may need to scroll down to see Taxes.
  • Typically, taxes are applied to the following playfields: ECC System, CSW, the 2 Peacekeepers and the Donor playfields. *If there are more than 200 cores on the Donor Planets.


How Taxes work:

  • You have to pay taxes for all of your structures (BA, CV, HV, SV) that exist in the taxable playfield and they are taxed using the following formula:

  • Ship Tax: Blocks * Devices * Tax Factor(100)

  • Private Structure Tax: (Ship Tax + Player Bank Credits) / HWS DNA

  • Faction Structure Tax: (Ship Tax + Player Bank Credits + Player Balance) / Faction members / HWS DNA

Player Balance is the amount of credits a player has ON them.



One member from an active 7-person faction has a CV with 6,534 Blocks and 187 devices and a faction HWS DNA of over 2,000. They will pay 77,189 credits for that CV.

Here’s the math behind this calculation:

First, Calculate the Ship Tax: 6,534 x 187 x 100 (Blocks * Devices * Tax Factor)
Ship Tax = 122,185,800

The CV in question is a faction ship, so the next step in the calculation is: Ship Tax + Player Bank Credits + Player Balance and then we Divide by the number of Faction Members (7) and HWS DNA (Average HWS DNA of all faction members).


  • Tax Factor is 100

  • HWS DNA for the faction structure is the average HWS DNA for the whole faction

  • Faction members are considered as active if they played within the last 7 days. Inactive players pay half the tax amount.

  • Tax sinners pay DOUBLE the tax amount. A Tax Sinner is a player who repeatedly fails to pay taxes that are due or who switches their assets to public in an effort to avoid taxes.

  • This formula is per player. This means that the whole faction pays taxes if one faction member has faction structures in a taxed playfield. However, faction members do not pay taxes on others’ private structures in a taxed playfield.

  • The credits to pay for taxes will be first taken from the Player Bank, and then from the Player Balance.

  • Taxes will be paid every day at 8:50 AM (servertime: cb:time). You can park on a taxed playfield until then for free.

  • HWS Connect automatically updates which structures are subject to tax every hour.

  • If a player cannot pay the taxes, the player goes into debt.

  • If a playfield has 199 structures and you are the one which sets it with 200 structures to a taxed playfield only you will get taxed, not the others (not for ECC + ECC Orbit + CSW though!)

  • If a player is 300,000 or more credits in debt, their latest taxed structure will be set to public.

  • We have implemented a different Tax system for beginner, taking their playtime into account and sending them messages:

    • < 50 hours on HWS = no tax
    • 50h - 99h = 50% tax reduction
    • >= 100h = 100% tax as everyone else