I need help please-Voting payout

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What happened: Did not receive bonus payout for voting for hws for 1 month, consecutively.
Player(s) with issue: ODIN_jrv
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): yesterday, The 1st of July.
Playfield: Eden
Structure Name(s): n/a
Structure ID(s): n/a
How can we help you now: I’m wondering if there is a log I can review in the future. I voted diligently but it would be nice to double check, myself, before coming to you for help. Also, it’d would be nice to get that bonus. You guys do great work and i’d vote for you, anyways, but i was more than a little excited and have been looking forward to it all month. Thank you, for any help you can provide.

As the infomation says when you are voting, it starts at 1 again the first each month. There is also a full infomation panel at the hws, shows you all the info you need about all you do at connect.hws.global

Well, that’s my problem. I never got the bonus for June. I’ve been digging all over the hws website, for a while but I can’t find a log of votes to verify anything past the last 5 days.
There was no 465 rp nor 3,255,000 credits for voting for 30 consecutive days in the month.

There is no bonus. That was telling you what you get in total (all days added together). If you go through your logs and add all the days together it adds up to over 400 RP and over 3 mil credits.

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Ah, I simply misunderstood.
Thank you for the clarity, TwitchyJ. You have been more than helpful and I very much appreciate your attention and time. Have a good day.


You’re very welcome. Have a great day as well!

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