Daily Vote Reward not tallying correctly

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What happened: HWS Server vote reward are not stacking properly
Player(s) with issue: Jeeves
Server: NA / EU
Time (cb:time): june 19, 20:35
Playfield: NA
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I’ve been logging in everyday, and I noticed that yesterdays rewards were identical to todays.



also im not sure if there is an issue with the EU vote reward tally as its been a bit odd as well:
(i voted on EU today too, and notice there is no indication that happened.)

The reputation by 1 duplicates were a bug, I fixed only yesterday.

The duplicated change of 14 however is new…
Can you please describe the exact steps you did?

Where did you click first, where did you click last? How much time passed during your first and last click so to speak?
For now I can only mark it as delay that the 3rd Party API wasn’t fast enough to catch your 15th vote.

in game, using steam browser.
starting from signing in through steam hws connect > North America > dashboard > vote for HWS > sign in through steam on empyrion servers > vote confirmation.
clicked on hws vote (page, not the vote button) again, reloaded hws connect. clicked on claim reward, waited 3 minutes and refreshed the page.

also still missing the EU vote for today.

Strange but for now I can’t find any issue in my code and you are the first with this problem.
Try to clear your steam browser cache just in case.

Applied the missing rewards on EU and NA for now

thank you!
yet again, sir.

my votes dont count cumulative…

They are working as intended according to your screenshot. How is that not cumulative? It’s increasing every time you vote just like it’s supposed to.

thats additiv… -,- 7000 + 7000 + 7000 + 7000

this is cumulative 7000 * 1 + 7000 * 2 + 7000 * 3 + 7000 * 4

It depends how you count cumulative now. Day based or execution based.

At the moment it is day based.
each block of 7000 * {VoteCount} is already applied.
Cumulative execution based would be at day 3 for example

7000 * 1 + 7000 * 2 + 7000 * 3 = 42000 (instead of 21000 at the moment).
Cumulative execution based would be insane and I thought that my example do not suggest that !?

my english isnt the best so i will use only basic english and concentrate on my known “facts” i can be wrong so…: on hws homepage i get this information

if i am in eu server chat states also up to 3.xxx.xxx mio for a vote (after 30 days of course) i wouldnt have sayed anything based on “just” hws homepage… cause it could be that somebody just forgot to change that information to another vote increase like additive / multiplikativ… but as i say i`ve seen the same information in chat… + i dont know what u mean with “cumulative execution based” i voted 4 days and got 7, 14 (should 21), 21 (should 42) and 28 (should 70) thousand based on hws calculation example… as i say i can be wrong… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: voted today and got again “just” 5 rp and 35.000 is there a secret condition to “trigger” the stated cumulative calculation… do i have to wait exactly 24 hours? something like that…?

You’re reading the example wrong. It increases by 7000 credits and 1rp each time you vote.
Look at the example on connect.
Example: If you voted 3 days in a row: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 RP and 7000 * 1 + 7000 * 2 + 7000 * 3 = 42,000 credits in total.

That example is telling you that on day one you get 1RP and 7000 credits. On day 2 you get 2RP and 14000 credits. On day 3 you get 3RP 21000 credits. Combined, those 3 days add up to 6RP and 42000 credits total.

So over the course of 30 days voting you will get, in total, 465RP and 3,255,000 credits. It isn’t saying you will get 465RP on the 30th day, but if you add all the days up you get 465RP total.

This is cumulative. Cumulative-increasing by successive additions.

You get
1RP x (# of days voted)
7000 credits x (# of days voted)

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