I was thrown into a pirate sector and does not let out from there

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> I jumped between servers, from NA to EU, for some reason instead of CSW I was thrown into a pirate sector and does not let out from there, the ship had to be removed. HWS Connect shows that I on NA the server in Homeworld system.

Player(s) with issue:
=> TIaBaJI

=> EU/NA

Time (cb:time):

=> Pirate

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> please help, get me out

@Event Little update to HWS Events! 1. Eton had a bug in the playfield.yaml! The Land Claim Device was not respected! So you could spawn / build structures inside the HWS Metropolis! I tried to fix it for today but the Faction F-V abused this for 2 days and ignored our 2.8.6 rule. Since they are an experience faction there is no excuse. I’m strict here. The 2 main offender lost 50% of their credits + lost 1000 HWS RP + guilty. The whole faction lost 10 HWS RP because of not stopping their members to break our rules. Next time banned. For now additionally excluded from participating to all HWS EU Events for today. HWS Events are very special to me and I want to boost this kind of gameplay in the future. Any rule violators or event griefers get harshly punished.”

You are probably one of the 2

  1. Type egs:noguilty
  2. Go to starter planet
  3. type egs:spawn

Or ask Police after egs:noguilty if they are willing to help you.

I didn’t spawn anything, only loot your backpack. When the player killed, loot in PVP a not prohibited

it is better to follow the RED faction in the BR event, it is suspicious that each minigun and tank with a shield for a short time appears

You were inflicted with it because you made sure to “clean up” after breaking our 2.8.6 rule.

That is all what needs to be said and no matter who: play fair and all is cool :slight_smile: