Idea about armageddon

What do you guys think about putting a limit on hv’s and sv’s on armageddon, since no CV can get into the planet (unless they do SWP tactics) our bases are way overkill for an invasion, not sure what would be a good limit thou since we need about 8 defence hv per base to defend all sides and 1 combat hv and sv per member during attack/defense.

So what about:

HV limit = 8 + 1 per faction member.
SV limit = 1 per faction member.

Lets run some numbers to see how this effects things:

FDM 10 members: 8 + (10x2) = 28 cores from hv and sv and + 1 core for BA. 29 cores used for a 10man faction.

PKA 44 members 8 + (44x2) + 1 = 97 cores from a 44 member faction (half of planet max.)

Which means if U-P + PKA are on planet almost no one else can live there or attack.


Logic: the bigger the faction the more inactive members there will be, so:
What about a fall off to counter act offline members using up valuable core space.

New Calculation

If a faction is 1-5 = no alterations.
If a faction is 5 -20 = -20% cores
if a faction is 20 -30 = -30% cores
If a faction is 30-40 = -35% cores
if a faction is 40+ = -40% cores

This isn’t too illogical as i have never seen more than 20 members of a single faction online at a single time.

New Tests:

FDM 10 Members: 8 + (10x2) +1 = (29*0.8) = 23.2 Rounded off 23 cores Total on planet so far (23 cores)

KPA 44 Members: 8 + (44x2) + 1 = (97*0.6) = 58.2 Rounded off 58 cores Total on planet so far (81 cores)

U-P 33 Members 8 + (33x2) + 1 = (74*0.65) = 48.1 Rounded off 48 cores Total on planet so far (129 cores)

PKF 1 Member 8 + (1x2) + 1 = 11 cores Total on planet so far (140 cores)

NOD 11 Members 8 + (11x2) + 1 = (31*0.8) = 24.8 Rounded to 25 cores Total on planet so far (165 cores)

FST 35 Members 8 + (35x2) + 1 = (79*0.65) = 51.35 Rounded to 51 cores Total on planet so far (216 cores)

135 Members living on a planet and still 14 cores left before planet maxes out, seems to be pretty decent and all those factions will be able to hold their bases and provide each other tons of pvp.

Their should be some spare cores left for digging hv’s if people plan wisely, also for attacks people can keep tons of hv’s sv’s in their F2 factory and spawn new ones as theirs dies.

Let me know your thoughts and if you think its unfair for larger factions.


Personally i think there should be a flat cap, like 20 HV and 20 SV per faction.

My reasoning is that big faction can easly produce new stuff quickly, while small ones need to stack up a bit to be able to defend.

And the members number isn’t quite representative. When was the last tiem tehre was more than 15 PKA online. Or more than 10 UP. Or more than 5 FDM.

Yea the only problem with flat cap is that people will be reluctant to join forces and rather stay as small 1-3man factions to maximize on cores, and then with 20 hv and 20 sv per faction that can be filled with 6, 2 man factions spawning bases with tons of hv and svs everywhere. 12 people using up a entire planets core’s xD but that’s extreme case I guess.

Multifactioning is quite annoying for the ones doing it, but really, if one wanna exploint the cap with that, even your way won’t help it.
And people are reluctant to join forces anyway, there’s very little big-number factions. And those that are in big factions usually stay in there.

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Yea you have a point.

Yea Limit for HVs and Svs would be good.

I love arma, it’s a really cool add. But BA causes life there and with life young people wanting to own it. That’s a cool experience for some but not for many without the resources to compete, so arma will eventually become just another home world planet with better loot.

What if there was a planet in the same system with NO BA, same PVPVE rotations, but it’s all SV PVP? HV would be cool but don’t see how you’d get it there without a BA or CV.

In any case I don’t want to distract from your topic - I think you’re on to something good there to keep the playing field a little more level.

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