HWS big pre 6.0 plan coming

Hey @everyone,

here we are again - waiting for the relieve of 6.0 but… the wait can be even longer as I heard today.
That’s not so good. So we need a plan, we have to change things. Not cool for everyone of course but needed or we play soon with 15 people at prime time again!
Additionally we think that the very serious bug that structures are set to public is caused due the long run time / overload.

Starter Planet wipe - result

One of the biggest test we had was to see if we can skip the starter planet wipes with the one way jump mechanic and the resource / dry planet idea.
The result: not that good. At least the dry planet and no wipe.

The one way jump is great and not a single complain about auto miner / veteran returner abusement. But due the permanent high pressure of ~200 cores on all of the five starter consumes regulary 30% additional CPU. This is too crazy.
Also the planets are not that beginner friendly and turning people rather off continue to play.
So we have to step in now before it is too late:

We implement the starter wipes again (so you also know how it will be in 6.0)

Every Wednesday all starter planets + moons (Outposts) will be wiped at 9AM (UTC+1)

  • the faction base limit will be increased to 3
  • the private base limit will be keep at 1
  • the private / faction CV limit stays at 1
  • the orbit will get now a faction CV limit of 3
  • and 1 base per player / faction
  • the one way jump stays

This should boost the performance a lot and give different better options to play / start together on HWS.
With the wipe we can then implement a better version of the starters (no crazy black nights anymore, better biome, better POI, etc.)

Black Hole

  • Black Hole will lose a bit of its weight… by removing few asteroid belt rings the performance should be a bit better.
  • The resources stays the same
  • Some POI improvements

Armageddon rework

The intention of Armageddon was of course to have PvP fun! To have cool SV battles, fighting for resources rather than for territory.
Don’t ask me why I thought the other limits won’t be abused but I failed.

New limits for Armageddon

The rework of the planet is now to make it a faction-only planet. Just in case you are a monster lone wolf - create a faction or skip Armageddon:

  • [color=ff6600]0 PRIVATE BA / 1 PRIVATE SV / 0 PRIVATE HV allowed on the planet!
  • 1 FACTION BA (still up to Class 10) / 50 FACTION SV / 7 FACTION HV allowed on the planet![/color]

That’s it. We did couple of tests and the server CPU / RAM shows us clearly: the current version of Armageddon is a Armageddon for the whole server, not only that playfield.
These limits should bring back the focus to fight with SVs for resources, have equal chances for everyone, catch people or start a gang bang rather than sitting with million of white tags somewhere without competitors because of the lag.

Let’s see how it will be after the 5.5 patch and the promised huge performance boost.
For 6.0 we have even more planned regarding SV only planets and private / faction balancement…

Hunter Board

To support your gameplay regarding this and more here a little teaser at what I am working currently (a big milestone regarding HWS Connect 2.0 and playing the game over the website)

So when will this be applied?

We start with all of this on all 3 servers at coming Friday - 03.03.2017 at 5PM (UTC+1) / 4:30 PM (UTC - 5)!

Prepare yourself till then!
At that time we wipe the starters once and from there on every Wednesday

Good night all

Your HWS Team


Instant FAQ’

  • WTF starter wipe? I loose all?

grab your stuff in your inventory or put it in a SV full of cargo boxes and fly to starter obit on friday and see the planet wiped by monster aliens at that time with popcorn

  • WHY Class 10 Base on Armageddon?

Because people need a reason to store good stuff in it so you can loot it later on. It is meant as an event “Capture the Base”. Should not influence the lag.

  • WHY 50 SVs?

Because SVs don’t have turrets. They are just there for flying / shooting / dying. It is meant for big faction clashes rather than limiting a big faction to only have 10 people on that playfield even though 20 are online and want to play.

they will come in 6.0

still in consideration for 6.0. Doesn’t affect 5.X

  • only starter planets or also orbit wipe?

It is my style to write very strict things (or really miss facts). So as written: ONLY planets. Not the orbits!

  • will Armageddon be wiped or do I just have to remove the structures?

again: a Armageddon planet wipe was not mentioned so no, no Armageddon wipe. However if you don’t take care of your over the limit stuff it will be instant set to HWS / Destroyed on friday

… to be continued …


Hi ok good chances, buuuut! Why Class 10 Base on Armageddon? NOBODY needs a Class 10 Base! And why 100 SVs? With that The Laggenators (PKA) will make Lag great again and again. Should we fight 100vs100 ? :smiley:

When is the NA server getting that 2nd node added? (from the previous poll)

Or is the current Armageddon performance already with the bigger box?

Any chance to up the HV count to maybe 10? I think most ppl like having a backup one stocked and ready to go if they get killed.

All easy questions are added to the FAQ in the second post.

Well one guy says 10, the next 20… what is a backup and what legit.
Maybe this can be result in a quick Poll.

But as I said - mass HVs are not needed for SV fights.



LOVE the updates to Arma!!! i know there will be moaning as people have worked hard to stake their claims, but this will be a healthy change in the long run.

Very cool!! Keep up the great work as always!

  • Hops

Perfect! Ready to take on the server! THANKS ALWAYS!!!

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Rex, thanks for new ideas. Server is living, becouse of your support and creativity.

Some issues about topics:

  • May be lets choose 20-30 SV limit for one faction ? People can store other 70-700 ready SV in their blueprint, without loading core CPU and planet. If you first SV are killed, respawn at base, spawn new SV and fly in 1-2 minutes again. As I understand, this is highly active pvp area, and we dont need lags here.
  • now orbit on armageddon is also laggy, can you make this area - taxable ? :slight_smile:
  • Base class 10, is it too much. Faction with good online, can protect any base, just having patrol SVs on planet :slight_smile:


  • we need regular timing for POI resets, if it possible, for example daily. Can you do ?
  • 5.0 server has alien planet, where POI were more aggresive and more dangerous. It is possible to return to previous POI ? it will be really interesting to capture POI, with SV ships.

PVP/PVE ratio

  • now this ratio is decreased to PVE side, can you have balance 80%/20% ? more PVP rather PVE ?
  • you mentioned that people can have donated cottage on 1 pve planet, with same style, and high limitation of cv/sv/hv. can you show example of house ? can you upgrade with number refineries and boxes, LCD screens, etc. ?


  • I lost idea of money. Some people have money, but the money dont have value now. We can sell items, but no reason to spend money now. Idea about derivatives, people can have more investments, rather deposit %. Can you make bank/exchange, where people can lend money to each other with higher interest rate ? :slight_smile:
  • Elemental place now as a wreck/ship parking place. Can you make Elemental Marketplace pve, but with more higher taxes ? for example to park on CV here is cost 25k credits every day. and warning to players about this, when they are coming to this area about it

Questions, questions. Armageddon will be wiped as well, or I just have to remove HWs beyond limit till Friday? By the way I think 20-30 SVs should be allowed per faction, otherwise it will end up with a spawn blocking. Also 7 HVs may be little low especially for bigger factions.

See second post FAQ

Equal chances for everyone. If the majority is for 10 we can change it to 10. But not more.

@NikolaTesla some good points there. After I thought about it while sleeping 100 SVs might be again abused in a bad way (blocking the planet core limit) instead of doing this

So I change it to 50 and see if people are really that egoistic.

Last time I was in the orbit it was ok. Will check again and see what is good.
The base is for now seen as an event, not a pure SV only battle planet.

We have this already.

PvP / PvE ratio needs a new universe. Will be done in 6.0.
It is layout in such a way that everyone should be happy.

We will release more information about the Apartments soon.

About money… the good thing we see now is that the HWS Garage ships (Rhea) were sold out after some hours. So a good money spending there.

Trading will be a lot better in 6.0 with some positioning decisions.

Other than that we will think about more value of money and reputation points, yes.

Hey Rex. This planet is an awesome Idea. I do have a couple of thoughts however. Yeah I know but here’s my 2 bits.

  1. Can your tool Break factions? Armageddon should be a ally free planet. Turrets live on all. Right now there is nothing to stop say LOT from asking their Allies PKA, EFA, etc. from just all clustering their bases together. I am not saying LOT is planning to do this. I’d need a crystal to see that far ahead and it would make them look pretty weak if they did but I just needed some allies for my example.

  2. Remove Flak Turrets. Their rate of fire and lack of tracer rounds makes them pretty OP. For me I don’t have unlimited resources to throw SV’s at death turrets so I’d just avoid the bases which = boring planet.

  3. Someone mentioned a pot to me chat (I leave them unnamed so I don’t tarnish them by relation) but that’s a pretty cool Idea. Make a POI that can only be captured during PvP time with a no build of 50k for bases. Whoever can hold it when world turns PVE is King of the POI and the faction gets a repeated global message of recognition throughout the day and a loot chest to open. I know the message alone would encourage me to get in the fight.

Please don’t hate and consider this. Obsey

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Oh you’re so good at complaining stunner. You know we simply lifted your tactics on iceworld right? Do you remember us complaining about it?

Nope, we just blew them up, alongside the base and all the bases of the other pirate factions on iceworld.

I’m ok with the sv limit, maybe go further and reduce it to 30. But for HV’s i’d defo up it to about 15 at LEAST. so we can have a proper air/ground fight.

A shame it took till now for this strategy to be looked down upon. If we’d known about this earlier then we wouldn’t have wasted the resources and manpower on the HV defences.

Hmm 7 hvs is not going to defend any base. I think 20 is better. Don’t need anymore than 30 Sv’s Very happy you are making changes though. Spent 6 hrs Saturday with no action.


I love HV fights I wonder if we could have a HV planet and a SV planet?

Thanks for that and it is all cool but everything of it is not possible with the possibilities we have, sorry.

Yeah indeed. It is always the same: I have hope in common thinking and people always say “nope, fuck this system” and make it worse for everyone.

It is not meant to defend while you are offline anyways. Armageddon’ true intention is a living planet with constant battles and actions. If you go offline at that planet you lost.

This is a bit more difficult because you need to have a carrier for the HV first. If you are not fast enough to deploy the HV your CV / SV will be taken.
But I had an idea for a kind of event like this soon.

Hey Rex is it possible to make it impossible for gold meteorites t ospawn on Arma when it’s PVE? Or better just make it so ALL mining deposits/Meteors on Arma id disabled. As right now people A: Mine gold meteors in PVE and therefore avoid pvp and B: They mine deposits out in order to dilute the gold meteorite spawn rate.

@RexXxuS if the planet is PVE for 18 hrs day then 5 SV’s per faction can enter the planet. Don t need a carrier as we will build / spawn the HV’s on planet ready for the 6hr battle.

Same as for the POI idea of Obsey, we can’t do this dynamically.

However for these kind of terrain changes a wipe would be needed (at least a surface wipe where everyone needs to drill out their stuff again. Don’t think they would like it).

But we take care of it already in 6.0 so it will be a cooler SV fight for Auto Miners and stuff.

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Your a fool why did you say that. Some off us need that gold with our expensive 2m sv’s that we don’t want to lose as it takes 40 meteorites to pay for. If we cannot mine in PVE then no one will buy these miners. oh sorry I forgot you did not buy one did you you just borrowed other peoples