First of all i do like to say im in love with this server altho the population is somewhat high wich brings unwanted laggs.

Anyways my idea and suggestion is

Not sure if its possible but what if there was 1 planet full of npc pve creatures wich will be a war zone between players and alien scum :laughing: a constant war where players have to work together.
Base vs base no winning condition just some lovely loot drops.
There need to be some rules because alot of weapons can out range the npcs wich would make the grindfest pretty easy. Instead of a challenge.

Hope you guys like the idea and if its possible

Thanks for your suggestions.
We tried a kind of similar event: Elemental Military Base Event!
It failed horribly. The game isn’t ready for such cool things yet.
We can make a more kind of monster planet but always have an eye on the FPS / Performance then. At least we can spawn some monster arenas from time to time here and there.