Illegal bases

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What happened: illegal bases
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Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 16:40
Playfield: GG
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They have therse turrets structures all over the bases not connected to main base. Read rule below.

  1. Illegal Building / Spawning

All building components, including turrets, must be permanently mounted to a permanent part of the structure.

That is illegal? I will draw a line of concrete blocks on the ground if will make you happy and the turrets are the same. I intended that the rule means no flying blocks. The structure is connected from the ground. Please stop ammo draining btw, that can be punished :slight_smile:

Btw if you read the rules carefully you will see:

You are a veteran here. You should know that :wink:

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Thanks @Paxxo1985, guess zappe misunderstood something here or didn’t read everything.

I try to clarify his mentioned quote to make it more clear…

Well its perfectly clear in the rules… Just read them

Turrets yes. Blocks. NO

BREATHE, relax, and read carefully what admin replyed to you and i also suggest to read carefully the rules twice next time before making an accusation :kissing_heart:
Smart people do so :slight_smile:

Well you say “All building components, including turrets, must be permanently mounted to a permanent part of the structure, however
Turrets may be placed anywhere allowed using the ‘Attach to Base’ feature. This includes bare ground. This rule mainly focus on ship designs with floating turrets or ghost guns.”

I am not complaning about turrets in the ground. But Blocks in the ground arnt legal if they arnt connected to the main base. Same with solapanels and landing pads. Simple as that.

I see your point.
Where do we draw the border now?
Should I really start to describe everything until the last bit and piece in the rules or can I hope for overall understanding the intention behind the rules?

Our rules are not there to play against them but WITH them.

So some blocks around the Turrets is totally fine and some blocks in the ground or half in the ground is also fine to not trigger structural integrity.

Not to mention the stock piles aka Dragon teeth used everywhere.
I hope everything is clear now.

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