Illegal guns on CV

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What happened: Illegal guns on CV clipping / toaster rack, check his own video out on forum for proof as you can see the guns just at very bottom of screen Post your (Twitch) streams / (Youtube) videos here! no gaps above turrets so they clip.
Player(s) with issue: Char from RED faction
Server: EU
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can you please paste a screenshot of those turrets here and mark them. Thanks

Hey Jascha you can see them on the youtube vid forum here. Char posted a video of ‘5v1’ and in that video as I said you can see the toaster rack popping into view a few times as hes tried to hide it but you can see it and you can see there is no gap above the turrets which means as soon as they elevate they all clip. You can just watch the video on HWS forum from Char and see the proof, better than any screen shot and saves me spending weeks trying to find him and catch him

I see the video, but its hard to guess what someone means…
So please either post the direct link and mention the exact time and then what to see on that vide szene, or best make a screenshot yourself and then mark it.
I watched the video but did not see anything. TIME FRAME 2:06 zappie is watching it also, you see the rack popping into view at very bottom of screen and see no gaps above the time mounted weapons




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Sorry but burry as im not very good at this but all thoes guns have no gap above them so as soon as they are not poining dead ahead and elevate upwards or sideways as there side mounted then they all clip through blocks and fire. this is exactly the same as the example in the banned builds by Rexxus

Thanks, that helps a lot.

If so, then all vertically placed turrets can be forbid on CV | HW ?!
And just do guns of turrets through the blocks do not take off that in automatic mode, that in manual.

In any case, I already disassembled this CV. You can not cry :slight_smile:

Thats why I could not find it. Its also 4 days ago.

Anyhow its difficult to see exactly how the turrets where placed in that low resolution video…
Just make sure the rules are uphold and its not exploiting!

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Not crying Char but thanks for being a child as normal and trying to make the conversation toxic. But what I am doing is making the play field even so people arn’t wasting their ships vs illegal ships as was they case for last few months eh kiddo…I dont jump on your factions various post being a child and accusing you of crying, if you have a valid point then its valid and people will accept it.

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This is your excuse that you can not make ships capable of competing with serious ones. You are probably used to run not experienced players on default ships without armor and turrets. And when you meet experienced players - your ship quickly turns into a combatant.

Enough guys. Stay focused.