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Hey folks,

here are two videos about the Alien Asylum, how to do it with a Pulse Rifle (no explosives) and the second one is just a runthrough in just over two minutes!

Pulse Rifle solo run

Pacifist Speedrun


Battle for Golden Globe. RED and OPG captured ACM and GMT base.


Battle for Golden Globe continues later on. ACM, GMT and AAA retook their base and started push RED and OPG of the Golden Globe.


Really unusual to see Ariel footage of an Empyrion battle - normally clips are recorded from a combatants point of view. Nice job!

Yea usually recordings are made by combatants.
At first when i got there i was shoot ofcours. But then they stopped. I named my SV “News Reporter” and they stopped attacking and let me recor in peace.

Some of them even apologised for shooting at me.

Thats how i become know as battle reporter and started making areal videos of battles.

Thanks. Maybe soon will be more.

All my Ninja challenge attempts. (A few of them are a little short since i gave up)

Attempt 1: - wait… whuut?
Attempt 2: - ooook I guess
Attempt 3: - gotcha!
Attempt 4: - not again!
Attempt 5: - NEXT TIME
Attempt 6: - ALMOST
Attempt 7: - but what about the loot?
Attempt 8: - ok, ok, ok, my fault
Attempt 9: - I am a Ninja!


Wolf against herd of sheep 1vs5 CV

wicked vid loved it bro and to issa churro you don’t have any scared bro on na lmao

Isnt that 3 vs 2 then 3 vs 3 or so ?

That rare case when ACM scrambled to fight 1 vs 1


fight with Daddystu

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I belive i left you in worse state last time…

The first test fight at SR -71 Blackbird

Timecodes look in video description on YouTube

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We accepted my subscriber into the RED fraction

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