Improved Intruder messages

Hey @Everyone

we improved our intruder/combat logs a bit and are now checking allied factions.
Therefore no allied faction should be marked anymore as intruder.

Please keep an eye on it and let us know if it is still too many messages and if the wrong factions are called “intruders”

Thanks a lot.


Can you not send intruder messages for PVE planets, especially starter planets? Someone left a HV on starter, and it keeps yelling at me…

It has been honking ALL DAY, telling me that someone is somewhere near a HV on Cryo F1. This is not useful information.

It would be nice if it didn’t give us intruder logs for the vehicles we are in. Today when fighting TPP we were getting a ton of intruder warnings… and we were like yeah we can see them right there.

Don’t get me wrong, love the feature, but a that tweak would be nice if possible.

Thanks for the feedback.

Well Starter planets… yeah they are flagged as PVP even if they are PVE… because of OCD. Thats definetly not good.

hm good point. Let me see what I can fix.
What if we say if a faction mate is close himself, to not send the message (logs will still be made)?

Had a warning in the BH before I visually encountered the enemy ship - so it can be useful in occupied vehicle as long as it doesn’t become a nuisance alarm.

Ok we updated the Combat logs…

  1. No more logs/messages if you are close to or in cockpit yourselfe/or a faction member
  2. No more messages on Starter Playfield

Please let me know if it is better or still needs improvements.

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Way better. It fired off for some reason on a HV that I was moving through an area inside my CV in a PVP space zone with nobody around.

But anything that works mostly and doesn’t spam will be great. :smiley: