Inapproprate ship names

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: A pilot on gg named his ship something inappropriate
Player(s) with issue: unknown pilot/
Server: na
Time (cb:time): about 1:45 central
Playfield: GG
Structure Name(s): see image
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: correct toxic behavior, plz!

Maybe he meant cockpit rocket, like you attach a cockpit to a rocket?

I didn’t know Beetle was an offensive name.

Or maybe it’s TAW.

Well, lesson learned! :+1:

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Maybe it is one of your old ships?

I find that highly offensive. Punish the culprit!

In all seriousness if you find either of them offensive then you should get back to your Pokémon go and leave empyrion alone. I find far more offensive content all day at work and at home. If you can’t find the humor in that name don’t ever listen to George Carlin and don’t watch deadpool, stay away from all TV except Disney, etc etc.

But I do have a book by bill cosby about fatherhood… oh the irony.

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Deadpool is Disney :wink:

We have rules about names and I will see in what context this name is used.
I know you guys are old enough and just want to drain my time with it but since hws is a family friendly server I will prevent that you think you can name your stuff worse

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Completely forgot they went with Disney. My bad. So Disney endorsed one good movie, hell froze over for that short time span.

Be sure to report these too

And teach them how to spell

Guys maybe you are bored but we are not.

We have no time for this kid game.
You are old enough to name your structures properly, don’t you?

Otherwise we will set them to public next time.