Intel on guild AAA

After having to leave a ship in a remote location, I had it come under attack by guild AAA. Being relatively new, and neutral, and solo… the options for retaliation are limited but I’m working to learn and inflict them until we are even.

what I can do on the web forum is share intel about them, which may be of value to other players who they attack.

as of oct 21 2018 they have a base on planet homeworld, at 8000 x 200 . It has roughly 17 ships parked there, reportedly hv’s… the base is in the middle of a big lake but above water. its defenses open fire at about 250 meters, they can bring down a small SV in the first shot or so. seems to be mostly green bolts followed by explosions at that range. digging and personal drone launching near the base is disallowed, at least when the players are offline.

one of them has referred to the base as an unattended outpost, claming its not a full blown base. the players seem to be traditionally focused more on the EU server but getting better performance on the NA server.

More intel to follow, probably, stopping and standing down after i’m pretty sure i’ve cost them more than attacking me gained them.

i think i’ve marked the base as public on the map, can the rest of you see it on the map without having been near?

What a shame. We just settled for destroying your base on Homeworld.

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I don’t understand you, @EndTheFed4 - our base auto-fires at you (as it should) and I log in to have you demanding “reparations”. I tell you that PvP is my game and to bring it, but you turn up with Oz, who I chase off after a decent enough fight (kudos for sticking around longer than I expected with the hits you were taking, Oz) but you don’t even back HIM up - you ran at the first volley fired in your direction… Imagine my surprise when your ‘PvP’ SV gets shot down and you killed by the POI next to our base… Oh dear.

The LOLs continued as I witnessed you and Oz fighting the POI to get your backpack back (did you manage it?) - but you seem a bit of a puzzle to me, you claim to want to ‘rescue’ people, but who’s going to rescue YOU from YOU?

As for “More intel to follow, probably, stopping and standing down after i’m pretty sure i’ve cost them more than attacking me gained them” -> are you delusional? What on Earth have you cost us? It’s open season on us since we arrived! The only thing you’ve cost me, personally, since being here is about 5 minutes of tear-inducing laughter. But hey; whatever floats your boat: if you want to keep letting yourself get killed in-game for my enjoyment, I’m all for it - and I’m happy you feel your ‘public waypoint’ is as severe a blow as us reducing your underground ‘hovel’ to dust. Please, keep hitting us in the tender spots with your scariness…

Oh boy…

the initial attack i’m referring to was a raid on my scout ship by a AAA player, i woudln’t share intel about you or attack your bases over an autofire…i would have kept the location of your base to myself. regarding the dogfight, i was trying to buzz you with an unarmed disposable maybe not the best idea lol. but someone who saw or heard about the “fight” sent me a couple million credits, so if you’re profiting from this I guess I am too. good hits and hunting on your part, you have a good team.

Maybe stop heading into PvP if every time you get killed you’re going to head to the forums and try to ‘rally’ other people to go fight for you.

So, paraphrasing - you turn up with no intention of really fighting in a ship that’s not PvP capable and hide behind Oz as your meat shield, then instead of buzzing me you run in a straight line over a POI and get shot to pieces the moment I look in your direction.

And your ‘someone’ who ‘saw or heard’ about the fight should be demanding a refund (a cynical person may laugh at the idea of anyone paying you to do anything, in-game), as you’re clearly not up to the job of attacking anyone with any real chance of winning.

As I typed earlier, you are a puzzle to me - you appear to be a little delusional, wrapped up a ball of “twisted reality”. I’d suggest therapy, if I’m honest.

update on this microwar…the step taken over the last two days was to begin resupplying one or more of AAA’s enemies using the 5 million or so credits that have become available.

obviously the other step taken was to cease trade with AAA and also rescues/resupplies of AAA members until peace is restored. this kind of stuff won’t break them but it’s what one pvp noob can do. maybe its enough to avenge the loss of the disposable prefabs they’ve hit.

does anyone else have intel on AAA base/ship locations, movements, etc?

There has already been a demand to censor this kind of ‘intel post’ from the forum. It doesn’t currently conflict with the rules to post intel about what’s going with opponents on inside the game. i think the advantage is that, it adds another realistic dimension to the game. The best war/survival games have the maximum number of non-painful, non boring elements from real war/survival. The old IRA had the option of publicizing british miilitary movements in 1920, why shouldn’t a guerrilla in the game be able to do something similar? it’s obviously making the forum trash talk more interesting lol

Here’s some top secret, insider intel on AAA (free of charge).

AAA is a faction primarily based on eu server made up of many long term players on hws. Quite a few number their hours playing egs in the 5000+ range.

Donator planet Kratos. Builders and fighters. Counts among its members the famous DaddyStu – hunter, killer, lone wolf survivor and Juggiore – ace pilot. Aeonbug – the longest and most well rounded member proficient in all things hws and egs.

AAA numbers 12 on eu, something less on na. Mix of players differs between servers.

AAA operates as a group of highly skilled individuals who play together for the benefits of collaborative play and community. There is no single leader dictating faction or individual play. AAA members respect, support and share information among themselves as equals. Individual members play to their strenghts and weaknesses.

AAA is always on the lookout for like minded players and supporters of hws. Multiple members have submitted poi builds to hws which can be found on the servers.

For anyone who is looking for a faction home, please message any of AAA’s current membership.


SwissSteel (a charter and founding member of AAA since 5.0)

(PS — thanks to EndTheFed for this opportunity to reveal compelling, and formerly top secret insider information)


“top secret insider information”

Updated AAA locations…
on oct 26 I went to raid the AAA base that I had mentioned above on this thread. it had apparently been withdrawn or destroyed…probably around the 25th. now, as of oct 27, they have one that’s is near the middle of the planet’s largest ocean:

AAA base: +400 x -900 on homeworld planet.

It seems safe to get within 400 but i’m not sure how close you can get without being fired on, as I said the previous base seemed to open up at about 250. hv base 2 is its name apparently. 2 of their players were on when i triggered the prox but didnt obviously respond.

tehre’s other interesting player asset sthuffs on the planet but I’m keeping the recon on those locations to myself for now since the guilds owning them have never attacked me.

waterworld and desert world appear to be clear of obvious aaa bases. I don’t know about any of the orbits, i just checked planetside. message me if you’re looking different types of info, i’m still a pvp noob so maybe i’m looking for the wrong things.

this is getting a bit creepy lmao. maybe you are secretly with them.

The AAA base referenced in my above post has now been destroyed. I don’t currently know of any surviving AAA bases or assets in homeworld system, but I have not scouted everywhere. I did scout the homeworld planet rings yesterday and didn’t see any of them.

AAA has always a base on Homeworld, keep looking.

I’ve gotten a report that the AAA base has reappeared at its most recent location on Homeworld Planet, +400 x -900 …near the middle of that giant ocean.

other info…This post claims that AAA is using a railgun exploit allowing them to shoot from vehicles further than the range of defending bases. However that doesn’t mean they aren’t within their rights to do this, it doesn’t seem to violate any rules or interfere with game play.

I’m receiving requests from players to do recon for them on all bases, but am refusing unless the owning guild has started attacking me first.

as of oct 31 The AAA previously referenced in my last post, previusly located at +400 x -900 , is no longer there even in “destroyed” form.

on homeworld planet,
aaa base +200 x -1000
has reappeared. moved slightly from where i saw it last, but it’s again in the middle of that big ocean.

the base is called ‘hv base’ or something like that; its fairly heavily defended with auto firing weps and a number of vessels parked. the range of those defenses is 430 meters. I only saw unguided rounds but didn’t check all sides.

The AAA homeworld planet base referenced in my last post …is now gone, at least as of a few hours ago. Normally they like to build on big oceans but both of the big oceans on HW planet have no AAA base curently. today I’ve rescouted the rest of the planet at mid altitude and saw no other AAA bases or other assets anywhere else on the planet, but I didn’t do a low altitude search.

as of about 11/18/2018 AAA reportedly has a base on Cebo.

update 11/30/2018

7600 x 1500 homeworld planet in homewold system, NA server. aaa faction appears to be prepping a new base …it’s on a small body of water, core hidden , some combat steel block pillars have been lain down in an orderly fashion as though to build on later. there were no signs of damage when i got there about 7 hours ago. I’ve destroyed some of the structures. digging around the cetner of the base, underneath the hud icon, did not indicate any obvious trails to the core.

update december 1, 2018: the homeworld base referenced above is still there but still just a few pylons…i’ve destroyed everything except about 6 combat steel blocks.

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Keep up the good work, together we’ll get these AAA scoundrels.