Intel/Recon on ABN faction

In response to a notprovoked but successful attack on my avatar around August 31 by an ABN player,
I’ve captured, looted and destroyed a small ABN base labeled “1.ArmorSpawn” or something like that.

Additional revenge would be excessive for a single PVP death , so I’m reverting to the default mode of friendly neuutrality with ABN until harmed by them again. Don’t owe any damage to any other guilds or players, so back at peace with galaxy for the moment.




Aren’t you the same one that destroyed our base on the starter planet? Man we gonna have to stop pissing this guy off, we gonna run out of bases :joy:

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lol i’m not pissed its just a game.

I think i destroyed a base of yours last season on the starter planet, in retaliation for getting killed by an ABN player during my first landing. that would have been followed by standing down , announcing this, and not attacking your players or structures again until the next provocation.

its all pretty peaceful by online PVP game standardsd isn’t it… but so you you know any other game that makes your heart rate go up and stay up for 15 minutes?

Tell you what, next time you’re gonna go to pvp, let me know where you’re going and I’ll personally make sure noone else bothers you

We appreciate you EndTheFed. I am glad you are back!

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thank you for making a forum post about destroying and looting an empty, abandoned 52 block spawning pad

So, combat logging is now neutral?

This IS that guy that combat logs as soon as he sees us huh?!! :rofl:

it’s combat “evading” right?

thanks for the welcome oz.

I have captured/looted/destroyed another small (but bigger) ABN base, in retaliation for a couple more attacks by them. Again, the bases of guilds who are not definitely starting conflicts with me will not suffer intentional attacks on their structures or avatars, not by me.

This base appeared as though it were a massive tree with its map/hud icon falsely showing to be about 150 meters below the actual structure. This is allowed by the game rules and was presumably done to make the base harder to locate from the air. probably it is used as a monitoring device.

I still owe this guild some damage; if you have coords regarding the locations of ABN bases or ships, please share them with me , preferably in-game. I don’t log in here that often.

i really dont know why yall flame him so much… imean yeah combat logging sure, but as far as i remember hes been here for years and never fights, just likes to muck around with factions that attack him… its literally all abn and not op in this thread lol. ya’ll will circle jerk every post mentioning your faction…

at least we entertain the idea… not simply mock the dude and flame him -.-

As of Sept 17, there is an ABN base on Homeworld planet at +3000 x +500. Appears to Have sHields and is actually a complex of at least Three bases. It’s called “og air HWS” or someting like that…Has a decorative tower, an american flag, and it’s possible to approach to within 260meters from some sides without taking fire. . Additionally, tHe guild is making what seems to be a long term effort to blockade tHe warp entry point into Homeworld Sector from ECC. As of Sept 16. there was reportedly an ABN base at Golden Globe, but I don’t have coords. I believe there may be ABN ships parked at HWS racom just south of desertworld.

Is it normal to get spotted in space 30km away from the nearest…anything? without recent warping? it seems to be happening to me more than I would expect based on my understanding of the scanner and visual ranges, and it’s usually an ABN that is doing it. Is there a reasonable explanation for how this is done?

Some players have reached out to me regarding the request for intel on ABN and it’s appreciated. If you are challenging or want to challenge the ABN blockades and piracies , message me here (might take a while to see) or better yet in game. What can I do to help you?

wondering if ur going to setup the rescue squad this season. helping stranded noobs would take a lot of pressure off the admins :wink:

Endthefed’s feud with A.B.N. is Great!!..It’s like a two story building making threats to Godzilla in the middle of Tokyo…


This morning there were three of us looking for bases in hw system…its not on us that you place structures within easy scouting range. YARRRRR Bring more loot…and friends…and make sure they bring more loot! And rum! YAAAARRRR

LOL…whats that noise Godzilla makes? LOL YAAARRRRRRR!

I have marked the location of what appears to be a small ABN base , in a remote part of Homeworld sector, in space. It was there as of roughly 8 am server time Sept 19. you should be able to see the marker just by entering homeworld sector; let me know if this didn’t work! by now they may have evacuated it or layed an ambush there; my marker has been up for hours.

Bob in answer to your question, the default activity for me in PVP areas is to start fights with no players or player structures, leave free goodies for all and announce the location. If interfered with in this process by pirates or something, then it’s necessary to go into retaliation/deprival mode , until the pirates have suffered losses greater than their gains. at that point i can revert to humanitarian/neutrality mode as i have done in the past , assisting ABN and everyone else on an equal basis.

It’s simming Switzerland … except switzerland took about a thousand casualties in WW2… here there are no hard feelings. . I’m just one player, I’ll do what I can to them with my limited abilities while there are hostilities; maybe it will be enough and maybe not.

Aghhh!..Gadzooki!!! childhood!..weeps

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