Is anyone interesting in sharing the cost for a donator planet?

See title. 170,- is a bit too much. But if we can share it with a few people, then it’s not that much anymore.

But where would we put it?

No. You can have multiple factions have access.

But space is PvP soo careful there.

Thanks I updated the OP. Yeah that pvp is fine. I just warp out with a cheap ship to service miners across the galaxy then and nothing more :P. Just hoping to share the cost for such a planet because 170 too much for a game.

Wondering… Maybe I can buy a spot on an existing donator planet for credits :P.

Sorry, but I bought the last donor planet this morning…

Aw… They all went out so fast… Your planet looks interesting.

10 for NA, 10 for EU.
NA is no none available now.

Once again: you guys are awesome supporting us! It really help us a LOT!
But don’t forget the biggest support: just play on HWS and have fun. :slight_smile:


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4 are still left for EU.