Issue with Cross Server Warp

How its possible to do csw and lose 10mil credits?

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Updated title so @RexXxuS and @Jascha could take a look Cent.

That transfer issue sucked.

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Not reading sucks :wink:

Bank credits won’t get transferred.
But well, there is no information at all and don’t follow the theme ( READ FIRST: Will You Receive Support? - Yes or No)

so gg next

You know that you should give us much more infos to start helping you…
It was your own fault, since you warped twice from NA to EU without warping back. Of course your credits in the player will be overwritten so the first time you transfered your 10 mil in credits to EU then you send your empty character over and overwrote your character and credits with 0.
You guys login and logout directly. if you do that he can not take care of your buisness, you are cancelling everything. As you read when loggin in on the other server WAIT at least 1-2 minute so that everything is done.
I updated also the Guide to remind people of that.

I put the credits back into your bank on NA