Just gonna go ahead and pre-empt some accusations here

So as some may have heard on global, LoT went to iceworld again yesterday, and threw down another base. Goal was to set up a secure outpost for traders who wanted to use it as a staging point for gold mining on planet. Plopped down the base, dug it out, removed turrets under the surface from the place, and went about searching the surface to make sure it was safe. Didnt take long for an HV to roll through our base, and a nice fun fight ensued with Op4, that wound up lasting a lot longer than we expected. Some more factions came out, and everyone had a blast. But some very serious and annoying accusations were consistently leveled at LoT about every type of cheating Colin could come up with. Well I just wanted to say I had a blast, and if anyone thinks any of these accusations are legitimate, feel free to watch my recorded stream here:


I just don’t understand why you feel the need to cheat every time you play the game, mcprouty.


I know, I’ve been trying to work on the fact that despite my inability to pvp as well as most, my ability to reason and click a mouse is OP. At one point Colin went ape shit on me claiming I was glitching out his turrets with some sort of blocky wierdness trailing behind my ship (two combat steel blocks, no idea how they got there. When in reality it was just a matter of him being completely oblivious to the fact that the massive vertical turret tower was completely defensless from above. He blocked all his turrets with the next higher floor of turrets, then the 2 arty on top couldn’t point straight up. So obviously I was cheating :yum:


Yea just don’t let him know that your secretly ddosing his connection :smiley:

I just want to know how you were catching up with him.


Don’t feel bad, he claimed I had a glitched core cause it took him prolly 3-5 min to core my ship, even after he blew me out of my cockpit and the ship stopped moving. You can ask most people and if Colin and op4 aint winning, your cheating lol

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At one point of the video a ship ran out of fuel next to his base and the pilot desynced. He claimed he shot it down, and that we kept recoring it to ammo drain his base. It never had even lost the first one lol

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198355146813/screenshots/ Here are the turrets Mcprouty “Dug up and REMOVED” but yet they had ammo in them and all shot through the ground. Colin is the liar, This screenshot says it all. See for yourself.

Here is also the SV mcprouty had wrapped around his CV during the fight and after the fight. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198355146813/screenshots/

Like I said before, See for yourself everyone.

The SV allows us to climb up into the ship if its sideways. Are you saying soft steel sv armor is too op for you? Or that it was somehow an exploit?

Nothing to say about the other pictures? I wonder why, I don’t know why the SV was on there but that’s why I asked. Go ahead with your cute little comments but they aren’t fooling anybody… If they are then that’s their own fault. The proof is right there, go check it out.

I dont comment on the rest because I already have. Over and Over again. But you and Mattcore keep trying to bring it up, I guess to piss me off? As I have said before, I have no interest in drama, real or imagined. I do not cheat, nor do I lie. For the benefit of others, I will state one more time what I keep saying when you try to slander me with these accusations.

We did not bury the turrets. We did not make a blueprint that intentionally had underground turrets. The green combat steel layer was meant to be the ground level. We made a mistake last time were on ice and placed it too high, and it took 4 hours to get it stable, and remotely secure. So I told Lindenn to err on the side of caution, and make sure we didnt lose half the base on the place. It got placed, and all the heavy guns were on towers far above the ground. We dug out the 4 Pulse Lasers in the center first, then the inside so we could get to the main bits. First thing before all that though, we fueled and armed it. Because having an unarmed base is just silly. Once I realized there were in fact turrets on that main level (you can see that point in my video btw) I started myself and directed the rest of the guys to work on digging out the remaining turrets that were under the ground. We got one whole side done (hence the tunnels that you took the screenshots from) before WillEatsPie rolled in twice with your Hover Vessels and tried to hide under our ships to core them. We killed him each time, and got the supply and non combat ships off the surface. At this point, since I had no interest in OWNING ice (because it is a LOT of effort for very little reward) I decided not to have the guys bring all our ships out. Half of our combat cv’s never left auctoria, because we simply did not want them to. We used two outdated versions of our new pvp ship, the Wub Wub and Hiss Boom (one had a creeper on the front, the other an enderman). At first we worked on defending, then realized the structure and proximity of your base, and set to work attacking. Good times were had by all, except for the many occasions DURING this fight where you attempted to say I was cheating. As I have said before, if someone honestly thinks I am cheating, and approaches it like an adult instead of a whimpering child, I will attempt to rectify it myself. At one point you saw two blocks trailing behind my ships from one of the repair jobs gone goofy, and you decided that I was cheating and non stop blasted me on global. I offered to stand still and let you look closer, Even said specifically to shoot it off if it offended you but you just kept circling and shooting me rather than be reasonable. And claiming that it was exploiting and preventing your base from firing. So we kept fighting.
At one point Harg Ran out of fuel on your base and disconnected, and you claimed victory, then kept blasting us on global while he tried to reconnect that we were recoring it and ammo draining you. Finally at about 0430 or so I had to get off to get about an hour of sleep before going to work. So I wake up to accusations of buried turrets, that I stop streaming when I am not winning, and other such ridiculous inflammatory drama. So I blocked you on steam. And this is where I am at now, and why I will no longer be responding to you or MattCore in global. I tried talking on the rare occasions that you were being reasonable, or NOT trying to get me banned for some imagined fault, but no more. Have fun with your drama and iceworld. I want nothing of either because both are a waste of my time. After all the cores in that last fight cause every one of us to disconnect simultaneously, We will no longer be waging full on war with children who are incapable of just saying good fight and moving on.
Have a great day

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His ranting in Global has been non stop for what? A month? Winning, losing, he is incapable of shutting up and just playing. The whole group, from Gog to H86 and now op4, ruins game play. Rex wont do anything about it, and Colin has yet to catch anyone actually cheating. He even accused me of having some way of making them disconnect.

So mcprouty, congratulations on being his new rant target. His bunch drove me elsewhere and im sure others will follow.

I thought I made a clear statement?!

Till now I just hadn’t time to babysit and check all complains everywhere because here is a fact:

the server rans already for a long time and a full wipe is strongly needed! You need 5 minutes to login on EU on the Neptune planet. The error logs popping up more and more.

Did you see the movie passengers? It is exactly like this. First a little hole in the shell and then the system collapses slowly more and more… this is how Empyrion works over time. So bugs + “cheating” coming up more and more BUT IT ISN’T. It is just an unfinished game.

You don’t care - you just wanna play. Sure. But from our point of view we would need to full wipe to ease your game experience and not hunting for false accusations.
Tricky situation in general. Period.

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Rexxus I don’t think abrums was suggesting you needed to run interference for all complaints, or that you weren’t doing anything about cheating or bugs. His statement was that these sorts of complaints are a daily occurance with this group of people that have made the global chat so toxic. I think the vast majority of us know it is an alpha, and are in a holding pattern until 6.0, and the full wipe and exciting new features coming in hws 6 :slight_smile:

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I’m glad probity had to explain step by step what happened when all I did was put what PROOF I had on the Internet for others to look at. You’re blowing it out of per portion to turn this around on me, you have 2000 hours in this game im sure you know how to spawn a BP above the ground or however you wanted it to spawn. I’m not arguing about it on here as well because I’m over the fact, it’s not going to change so there’s no reason to complain about it anymore. We all know it’s an alpha and we know there are people who ABUSE the use of the game due to being alpha/having bugs. I have all the proof I needed and that’s all that matters. I have a whole bunch of people coming together because they all AGREE this is un called for. You knew they would shoot through the ground and continued to use them as a base defense. That’s all that matters. Play the innocent roll all you want it doesn’t matter anymore. I won’t bother you with it again I promise! (:

I know what Rex is talking about, it’s the rendering bug but the turrets aren’t a bug when they are still under the dirt when you have landed and everything has loaded up.

First off, im suggesting Rex spend ten min on when Colin is on one of constant “im such a badass rants” to know exactly what EVERYONE wants him to do. Has nothing to do with bugs, has to do with making the server less toxic. I dont give a damn anymore about the ghost core, the new targeting makes it irrelevant.

Colin, you talk about proof? I HANDED Rex two of your ships you ghost cored. And he did NOTHING. I took one of your tanks all the way down to less than ten blocks and couldnt core it. I’ve always found it so interesting how exploiters love to point the finger at other people. Your so outraged, for someone that had undeniable proof of his own cheating.

Mcprouty is one of the longest running players on the server and has never been accused of cheating. And H86, G0g, Op4, all of them have a LONG history.

Have a nice day

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If I have more time again I’ll check some internal stuff and impersonate different people checking everything.

If I find something REAL and not fake stuff till now you will know straight away. Till then I stop this ping pong game here

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