Just remove this tiny tiny stack size nonsense

no words, just very very stupid and tendious. how make a simple job a complete an utter ball ache. The ‘how to piss people off and make them quit just as they start’ mechanic is pure genius.

yes i know it’s a really fantastically groovy new gameplay ‘feature’



I don’t mind it when something new is tried out. But I have to agree with the fact that these stacks are already causing an issue.

Want to leave deconstruction over night… tough, container will be full and will be halted deconstruction.
Where do you put the mats when container is full?

  • OCD? more traffic to and from OCD. Not very engaging

  • Other containers… May as well make a base out of containers

  • Logistics on constructing something, yeah this would work if you could connect a cluster of containers, now you would need to move stuff around to make sure you have the correct materials in constructor Inputs

The game already has mass and volume which is a tried and tested feature, this is a huge nerf to what was available previously.
If there is a worry of people hoarding large amounts of materials, then just decrease volume amount allowed in containers / decrease stack amounts in OCD

I can’t say I’m a fan. I did like that I could carry half the universe on my backpack on HWS before, but I also think that some reasonable limits on volume are good. This doesn’t really do well at handling that. Volume was at least usable because you could connect container extensions together to make a bigger one, but with this you have to have a bunch of different containers since they’re limited by stack size. Pro tip: don’t run your water gens longer than an hour, because they fill up after 70 containers.

Hey lads… i think @RexXxuS would prefere to get the feedback here :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not been able to play + yet, but i see many are complaining about this stack issue…

the stack size is only an issue for certain items. it needs a lot of tweaking before it’s balanced.

yes we can use the skill points to level it up but getting only one point every 3 days is problematic. don’t attempt to do any of the TEAMS turn ins until you have leveled up stack size. agriculture is the biggest pain in the balls currently.

it also makes storing things in cargo containers very problematic with faction mates with different stack size levels


We can thank the Elements it isn’t common stuff like Iron Ore, imagine putting said ore in the Blueprint factory, it would take 100 stacks, multiple OCD trips, close one that. :innocent:

What really bothers me is that this was implemented without any prior discourse whatsoever.
The idea of asking forgiveness instead of permission is just idiotic. Everyone’s time is wasted and for someone with so little time this should be obvious to you, Rex. Stack limitation is probably the singular MOST HATED issue of any game ever created. Why did you do it? What are you trying to solve? Talk to us.

Thanks for the feedback so far.
I only concentrate on the constructive ones.

Well, I for one remember the implementation of Mass and Volume and it was utterly hated and bad.
Instead of fundamental improving it, it got fixed by the human nature: accept, adapt, overcome.
There are still servers, that turn Mass and Volume off.
In it’s nature, limits, are needed in every (survival) game but Volume, in my opinion as gamer, is crap.
The volume numbers in every Scenario are diced up whereever needed. Nobody is running with Wikipedia around and measure the Volume of every object. Whatever fits and a nightmare for maintaining and balancing.
I know no other game that has Volume like that implemented, which brings me to

Zelda, No Mans Sky, RPGs, etc. all of them have the Stack Size system and no Volume system.
And all of them gives you the possibility to upgrade your backpack / Stack Sizes.
Is it hated? Well, mostly. Human nature colletion greed gets a downer with it.
Is it still in the game? Yes. Why? Because it’s called progression and balancing.

If balanced right (HWS+ just started it), then it’s a red path through everything. Doing POIs, container management, Delivery/Fetch Quests, PvP raids, etc.
It makes part of the gameplay the game has more meaningful (Transporter ships, Team coordination, doing Quests and so on).
Having Volume still available for Commodity Items or Quests items gives us a great depth of gameplay, where we can combine everything together.

HWS+ is a new era as often communicated. It does not mean the Sandbox feeling (50 000 stacksizes for everything) from before will continue.

Neither do I ask for forgiveness nor for permission.
I am a game designer here, have a vision and want to work on it, because I have my reasons for it.

Container Extensions will still be very helpful for mass Commodity Item cargo routes.
And there will be more, different containers with more Stack Slots available - I can mod this.

Nah, there are and will be lots of different ways to earn HWS Level XP. Like the ingame player level XP right now.

It’s an interesting dynamic for sure but rather focus on teamwork like in good ORPGs / MMOs.

The overall feedback that leveling up the Stack Size skill is slow right now, is true, cause I need to add HWS Level XP to more Quests.
I also need to teach people this new system more, make the Skill Trainer core element of the HWS Campaign/Story, so it’s a more intuitive change.

So, obviously change is never a good thing (for veterans) but I explained it and it needs now tweaking. We have a lot of tools at our disposal to make it a much better system than Volume, I’m 100% sure.
For more feedback, I would like from you to concentrate on the values here:

And how much HWS Level XP you think what Quests is worth or needs added in the first place.
It’s a nice table we can adapt on the fly


Spending 1 point on ’ stack size’ increases an iron ore stack from 300 to 2770. Points that would be much better spent in something more productive than just basic, simple UI management. Rex, you are so utterly wrong with this, it just causes fustration. Dumbest thing i’ve ever seen in HWS. This bollox and lack of garage ships makes me wanna quit - not the feeling you want after 1 day.

Dude, chill down a bit mate… as you said your self, it is day 1 :smirk:
Be patienced, it is mentioned plenty of time that this is alpha.

And as with everything else, constructive feedback, developers love. Shit that; hate it, worst etc etc, only bring the whole discussion to an end.


look above ! people were nice and got shot down. Nice gets you nowhere, nice gets you ‘no, you’re wrong, i’m right and here is why’ Makes me think of the writers of Kenobi Ep. 3. ho hum.

Where did you get shut down?

in all the other replies from Rex you didn’t quote. Yes i’m that observant.

Hehehe… didn’t want to quote everything :smirk:
But we will see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:

acting like a toddler doesn’t help either. escalating emotions does nothing but make the situation worse. yes, it’s very frustrating to see a lot of these changes. keep in mind this is all brand new. it has been stated several times over the past year and a half that this is all in testing and will need severe balance for a very long time. perhaps you should take this season off as Rex had suggested rather than completely rage quitting over something as minor as inventory management.

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Indeed, quit i will. just asked for patreon refund. This stack size thing is mind bogglingly stupid, and the woe is me for complaining heh. Instead of Rex saying ’ i’ll look into it right away, it does seem excessive." We get word salad as to why we are all wrong and he is right. Anyone want a Wayfarer cv ?

understandable that the current layout is super frustrating. give it a go after a few months of balancing. I can see why you wouldn’t want to be a beta tester anymore. this game was in alpha for so damn long and it seems it will never end

Well, I for one remember the implementation of Mass and Volume and it was utterly hated and bad.
Instead of fundamental improving it, it got fixed by the human nature: accept, adapt, overcome.

I wasn’t there when they implemented mass and volume over a previous system, but I’ve got to be honest, volume and mass makes total sense being more important for this type of game than stacking, so I don’t understand how it was hated and bad.

Stacking is a form of volume, but also stacking was already a thing in the game. You have decided to turn off volume which is a core game feature that everyone knew and understood to “Here, you can have a stack of 10 spoiled food”

There is no indicator on the items of how much they stack in… I don’t want to look at a table on an external website, this should be in game! Just like volume was on items and is still an indicator on containers etc.

You really have tipped the scale of how much stuff you can carry to virtually minimal. Even loading materials to the blueprint factory is boring and tedious.

Please read again. I didn’t turn it off. It will still play a big role for Commodity trading for example.

It is in the game but I agree and will make it even more clearer with indications of skill and current state.

Look, I know where you are coming from right now. But it is the same like complaining in Lost Ark, why you don’t have Item level 1400 at day 2!! Or all Bunkers in GTA 5 at day 2. Or 10 Penthouses and 10 Cars in real life after your birth.

How can I explain in a better, understandable way that this is called progression you are all complaining about!? How can I explain to you, that I want to move away from the sandbox game, Vanilla ruined this game with and I supported it myself before, because modding was not that available like it is now.
I see more in Empyrion than a sandbox game.

So play the game. Level up. Skill your Stack Size and it’s similar as before, better than Vanilla or RE in most categories anyways
Not possible to spawn a Class 50 ship at day 2, or filling a 1 million blueprint factory at day 2 or collecting his 170 000 OCD slot with one ocd:get, is for me nothing I support anyways anymore.

Again, I would rather see feedback about the core mechanic itself. Like “Hey Rex, starting with 10 Medikits is tough, let’s better start with 20” for example.
But please stop complaining about my vision of HWS+ to implement progression.
I want to move away from sandbox for many reasons but I’m open to feedback how to balance it in a perfect way, so even casual gamers can enjoy it.

One of the reasons I have been attracted to this server is the features of HWS connect. I hate seasonal games where everything gets wiped and everyone has to start from 0… that is regression, all the time and effort people put in the game for everything to go… not my style, hence why I have stayed. I like the fact that you can bring your progression from previous seasons.

I’m pretty laid back with the idea there are people who have put a lot more time into the game and have got way more to start with for each season and that’s the same as the other games you mentioned such as Lost Ark. I don’t expect to be top dog straight away, because I know the time and effort I have put into the game and know there are veterans that have played longer than me. I expect to pick up from where I left off to a certain extent.

But to give HWS Connect features and to say it’s something you don’t support anymore is not the attitude or logic I was expecting whilst remaining a player and Patreon. I worked hard to get the levels and progression on HWS connect, built ships and bases in BP’s ready to get them ready for the next season.

You say to play the game level and level up. I’m stuck on slow progression on Engineer headquarters, no POI’s to level I am literally running round trying to kill low stuff and it’s boring as anything. I can no longer be arsed to build due to stack sizes and the time it takes when I’ve already done all of this before in previous seasons as mentioned above.

I’m going to try and see how far I get. But stack sizes do need to improve. I’m not saying to go crazy but even for new players this has gotta suck.