Killboard Farming


Do you have a way to help with some of the repeated kills over and over until someone fresh starts or logs? My thought is that once player X kills player A then player X will not gain another kill count on player A until 5 minutes go by. Player Y and Z can kill player A once after player X and get the kill count but they start their own 5 minute cooldown as well on Player A after killing him.

I think this will reduce the number of people sitting still farming noobs who don’t have a home and are afraid to fresh start. I think it will also give a more accurate killboard.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.


hm good point. Or we have to remove this count on starter planets.

Will talk with @RexXxuS about it.

Thanks a lot for the good suggestions.

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Yes a 5 minute cool down PLUS not counting kills in starter worlds would be a good combo.

The only other thing but might be harder. Is there a way to mark someone permenant in a faction in regards to kill counts? Say for example Player A and Player B are in Faction BOB. Player B leaves and kills Player A for whatever reason. The system sees that Player A and Player B were at one time in BoB together and doesnt count the kill.

Not only does it help keep people in same faction from farming each other for kill count it makes your decision to join different factions mean something.

I would like to see it reset once a season but would be ok with a week or month reset.

This might be something thats not possible but youve made the impossible possible before ao thought id suggest it.

hm yeah keeping track of old Factions etc might be a bit overpowered, but we will look at it.

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In asking for a fix to this you are implying that it is happening. What if you are wrong?

I’ve topped the killboard (2nd at present) without killing former allies (so far) and with few if any starter world kills (none this season).

In my opinion you are asking for fixes to things that do not exist.

Now for your earlier suggestion of noob-farming - I have indeed indulged myself there although rarely were they actually noobs - just ill-prepared. Rex already has a fix for this in the guilty system. This cost me 9 mill creds (50% of my account balance) and a lot of RP last season.

The above said - I would not have a problem with kill cooldowns. Not that im a fan but it would be a level playing field.

Similar to this

We will investigate.
Obviously being Guilty has to be something special. That was my intention with it.
If I see how the bigger factions are farming on GG in the red zone as they don’t give a f* about that it is not working at all as intended.

If we “fixed” this we will let everyone know.


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LOL’s. Killing you mates after they mining the red gold and take guilty it is not competition. It is PVE-pers shit. And i do not see any real PVP-pers in that board on top places. Shame.

u mad, bro?

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also, get a clue - those kills don’t get credited… You even madder, bro?

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@A.F.T you have got it wrong. Killing our mates after they have mined does not show up on the killboard. We don’t get credited for that type of kill on the killboard. Next time you want to try and insult us, get your facts right!

1 14:46 Kill Got 5 extra RP for killing Black_Falcon375
1 14:46 Kill Got 7 RP and 25000 credits for killing Black_Falcon375 because he was guilty

Maybe. I can check it very fast. Just kill 200 times my mates and look at the kill board. But you take RP and credits my сrony 's. And like i see you never accept or agree on public your sneaky gameplay. But you always talk much about “others”.

P.S. Iam dont care how much noobs you was kill (who come to GG or something) i know who is who :slight_smile: PEACE.

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