Lag and a solution....Maybe

After the fight for MDA base we think we have seen some realy big problems.

I think the first and biggest things is “devices”. We have talked alot about this and even tried it out. Less devices = less lag.

So maybe the server should do like this…

Set a maximum limit on the devices in a ship. I dont care about blocks because it seems that it is the number of devices that lags things down.

1: SV = Devices > 100.
2: CV = Devices > 300.
3 BA = Devices > 500.
Ofc this will make it harder for us to design ships but maybe we can loose more ships due to them being cheaper.

I realy hope someone will read this and understand what i am saying.


Its a good idea but it cang go far enough without game changes imho. There isnt a defined upgrade path in this game, you can go from starter SV to 100k block, 10k device, 1000 gun CV if you mine enough (and are willing to lose it :slight_smile:). There needs to be a broader range of limits, including number of turrets/devices to help define roles for ships. I would also like to see it take a lot more resources for bigger ships and more guns. I changed a design to give it 16 plasma, the change in cost was negligable really but it fundamentally altered the usefulness.

There are some really good aesthetic designs in the workshop, there are also extremes that basically unbalance multiplayer imo. Limits definitely get my support.

I Am with Zappe, we see too much lag in the battle.

I am ok with the limits if possible to implement.

Lucky you that we can limit structures devices separately now :slight_smile:
So beside our Class 4 overall limitations different planets will have different limitations.

The downside of this: I can already hear the drama, “why my ship was set to R6J faction” x)

I agree with Zappe. Everything is all about what we want on our server. What kind of game we want. Some want to build fun and fancy things. But maybe not here? …

It is, after all, a multiplayer. and it means that you should play with and against other players. Is a little what it is about. So why all these PVE planets?

When I was the admin of a large Altis Life server we had similar problems. People do not want to lose things but would like others to lose things. Here I mean that, without the risk of losing something, there is no tension. The game then lacks the essence of what multiplayer means. Give all godmode … see how fun it is

Then remove the OP once. Make sure faktionerna becomes more serious. Maybe make a whitlist on them. Make up the rules around it.
Set limits so we can fight both on the planet and in space.

And those who want to build these cool things we might not have on the server. ?

[quote=“RexXxuS”]Lucky you that we can limit structures devices separately now :slight_smile:
So beside our Class 4 overall limitations different planets will have different limitations.

The downside of this: I can already hear the drama, “why my ship was set to R6J faction” x)[/quote]

Yes i belive that is the way to go. With smaller ships we have to think harder when building them. Now everyone puts in 21 guns and 2-3 layer of steel + 100 thrusters.

Spawn text messages about the rules so everyone knows it.

Last night was a great battle but the big CV´s and some bigger SV´s lagged down everything. It dosnt help that we had over 600 guns together on bases… :slight_smile:

Im sorry for the destruction of venus that we made but we had fun…

And the base was still standing after 5 hours when we ended the fight. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I will happily loose ships more often due to restricted size of them.

A compromise lads.

As we all know, SV’s will always beat CV’s (at the moment), so putting limits on CV’s is pointless as they almost never get used for combat.

We could, however, limit guns and devices on SV’s to maybe restore some balance to the PVP?

The one thing you are all forgetting is this: the limit only applies to blueprints. I can still spawn a bare bones ship and have had made all of the guns etc. I wanted normally. Then all you need to do is modify the BP and go right back to the same old BS.

Not on HWS :wink: We can enforce this even after BP spawning :stuck_out_tongue:

Well no help is coming from devs in meaning of optimisation. At least i havent heard about anything so far exept for some more nails to coffin of multiplayer. So we REALY NEED to try to help ourselves. Of course i talked with Zapp and others, we had fun in great battle but fun was wasted, where is reason to play game when fun is wasted.

For those who are wondering why so small structures ill describe the battle.

  1. When first ship came on Venus everything was smooth. Me and Zap was patroling in small chickens with 2 railguns for fun. Enemy ship start to scouting area and we chased it. We both said wow this is so smooth. It was probably stock ship and 2 minimalistic chickens, i saw every change of dirrection of enemy ship, it was nearly as good as sex in more than one ppl.
  2. When Kogami came in above base with quite small Manta to scout it was a bit worse as base started to shoot, we tried to ahve not so much turrets this time, about 450. But even this was anoying when probably AI tried to calculate with which fire and fired. I think that if there are smaller ships base turrets start to be more powerfull and we need less of them.
  3. When Kogami droped bombs (some SVs just to bring in targets for turrets) I saw then lagging down. I tried to shoot at them and i think i can hit predictable direction faling object, no hit score like they wasnt where they was shown. Start of problems but once they touched seabed everything was fine again.
  4. Then Niv came in and we switched to standart fighters and parked chickens. And here we go, common lag. One second im fine in cocpit other second Im falling down killed. I saw my ships after hours, all of them was flying and i used them more times in through battle. Laggy but we are getting used to it.
  5. And then came End of the World. CVs. And more of them. Lag was unberable, everyone was angry, i wanted to throw my computer out of window. Not only lag but huge technicall issues. Disconecting, game crashes, freezing of game. This was happening mostly when CV switched planet - orbit or passed green barrier. Everytime CV did that my game frozen, i saw static picture, no SV, nothing. YOu are in battle, you cannot do anything. You are asking whe t f im playing this trash game. I was chasing CV to orbit, when it left Venus my game frozen. I waited but nothing happend, i reloged, and i was inside A A faction CV 34km far away on orbit. Teleportation is real.
  6. When i scored hit to CV game frozen for seconds, probably some damage calculation. This was very cler, when i missed it was only unplayable, when i hit game frozen.
  7. Turrets stop shooting after once for all. Maybe game wasnt able to catch up to even do some fire calculations. We checked after battle, less ammo has flak, last 34k. So turrets had ammo all the time, they should destroy or havily damaged enemies. Freames per minute on 10. Not fun, huge dose of frustration.
  8. Once all stoped moving sea was still full of wreckages of CVs and SVs, all of CVs was still on and able to fly, but not moving. Enemies left or died and game was smooth again.

Conclusion - under current conditions there is no need to waste your time by playing Empyrion. You colletct resources, spends time by building, to be prepared for PvP battles, but when it happends you feel like you never want to even hear about this game, ever. Its like sex in more ppl than one but as when all of them leave before its done. I already left some battles not so huge just becouse i dont want to spend my time by lagging around using like 15k railguns to score few hits.

So yes, devs device levels…its like a joke, divide it by 10 and you are getting to some numbers to use.

Also this can maybe help the balance of game. Maybe bases will be able to shot some SVs down. Maybe cannons and miniguns will do more dmg, less blocks to hit, if you take out block from 100 block ship it hurts about 10 times more than when you take out block from 1000 blocks ship. Also it can be better engenieering competition. Do you want to use few of your devices for thrusters or do you want to pack in more firepower.

We should try. But its probably necesary to test it. Is it good idea or bad idea to create playfield for players willing to try and try that before wipe? Only thing im afraid of is that it will also get laggy not only because of number of devices but also because of number of players involved.
Is it possible to return structures R6J confiscate or teleport them to some scrapyard and allow owners to dismantle them there to avoid oh fuck this server took my amazing huge lagmachine? What about this. Instead moving structure to R6J move it to prison PvE orbit. Make command to move there if faction has ship there. Something like that, of course someone will spawn huge cube to gain ability to port to prison orbit from combat…but something which can be automated, and i know its starting to be complicated already. Just trying to think out something how take of frustration of new players which all spawns abomination and then looses them.

In meantime lets spawn realy huge cubes, not small 100x100x100 :slight_smile: Who has the balls to spawn realy huge cube?

[quote=“Duke”]A compromise lads.
As we all know, SV’s will always beat CV’s (at the moment), so putting limits on CV’s is pointless as they almost never get used for combat.
We could, however, limit guns and devices on SV’s to maybe restore some balance to the PVP?[/quote]

Problem is when they are used in combat, when you try to take them down, problem is with them (CVs) when they are on planet. Problem is when they are in space. They are problem. Problem is when they enter system and you are 30 km far away. Problem is everywhere where they appear.
Svs around multiply problem.
If you will be in battle on Mars orbit with 6 SVs and CV will take of from Planet and enter orbit its end of fight as its unplayable. They are problem everywhere. If they fight, if they just fly, if they are only parked on EM and on planet too.

Kill as many CVs as possible, whenewer its possible. They are unnecessary huge, they takes time to load and thay are quite useles.
Few days ago Kogami, smudgy, AA, MDA all have CVs on Venus orbit. Game was unplayable, combat was laggy and playfield fail to load few times.

If we have to limit something first its CVs. Mine has 820 blocks and im fully satisfied with it. Noone needs 5k blocks for CV. If someone needs it huge theres more than enough space in singleplayer.

Duke you have to go and see universe, play a game not just live on PvE base. You will understand the problem. But im sure even on PvE you see it. When CV enteres planet and flies around. Suddently game is lagging, when he lands and switch of CV suddently problem is gone. If im waiting in space alone game is smooth. Suddently game starts to lag, after a second message appers that someone entered orbit. I know that before message and i can even guess how big is the fish before i see it. And your good friend Thranir can confirm this too.

I love the idea of limiting sv’s and cv’s, atm my sv is 73 devices 271 blocks and it runs perfectly smoothly in a 2man fight, if push came to shove and limits for sv’s where 50 devices and 200 blocks it would still be very doable and id say 8 people would be able to fight without any lag at all, i say we put it to a test some time.

That would I like!!

I dont care what limit we say… 100 devices -3-500 blocks… as long as we have a rule so everyone uses the same… could be fun with smaller ships also… No more 21 railguns.

Please sign up here if you are willing to help us out in testing this.

We are thinking 100 devices and 300 blocks as starting rule for test.

Just make a reply with name.

Not on HWS :wink: We can enforce this even after BP spawning :stuck_out_tongue:[/quote]

Nice, I’m glad that someone in the Empyrion community knows what the hell they’re doing.

I have more problem with lamp than device. If anybody want to blame lag, start with the lamp. A CV that have too many lamp next to each other. Those are the one to look out for.

Some of the design uploaded are a copy and paste. If I was a designer, I wouldn’t copy and paste lamp to start with.

Other than that, during PvP, I noticed that gun fight will cause lags. I suppose the more the gun, the more the lag also. People are getting desperate about staying alive, so, people are force to pick out better heavy fighting ship.

So the hate may be real but let’s go directly with a global Class 3 restriction and from playfield to playfield different limitations but not over 1000 at all.

About warping and fancy stuff that takes some time to build. Basically everything is possible but jascha is on vacation so yeah.

I’ve done lots of PVP, on this server and others. I’m well aware what the issues are mate.

I’ve done lots of PVP, on this server and others. I’m well aware what the issues are mate.[/quote]

My apology then Duke, i understood from your post that you want to keep CVs untouched/too large and thats not possible by my opinion. What we want is to bring maybe small CV into fight, like some gunboat or how to name it. With smaller, weaker SVs CV could be more powerfull.

About lights…thats another issue but thats problem of graphic card to render all, so it can be solved with stronged hardware/less lights, thats at least some solution.
And for Smudgy why the hell your CV has group of 83 lights named Parked on PvE :smiley: made me laughting a lot :smiley: