Lag Shots Are Back 100%

After this latest patch/update this is what the PvP combat is looking like and nobody wants to go fight knowing you might get a random 1 shot to your cockpit or core. This is as bad as 5.0 lag shot, this is absolutely horrible. This isn’t a Gatling gun round traveling through hitting your cockpit every now and again, this is a ARTILLERY round traveling through your armor 1 shotting anything in it’s path. Please observe and tell me what you think, I don’t get shot down very often, it’s not me bragging it’s the truth… I am NOT going to get one shot with a brand new ship due to the fact of a crappy bug that should have been fixed by now, 20 blocks+ with whitespacing armor in the front been playing for ages now, Haven’t seen a lag shot this serious since 5.0 quite ridiculous knowing you might have this happen to you at any moment during the fight… at this point it DOESN’T matter how good you build, how you build, what white space you use, it doesn’t matter it’s just BROKEN as of right now. I hope this can be fixed but as of right now it has really let me down and my hopes of great pvp this season. @A.F.T take a look at this bro it’s quite ridiculous, I thought that kind of lag shot was gone since 5.0 but now it is back. You don’t spend hours upon hours building ships for this, sorry not sorry this is important and should be looked at. @RexXxuS Yes I know it might just sound like a complaining post but it’s not, It’s me informing you what is going on right now. People who don’t fully understand the game, this happens to them… They QUIT playing. It’s simple and this should be one of the top priorities and if it’s not fixed it will ruin the pvp for other people and that is what scares me.

Just yesterday when I was fighting in my SV, I got immediately shot out of my ship and died. When I spawned back in, I saw my ship upside down on the ground pretty much completely in tact. When I got to it, there was very little damage to the front, but the cockpit was missing out of the back end. None of the blocks or components around the cockpit were destroyed either. I thought that was pretty strange too.

“ARTILARY LAG SHOOTING NOW” ouch this can’t be good, I was expecting some sort of fix for the 15mm lag shot for 7.5 but it looks like we now have Pulse, Rail, plasma and artillery Lagging and its now going through white spacing.

Is it linked to projectile speed? to fast and it has a chance of lag shot? worth a test! :smiley:

Good point, “it will need testing asap”

The video was interesting. Can’t really tell if it’s not just the splash since you are crazy enough to fly straight under a big tower :smiley:

With the next restart we have a BIG change for bullets in general.
Will check the artillery turrets then.

And again, since it seems to be overlooked:

THIS season is a continuous iteration process over our config file! We doing a lot of test pilots to find the BEST PvPvE meta we possible can.


Thanks @RexXxuS I appreciate it and I’m glad this post didn’t come off as a complaining post. I just wanted other people to know what was happening. I will gladly help with testing @A.F.T sometime to test things such as Artillery Turrets/Gatling guns etc. I will admit, when this happened I was very upset and disappointed, haven’t seen this happen in a long time! Figured I’d make a post and try to help improve this!

:grinning: Unfortunately i cant fix the network code in the Emperion. About cockpit lagshoots. It is came after 7.2. I write for Rex about it. We have heavy lag battle with GMS on GG and couple of HV SV cockpits just wanished by one homing shoot. It be a 7.3 version.

About balance. Please be more correct what you want: Less lags from firing, more tight BA, little more fast fights. OR no lag shoots no damaged SV (i fly on it FOREVER) and etc.

Proverd: Guys idk what you want but always; Or t-shirt too long or dick too short,

I broke my head already with it config (7.5 start from MK30 version now it is 65). Because game calculates the blast damage every time diffirent on the server. More load to server more strange things. For example - sometime game do not calculates blast damage and you need more shoots to kill turret. Sometime overwise. All damage based on blast damage and it radius. Without it every weapons will be kills only one block.

And lagshoots NEVER was be fixed. They just cut: bullet\rocket\shell speed, blast radius, blast damage. IMHO devs need look to the code and fix the blast dmg calculation and speeds calculations.

The world is complex. If you put something there you lose something here.

P.S. Damage in config working great on dedi server with 3-5 people or in the creative. But when we have 70+ ppl - mess come to it. So Colin you was killed by Arty. Yeah you see some sort of the desync. But in the “real” you SV must have giant hole on the seft side. Even if the arty have default set-up you can catch it too. So we can make step back and nerf arty. Then nerf someting else and in the final we come to the origin set-up.

More about arty. In 5.0 it have blast radius 8 now 4. In config it is 5. So we can nerf it back to 4.And nerf some plasma and flak. But less Blast radius - less dmg for every block.

A.F.T I think maybe the problem isn’t the guns now its the block count, if we need to keep dps but lower lag its better to drop aoe to 4 then lower block count for sv to maybe 2k-2.5k so that dps is still good. But so far DPS is almost perfect but i’m flying 1.5k block ship, so that could be why I see fast fun fights. Actually there is a limit command on warp fuel tank I wonder if that can be moved to sv blocks O_o that would be interesting.

Yeah i too make balance for a SV class 1. Yeah i can beat a BA on my 3-5 class if i was a fortune. Now making a SV weapons dmg to blocks rebalance (it is very difficult - because need always calculate many stats) Afte it i take a look the BA dmg. Flak arty. I thing nefr flak spee and arty a little and correct the blast dmg and it radius.


[quote=“A.F.T, post:8, topic:9104, full:true”]
:grinning: Unfortunately i cant fix the network code in the Emperion. About cockpit lagshoots. It is came after 7.2. I write for Rex about it. We have heavy lag battle with GMS on GG and couple of HV SV cockpits just wanished by one homing shoot. It be a 7.3 version.

Proverd: Guys idk what you want but always; Or t-shirt too long or dick too short

Really man you’re telling me you don’t know what we want??? I have good idea for you homie, Maybe NOT make Flak out range Artillery? like cmon now do I need to start LISTING stuff off or not, considering it seems like 0 test have been done on this. Why in the hell would Flak out range artillery? That’s what I want to know!!

Honestly that’s laughable… knowing a flak is out ranging a arty… cmon now that’s broken as broken gets. PVP is broken as of right now. I got excited when we heard you guys can change this stuff now but I didn’t know we’d break turrets and NOT fix them…it’s almost like 0 test have been done to be honest. Creative test single player isn’t a real test just a FYI

Constructive criticism bro xD like -20% flak range plz because wadda wadda, tbh when your kiting near a base and your trying to avoid the guns while shooting some sv hugging their base its better to get hit first by weaker guns that let you know hey im getting too close rather than wam o there goes half my ship with an arty round.

Actually have a vid showing this but its a gig big O_o so not sure its a good idea to link it.

That’s a nasty lagshot, colin. Good to pointed out.

Yeah i dont know what you guys want/need (Because of it we just make some base config and continue make improvements of it - for example yesterday rebelance SV weapons DMG and blastDMG. Next is BA and CV). But i know what honest PVP need.

Remove yours lovest TOY? No more one-person killing BA by lone ARTy? No more kill BA by 1 creepy SV? Oh my god even now i can kill 2BA with 1class SV when BA build not good.

Yeah flaks it is a SAM defence and i make it little OP from the start - we all cry about weak BA’s. Arty it is heavy defence and before devs fixed it (more range when you sitting in the turret) it must be not the most ranged turret. BECAUSE YOU CAN KILL ANY BA FROM 1 ARTY. So there is NO point to build BA on PVP at all in this case.

P.S. Or you want catch 4 arty shoots first insdead of some flaks shoot when you want recon what a BA here? Then i can make arty the most ranged weapon but makes it unaccesseble.

Maybe before blame and writing “clever” thing you try to make something itself and try to tested it - “not in the creative”. Event stupied damage and blast damage calculation and some balancing it to different type of devices material or blocks material need tons of time. 30-60 minutes to one SV weapon (and it just little more precisely balancing). No one do not send any of config to the RexXxuS but you all always full of claims. I am not god and i cant hit the target at 100% from first shoot, I making all in one person and waste tons of time for it.

Instead of blame and accusation just leave a constructive feedback. What working not good that good and etc. I need fore full feedback to make it best.

And finaly about arty - i make it less ranged weapon only with one thing - prevent sniping enemy BA’s. You can make it by flalks but it takes many time and some defenders can stop you.

P.S. Flaks have on +65 meters agains arty range it is not so big amount. But i have 4 hours to next restart. And i want makes some changes for BA after live tests yesterday on server


I kinda of like the flak as the longest range defense, it has fast enough projectile to land and it doesn’t do huge damage in one hit but is decent dps can kill your sv if your not paying attention.

But I think it might be good to remove the ability to manually pilot artillery and flak, and only be able to use the shorter range Ba Defense, like pulse something that shoots fast and has better hit rate when a player uses it.

Overall base range seems to be in a good spot, sv has to fly for a little while being hit before it’s in range.

Will do more test’s.

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I makes some changes. From lates feedbacks, So you can see the patchnotes little lates (when topic will be ready).

p.s. Yeah i can forbid access to the turrets. In two ways - directly (by foot - BA) and by Controll panel. But it is hard decision. So for now it not the best way.

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@ A.F.T.
By your own admission you don’t know what the player base wants why are you making
game breaking changes? Remove the changes until properly tested. Problem solved.

To my knowledge the only Flak gun to outrange artillery in the history of human warefare was
the GER 88 used during WW II to shoot down allied bombers. What made it so devastating?
It was an artillery gun.

To those not familiar with what role a flak firing weapon should have. Think Pacific Theatre WWW II
again. Allied naval forces used flak firing weapons to defend ships from Axis planes flown by suicide
pilots. These weapons are for close in defense not long range sniping of enemy defenses.

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This is a psi-fi game, surely flak has evolved since then? Balance and fun over some outdated war reference.

Do you really want to go back to only using homing rockets…

If you think flak is overpowered and breaking the game post a video and some change requests for it.

surely warfare would have evolved beyond the use of outdated projectile weapon then by that logic.

But we are still left with a broken game because changes were made without proper testing.

@Androniko plz keep the conversation civil and leave the toxic comments out. A.F.T. doesn’t
need a fanboi jumping to his defense. He is capable of defending himself if he is insulted.