LBP are Warp Point Campers

Long story short I jumped into the Trader System on my way through and upon jumping in was immediately attacked by 3 capital vessels which had been camping there waiting. They claim that they had also just jumped in and were refilling their warp tanks. Obviously this is a pathetic excuse for one b/c they should have gotten off the warp point to refill and even more so b/c as I was attacked the second I jumped in I ran away from the warp point as fast as possible towards the planet. All three of them followed me 1/3 of the way to the planet until my ship was finally disabled. So even if they were innocently jumping through the system there was absolutely no excuse to chase me after having initially engaged on the jump point.

After losing my ships and dying a dozen times or so I reminded them in chat that even pirates cant camp jump points. They seemed quite confident that they hadn’t done anything wrong b/c “they were refueling” and that the admins wouldn’t do anything about it.

According to others in chat this is something they have been doing a lot lately but since I have multiple screenshots hopefully the admins can take action.

I would appreciate having my ships (a CV and SV) replaced as well as any lost RP from them killing me over and over. I think we would all appreciate it if some very strong measures were taken against these pirates and their actions are a clear violation of the rules and they have done this on at least several occasions.

The Rule!

This was immediately after I jumped in and saw I was surrounded. As you can see I immediately made full speed for the planet.

Here you can see my ship is in ruins. I made it about 1/3 of the way to the planet and they are right on top of me having not only camped the warp point but chased me all this way.

Two are now camping my wreck and a third is now moving from the jump point where he has been waiting this entire time. Probably to see if someone else is jumping in with me.

Now all 3 are camping my wreck.

Happybeaver says they did the same to him. Clearly not their first time jump camping. Here they claim that they had also just jumped in. Which again is no excuse for chasing me from the jump point. They could easily have gone away from me or even stayed still as I was moving away at full speed if it was an honest accident.

Now they are claiming that 'i shot them"? They were sitting on the jump point. They all opened up on me before my ship had even loaded the grid and again they chased me until I was dead.

They still give no reason for chasing me. They seem to be mocking the rules saying “Post it, lets see what happens :)” as if they think the admins will do nothing.

So, you jumped in ~15 seconds after us as server logs can verify:

Ship ids: 3027034

Couple things here:

  1. Moving off warp in point with an empty tank is a great way to die as you can’t warp out of the system if you are jumped. I am NOT moving off warp point until my tanks is refueled. Anyone who does is, frankly, an idiot.
  2. I had just picked up my friend who started today so I was walking him through refueling his ship which is why we were there longer than normal. Like I said, this was very unfortunate timing for you.
  3. Nowhere in the rules does it say you must disengage if you were warped on. A couple days ago hunters kill a faction member of mine because he dc’d on the warp in point. Are they in the wrong too?

I move as soon as I refuel. I don’t move before then unless I am blitzing to a fight. So many traders have died because they don’t understand that their warp tank should always be full and I’m not making the same mistake as them.

As a quick aside, what do you expect us to do with your wreck? Leave it? We’re looting it and stripping it for parts. Obviously we’re not going to let you near it again, we’re defending our new ship.


I warped in right on top of him and popped him and his CV in less than 10 seconds. Fair game.

As far as what happened today. I wasn’t there so I’ll let the server logs speak for themselves.

And yup - that was me. Warped in. Got internal error spam. Logged in to a dead ship and 2 CVs blasting it.

Such is life.

The would have been Ninja and myself. We jumped into trader space, and were taking fire from your CV before we could reopen P menu. So whether you were IE’d or not didn’t really matter, nor do we have any insight as to who is or isn’t piloting a ship, we figured it was just warp camping and blasted away at the CV. Didn’t bother us much though, we went there looking for Lawless or Pirates to shoot at anyway, just didn’t expect it to happen immediately upon entering.

EDIT: To clarify for this topic; The encounter we’re talking about here happened a few days ago, and is not related to what the OP is talking about.

I have ZERO issues with you guys blowing up my CV.

I would have done the exact same thing.

Well, the 6 other LBP that came in soon after we engaged your CV sure was a melee. Since your battle CVs are more cigar-like and skinny, and my design is just a bigass fat cube, it sort of felt like 2 fat kids trying to avoid being hit by the half dozen dodge balls being thrown at them by the cool skinny kids at recess.

I still have a checkered imprint in my cheek from some of the hits.

LOL. love your reference. I was one of the ones who came in after he said people were shooting his CV. had a blast that fight!

Only issue really with being near warp-ins is that atm the lag / external errors / dc’s that too often happen. when making a jump.

But if " refueling " all night at warp-in’s is ok then … We are ok with this and see you at the refueling spot very soon :stuck_out_tongue:

well you are going to be sitting there at the warpin all by yourself… come visit us a little ways off and we can chat :wink:

Personally if I warp in to a camp - I won’t care. It happened in EVE and that was basically “The Game”.

With that said - we go out of our way to NOT camp the warp in point. We always setup out of render range on path to the planet and also have a CV on the path to the moon. None of these can be considered “The Warp in POINT”

If the rule becomes “Do not be within 5km of warp in point” - fine we’ll be sure to spread out 5km away from it.

Can we build a Gas station then for our Traders :slight_smile:

Hence forth, all members of LBP shall be no closer than:

That far to any and all “warp in” points.

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Please. You have no idea how much Pentaxit we go through - and that asteroid drinks 6 full tanks per hour.

if thats the case the whole point of being a pirate or lawless is moot as that means we would have to sit on the planet and well. who can we blow up then. I thing the warpin points need to be further from the planets than 7.7km

LBP right here at warp-ins

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Guys you dont need to argue with them. They know full well they are breaking the rules. They even now claim to have been having a training session about fueling their warp tanks on the jump point. I mean cmon. How obvious can you be. At the very least they are jumping back and forth between choke points systems and then stalling as long as they think they can get away with before jumping again. Even if I did come in 15 seconds later. I immediately tryied to disengage and they admit to chasing me down.

It comes down to this. They were there before me. 15 seconds or 10 minutes doesn’t matter. They were NOT moving off the warp point which is by definition “camping”. And rather than disengaging as anyone who wasn’t intentionally camping would have done they chased me down. They have done this to at least a few others. Likely many others. Now we have evidence. Just wait and let the admins take action.

Ok cool. Lets see how long Erikin has been playing the game.

This was literally his first time piloting a CV.

Ok. By that logic it doesn’t matter if we were 100m away or 50km away. A Point is a Point. We were at least a few nanometers off the point.,-lines,-planes-and-angles/an-introduction-to-geometry

Are you being serious? The conversation was literally “Ok, Open your constructor. It’s the one in the systems group. Yes. Now you have it open, take the pentaxid you refined from it and put it in your warp drive tank. Ok? Now you, oh shit a guy’s here”

lol all this crying… learn to play the game properly and you wont have this problems at all

Rule number 1: allways refill warp tank after you jumped

Rule number 2: target an close system with warp drive incase someone tried to attack you

Rule Number 3: make sure you come with heavily loaded ammo and guns

Rule number 4: fully stocked with fuel aswell

Rule Number 5: only fly with combat steel.

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