LBP Exploit Accusations in Global


In the past week we have been accused of the following:

  • Painting our ships to cause lag.
  • Having a ton of lights on our ships to cause lag.
  • Somehow causing lag in general and yet being immune to it.
  • Killing warp drives though blocks using an exploit.
  • Killing people in ships using an exploit.
  • Going faster than CV max speed using an exploit.
  • Building ships purposely to fly though ships.
    • We DID do that in 4.0 to kill ships as turrets were useless… We have not done it since 5.0 since it is not needed. None of our current ships are built for that purpose.
  • Warp Camping
  • “Knowing” that someone disconnected and killing thier ship before they can log back in.
    • I’m serious. We magically knew they were disconnected and killing their ship while they were crashed is abusing game mechanics. Exploit.
  • Using exploits to find deep space bases.
  • Using some exploits and cheats because “Half the server says you cheat.”
  • Using exploits or cheats because we get defensive when people accuse us of using exploits - so we must use exploits. Else we would not get defensive.

I am not making any of these up. All of these have been accusations against us made by multiple people in Global chat over and over.

I admit that some people in LBP find them funny due to their absurdity. For me though, the humor value has long worn out. I’m tired of defending my ship designs, I’m tired of every LBP victory being tainted by blatantly false accusations and threats of videos and screenshots of our exploits being posted - that inevitably do not get posted. I take pride in our ships, I take pride in our team work and I take pride in our reputation for CV combat. The constant efforts to diminish our achievements are really tiresome. On top of all that they make HWS look awful and scare newbies away from the server who may actually believe the accusations and think that the server is run by incompetent admins who let exploiters run wild.

I am not sure what value my post will really add - frankly I’m just venting - but let me make this clear:

LBP does not nor has ever used exploits of any kind. If any member of LBP is caught using an exploit I expect that member and myself banned.

In short. If you think LBP exploits - go ahead and post a video of it, screenshots or some form of actual proof and I and the exploiter will be banned. Please stop raging in global about imaginary exploits - nobody wants to hear it.


People will just be sour, ignore them and wait for them to post proof of your exploit. This game is full of bugs and the person loosing stuff to bugs feels like its an exploit iv been on the receiving end many times and can understand from both sides, but just ignore it. Innocent until proven guilty.

I was in global last night during the conversation that broke the camel’s back.

FWIW, I lost my CV to LBP the other night, to one of the alleged ‘lag boats’ and everything seemed on the up and up (other than getting wrecked). I have video of the encounter and reviewing it showed no shenanigans on your part.

I think a lot of it is salt, along with some genuine misunderstanding. I’ll do my part to encourage people to report incidents which they genuinely feel deserve it, or to otherwise keep quiet.

Players will always accuse, SWP are no strangers and yourselves LBP are in the same category…the category of PVP players.

people hate to lose, especially in gaming…everyone knows this all to well.

All i can say is ignore the haters/criers…if they come with evidence then we will act, if its totally made up shows nothing we might feel the need to punish the player for wasting our time and causing unnecessary dramas.

Until the day comes when we (the admins) contact you or act on a legitimate concern towards you or anyone else, then in the meantime try to ignore. Its hard too, i guess try not to feed the fire. ignore and they should get bored of no one biting.


SWP is blessed with not being able to read English though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I still love you.

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Not all. But I play not so much, so we “didnt see” dat cry/rage for 90% of every day… But at evenings. Its hard too.

Does not have much to do with the topic, more … I know SWP is basically Russian, I wonder if LBP, being of which nationality mostly?

US and a few Aussies at this point.

I was born in Russia, but most of my life has been outside of the “old country”.

[quote=“Mordgier, post:1, topic:3127”]
Painting our ships to cause lag.

[quote=“Mordgier, post:1, topic:3127”]
Building ships purposely to fly though ships.

We DID do that in 4.0 to kill ships as turrets were useless
[/quote]In 4.0 this was forbidden as well… That means that you should be punished for 4.0, Achilles even said so :wink:

Just report them for false accusation in public chat with screenshot. Problem solved. Players will always hate pirates.

Your ship designs rock. Like some of mine they push deep into the gray area but they don’t break the rules.

He told you this in private. I do not recall ever seeing an official statement on it. On Nov 21st I explicitly PM’d to confirm if it was OK or not and never heard back. You and I PM’d on this very topic on Nov 23rd…

I told you I would continue to use it until it was explicitly prohibited as it was a very common tactic on NA used by many factions.

Accusations surrounding this kill:

  1. Warp Camping
  2. Moving faster than CV speed cap
  3. Killing internal components via exploits

I hear lots of threats of posting videos/screenshots of LBP exploiting. Trust me when I say I record every fight I’m in and I will be able to prove that you’re lying.

Edit: On a less confrontational note, LoT, that ship had no whitespace on it as far as I could tell. You should really address that issue in your future ship designs.

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My video is loading as well. I said nothing about the speed thing personally, because after calming down and looking at what happened, our front thrusters were off because I was trying to move for as long as possible out of warp while reloading myself, since my loader ran into a pent loading issue and all his inventory of pent went into the tank without refilling it.

I want to preface this by saying additionally that I am playing on an alienware console with I7 Processor and 16GB of RAM. It is by no means a super powerful machine, but it is no “walmart laptop”.

I never said warp camping occurred, and certainly never said killing internal by exploit, although in mine you can clearly see core issues going inside of my ship while I tried to back away while lagging. My only issue with this situation is the drastic drop in frames I got as soon as ANY LBP ship entered mine or any other players of my faction’s field of view. We had been fighting with no issues for the past few days, against sv, cv, and bases. The only time we get this kind of situation is when your ships load. I have a ship that is 19440 blocks, and about 470 devices. I can move it around alongside three of the ships [Cerberus] you see in these videos, with absolutely zero latency issues.
As for accusations of glitching, exploiting, etc, that was not me. I have spoken with both you and mord after this, and explained that one of our guys lost his cool and blasted global with complaints. I have dealt with it, and no LoT personnel will be posting in Global anymore as of today, unless it is an emergency, just to avoid any of these situations with unnecessary drama.

As for whitespace, I was attempting with that design to utilize the 4 way cylinder blocks in sheets over vital areas. It did appear to mitigate a good deal of the phasing shots, but without 6 layers of blocks of thse types (generally one layer sandwiched between normal blocks, trying to not destroy the game engine rendering speed)
That being said, I think it did last a decently long time solo against three of your biggest pvp ships, flown by experienced pvp pilots.

One last thing I forgot to mention, was that we warped in and never stopped moving at ~90 m/s. We travelled for 20 seconds. What are the chances that you could then warp behind us and be within firing range? I would have been better off without the warp variance (travelling 1800 m would have put us out of firing range when you got in). Not saying it was an exploit. Just incredibly bad luck.


It was indeed very bad luck and I didn’t see you make any accusations, just your faction mate.

In the video you can see me fiddle with my front thrusters a few times. I wasn’t getting the response from them I was anticipating. You can see from my speed when I get near you that I’m trying to back peddle as fast as possible.

I donged in 4.0. I was a very vocal advocate of it and I practiced it in every fight. I don’t do it anymore in 5.0 because it’s far too dangerous to warrant it. Having said that, old habits die hard and I find myself getting in way too close for even my own comfort in a lot of these fights.

I always want to be <500 meters from the enemy ship at all times for good turret tracking so I’m going to hug you as close as possible but donging is not the intent because unfortunate things can happen like you blowing up my constructor will all my mats/gold/pent in it.

Not much we can do about it. We noticed in 5.0 that turrets seemed to fire more consistently - but cause a ton of lag and screen freezes. At 3:30 the 2nd ship shows up, and so does a whole bundle of lag, another ship at around 4:20 and you can see Xanif starting to get screen freezes and you can see the Ring Sting sit idle pointed away from your ship as Cupric is frozen.

Really I think the issue is the numbers that we throw at people and the fact that we focus fire ships down. Whenever we engage a group of ships a primary target is selected and pounded into the ground by 3-5 ships. Then these people say “Well I never lagged like that before!” - true but when was the last time 5 CVs shot at you?

Hmm. That might be it. I do not generally account for turrets in rendering issues, as when you get down to it, the shape of the ship should be a much larger drain on the engine than individual shots moving in a straight line with no shading.

I don’t think it’s so much a rendering issue as the game struggling with damage calculations from a ship being slammed by ~60 turrets

Surely that isnt being done client side?

Not sure. I just know that on our test server there is no lag at all during combat trials till we turn our guns on. Once guns are on, so is the lag.

We have fought you guys twice now, once was a real fight, the other our usual throw away beginner CV got blapped.

Exhibit A, in 4.0 Day before wipe. My 12K block “Carrier” engages with your long dual “Circle” ship, and we kite back into my waiting “destroyer” friend. Soon this is an obvious 2v2 cap fight, with us having 4 people aboard our two. With ~800-1000 devices and 20K blocks on field just on our end, things become a bit unplayable at this point.
Soon after the fight began blocks from other ships are stuck to our screens, which we soon find out is a known game issue. The game responded about as well as any other, even simpler games such as Starmade, with the size of ships, and gun effects going off. Overall about as expected. Our smaller ship is down, and i align out, and try to jump the carrier. Big blue flash, PC crashed. All four of our games crashed.
I did record it via shadowplay, but, didn’t figure it was worth much mention.

Exhibit B, in 5.0. Our battle scarred but trusty Tier 1 prefab, the ship that got us off world, is surveying an asteroid cluster near Lucifer for possible Sathium deposits. A red blip flashes on radar. Quickly reacting, my Glorious Faction Leader Cho calls out to align to the hostile drone and go weapons active. Distance closes.
Suddenly, two more larger ships show up on the radar GUI. The need to leave is made abundant, by the disintegration rate of the right side of the ship.
Destination being prelocked we align and warp, land, and align to the next system. Cho reports the warp tank is loaded. Warp drive… not present. Seems it gave its last in the last jump. F to pay respects.
Our adversaries jump in 1.5-2 K off respectively, so it seems prudent now to align to the nearby planet Saturn, where we have a base and an orbit that we consider safe. As fire comes in, and systems go out, i begin shutting down engines in order to coast as far as possible into the planet, hoping at least to crash land and deny them any loot.
Yet the enemy has taken up a 45 degree angle to us, and soon collides lightly with the side of my ship. Distance to atmosphere begins to come to a constant.
Two of their ships on field, i was probably between 30-50 FPS for most of the fight. (I have 12 GB Ram, i7, and 2x GTX 970’s.) Again, still what i have come to expect from games like this.

All i can draw from this, is that if these issues are common, the game needs to be more limited. People want to build big ships, and people want to win fights and be space pirates. Then again, who wants to fly around with a 10K CV block limit, with 100 devices, and 5 guns?

TLDR; nothing to see here, keep moving.
Also, we have had like 3 active people on this server since about a week before 5.0. Our base has already been called exploited, and hacked.
Local is primary.