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Just a request for different leader boards, one for the hourly events and one for actual out in the world kills. The leader board is more or less my drive for playing these days, it takes time and work to track those kills down. And now anyone can jump into an event and rack up 15 kills in 20 minutes. Heck, some guy last night claimed his opponent was paying him $1000000 for every death in a HV deathmatch (This might have just been someone stirring the pot, I really don’t know). I know all I seem to post about lately is complaints, but this one really puts a wrench in my game play, those hard earned kills seem to be worth very little. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions, am I crazy to feel that way?


I have brought this " 100 % valid pvp community concern" to the top of the HWS foodchain yesterday, rex stated that the kills from death matches are intended to show on the killboard, as to help promote the deathmatch events, however I did then give a bible paragraph relating to the actual issues resulting of that.

I dont think he got a chance to read it because the UNITY 2018 thing started again lol >.<

Anyway, later I also discussed it in IM with another HWS staff member, and due to having the time to read, he saw the issues you are seeing, and he said he will talk to rex about separating the kill boards.

The ball is rolling on this one gents, you have been heard.

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Bump! It would be nice to see the global killboard and the Event killboard seperate.

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My suggestion if possible would be to have a leaderboard for each death match event. That way we would get to see who is actually top in each gameplay style, which I think would be neat.

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I could go either way. I can see Rexxxus’s argument for event participation but I also think you have a case that it takes away from kills outside events.

Though, to be fair, kills from outside events can be just as “low skill” or “stat padding” as event kills. For example, killing someone repeatedly as they try to type cb:gohome when their home spawn doesn’t work. In a perfect world, only the first kill there should count.

My point is that there are plenty of ways to cheese the system if you wanted to. How can we fix that? Maybe make a mini killboard for each PVP playfield that feeds into an average kills/playfield? That way the results would be slightly normalized/weighted and encourage kills in different playfields. Heck, why not make it a PVP scoreboard at that point? Have planets that count for double the points for a set time period to encourage people to fight there and switch it weekly.

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There is actually a cool down timer on repeat kills counting on the leaderboard, or at least there was last season.

Yeah you really can’t farm kills that quickly from someone who doesn’t have cb:sethome like cardboard said because of the cool down timer. It’s easier to hop in a deathmatch and farm 10+ kills in a matter of minutes to boost your kill count.

I would like to see separate kill boards as well

We evaluated the situation and technically there is either a “yes” or “no” for counting kills in events. Separate leader boards are too tricky for @Jascha to do.

I think if someone is motivated for the Killboard Statistic he will make sure to participate in as many events as possible.

I do agree though that “real” kills “outside” should probably be more worth.
Maybe @Jascha can count such kills twice or we deactivate the option for the Events, that you get your RP back after the event.
Then you have to make the decision what is more worth :wink:

That was just me stirring the pot lol.

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You succeeded.

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I don’t believe any action needs to be done. Most of the players in this thread are of one particular group, which doesn’t fairly represent the general feeling of HWS NA. Events good, kills good, scoreboard meaningless but fun to interact with. You should add a reward for 1st 2nd and 3rd place at the end of the season! :slight_smile:

Besides that, the scoreboard encourages event participation which also drives up PvP because newer players get a taste for blood.

I have to side with Cardboard’s original post on this one. Easiest way to break it down for the reason to separate ‘Real PVP’ kills from event kills is that in real pvp, everything is on the line…your ship, your cargo, your backpack, your dignity is on the line. In the events you have nothing to lose but only to gain.

There is a reward for 1st/2nd/3rd…