Killboard 2.0 Update | Kill / Death Ratio is now respected

Hi HWS Community,

after a lot of discussions and suggestions, we implemented now a K/D (Kill / Death ratio) to the Killboard.

Quick notes:

  • Only the Player Kills count as kills, not animal kills of course
  • All deaths count
  • at the moment you see a blank list, because the new properties have to be calculated. Once you get a new kill, the old values should put you in the proper rank - depending on your K/D :wink:

Especially in a survival game the death count should not be just a decoration number.
Combined with the planned system to hand out rewards automatically (e.g. the better your K/D, the better the reward), we hope to see a new motivation for you to take care of your kills and deaths. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, have fun and good luck! :gun:

Your HWS Team

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So all my kills i made in one month are just disappeared? :frowning:
We cannot upgrade this system on next season? Or at least taking in account the kills we made in this month?



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FPS you have a high chance of dying as well as getting “cheap kills”

So what? Its very different kills, you can’t match them. It have sense, maybe, to make a standalone killboard for FPS only. Now its a confusion and this boards doesn’t reflect real situation.

btw team/alliance kills also shouldn’t be counted cause it very easy to abuse kill count inside one faction.

They are excluded. At least the kills :wink:

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i figured the PvP kill board would be for… kills while in the PvP sectors? if the FPS and other events still count towards killboard then the board is literally meaningless…

People farm the events and get to top of the list who ive never even seen in PvP…


Guys, keep that nonsense out of here please.

I’m back and cleaned up the kindergarten.
Maybe you realized you wasted time. Poof.

Anyways, if you would have read the discussions I told already that FPS events are possible to do for everyone and they are not easy or free farm. If they are, just do it.
And the K/D ratio still decide who is better.
Otherwise you can also complain about lag shots or whatever in the wild.

Destroyme command counts as death. Everything counts as death and influences your K/D.

Who needs destroyme?

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i’m sorry, but my post at least about the fact that events count towards killboards…

that is a valid point man. people i don’t even see in actual pvp sectors are at top of the board… its actually meaningless…

time wasted putting feedback to the post you made??? im really not understanding the logic deleting a post with a valid argument

EDIT : My argument simply being, if you want to implement the PvP killboard. all events and non ingame/PvP sector kills should not count, unless i missed something your post mentioned none of this.

Delete the other nonsense sure. But im going to assume you didnt even read my first post and decided all of it was bad…

This is a place i can leave feedback… no ?

To your point about the FPS event. ive played that a couple times, may not have won it but i sure got easily up to 15kills… for most vets its an easy farm…

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Eh right, one post too much, after you dived into the ping pong game of the EU guys…

And I answered even your post :smiley:

So to your overall feedback please let’s focus on the points:

  • if veterans fight against veterans, it’s almost as in the wild, or why do you think they are less qualitive than FPS kills
  • if you only want to count kills in the wild, who says they are more legit than a FPS event, the pure manifest of skill and PvP?

Again, I don’t understand why you think that Events, which everyone can enter and are skill based, are less meaningful than PvP in the wild (which are not always PvP… aka AI Turret fire… ammo drain… disconnect kills, etc.)

I understand where Pjams is coming from. I already posted this in the other leader board thread, but here it is again: Easiest way to break it down for the reason to separate ‘Real PVP’ kills from event kills is that in real pvp, everything is at stake…your ship, your blueprints, your cargo, your backpack, even your dignity is on the line. In the events you have nothing to lose but only to gain.

The FPS/Garage death matches are a really cool idea for a lot of people. Designing my own ship testing (smashing) it against other players ships until I get the design right is half the fun. I am not looking to fly someone else’s ship in an arena match, so the events are not for me. I think they are great for the majority of the server, but they completely skew the leader board. Again fantastic feature, but adding a K/D Ratio (Great feature, absolutely an answer to the destroyme tactic) does not address the concerns a lot of us have. I think there might be too much diplomacy in a lot of these changes, half measures to make everyone happy are not always the most successful. An example: Size Class, everyone seemed to agree that simplifying and reducing the class sizes would help players of all skill, and we went from having 3 (Class 1, Class 7, Class 3) to having 4 (Class 1, Class 7, Class 3, and Class 5)

As for why the kills feel less meaningful:
In the wild
You have to design (or have a faction mate) design a ship.
You have to test the pants off it
You have to gather resources to build it and arm it
When you find another player they have a 95% chance of escaping if they don’t want to fight, and still a reeeeaaaallly good chance of getting away if they DO want to fight and start losing. I have not died to a player in a long time. I think its been 1 player caused death in 3 seasons (And it was walking the plank after losing my turrets in a duel).
If you do manage to kill them due to piloting skill/design/luck, it feels pretty great, and you kill count goes up by 1
So there is a ton of risk, with a slight chance of reward
In Event
Zero entry cost (Great for new players or people looking for some fast action and fun)
Prebuilt ships. For some this is great, for myself and others this is not a big draw, but again great for some quick “balanced” action
You can rack up 45 kills in a single match
So other than death count 0 risk, huge possibility of reward (If the leaderboard is your reward)

To me, it devalues all “In the wild” kills completely.

To be totally clear, I think we all see and know how much work Rexxxus/Jascha put into the server, and how far the HWS team has elevated the server over the base game. Literally thousands of hours. This is just our feedback, and although a lot of people can come in very hot sometimes (Myself included) the fact that we are so passionate about the server should speak volumes to HWS’s success. So take it with a grain of salt, for every complaint that gets posted there are dozens of features we love that no one talks about.


I can see where you’re coming from. I can see where all of the complaints are coming from.

What I don’t understand is why have such a strong opposition to this as opposed to the old system? If anything, this is a step in the right direction. Before you could join any events, die however many times and get straight kills for the board.

Now, the impact of events (including FPS) is reduced by counting in your deaths. While yeah, it isn’t a completely separate kill board for events, events are PVP.

Having K/D instead of straight up kills normalizes your
“Open world” kills
FPS kills
Other event kills

If you’re suiciding into bases to try and get a kill, that’s now normalized.
If you’re a good SV fighter who rarely gets shot down, that’s accounted for.
If you’re doing the FPS event, that is first person PVP, and dying there also affects you negatively. Very rarely is someone not dying a few times minimum in that event.

I don’t know. Give it a shot. This seems way more fair than just counting kills to me.

I think the K/D system is awesome. I just don’t think it address’s the concerns about kill value.

I think it addresses them, just doesn’t eliminate them.