Lets go crazy for season 8. Lets wipe the OCD

Lets even the playfield and wipe the OCD.
That would make it more fair for newer players.
We would all have to mine again but atleast minerals would have a value again.

  • Empty OCD for all
  • Keep OCD for all

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My ocd is level 7 and packed with stuff so i would loose alot in this.
But i think it would push us all out into space mining again and hunting resources and that would give us more pvp.


OCD Wipe? How do you think i voted :joy:
:popcorn: ready :smiley:



I dont think you will get this past. Keeping a high level OCD through wipe is a Donor perk. So you take that away and now donors are SOL? I dont think they will ever go for that. Would mean changing the perks. Otherwise I voted yes…I dont use the thing. LOL

If you dont use it then that was a whole pointless response - Its either yes or no - People who do use it may think this is a good idea, they may not - Hence the YES or NO options…

Albeit - It would bring more PvP options and not just in the way of “Base-raiding” - The idea is good and I think everyone is aware of what it is - Also, Its not just a Donor perk - You can purchase the OCD with igc - At least get the facts right before you post a pointless comment :confused:

Well… Still trying to get ocd lvl 6… Impossible when you can`t go mine every fu*** hour of the day (yes, i hear people making 6 mill a day, but no one prooving it:P )

So my only chance of getting to lvl 6 is to buy some room at one with that lvl, and place all my gold there before season end, or quit my job…

Vote no :stuck_out_tongue:

But, i do understand your point =)

Just quit your Job haha

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dQ come we will show you how to mine 6 mil a day,

Kooler: maybe later tonight =)

No response is ever pointless. You dont have to use OCD to know people that donate are least likely to want to through away what they may have donate for. My comment was to remind people that OCD is more than just storage.

Honestly I would like to see HWS wipe entirely for 8.0. As long as it keeps OP and other things in place to promote fair play I am here to grow roots. I also enjoy the challenge of starting over…New update new gameplay, new game style. That is what makes Empyrion so great.

Wow, I should have read the rest of you nasty statement before I responded. Did you not read and comprehend mine? Did I say it was ONLY a Donor Perk? I dont think so. There is never a reason to say things way you have said them to me. What I see in your statement is my ideas are worthless, I should just shut up and go away because you will it…Guess what kid? I am not going anywhere. I never walk away from those I feel are bullies for one.

So please show me the respect I try very hard to show others including you. Dont ever tell someone their comments are worthless.

Does it convert to EUR or USD? Maybe?

Full wipe – no. Take all slots back to 50k – maybe.

The game is already so broken – it’s chasing players away because, in his words – it’s all grind, grind, grind, all work and not fun. Received dm from another who has quit. Making it harder at this stage will encourage more to give it up.


@Dawg - I was being nice, and it isn’t nice to accuse me of bullying - In terms of showing each other respect and respecting each others opinions - I do respect your opinion, and my opinion was that yours was pointless - I don’t think it actually added any value to the original question - I mean the question wasn’t about donors - and what you said or rather how you said it implys that only donators get to keep their stuff, that only donators get OCD - And then you further approach it by saying they are SOL… And then imply that they will never go for that… - You see these are implications from yourself that do not add any value to the question that was asked - Pointless -

And how is OCD more than storage… I mean when people Donate - it states in black and white they are donating to help keep the server running and the costs etc… The “Perks” are purely a thank you from the Admins, If you donated just to get a Thank you - I mean come on…

In response to how I have said things to you - Other than disregarding what you have said and saying I found it Pointless - I dont think I was personally having a go at you, If you are easily offended by anothers opinion or what they say - Lets hope we dont meet in game because I can be a bit sharp then (albeit in roleplay) but again I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings over a game…

Ultimately - Now this whole reply i have typed is completely pointless - It has no relevance in regards to the original question other than to defend my response to yourself as you were so easily offended by my opinion - So now Ragnar - Do not write another pointless response to a pointless response to a pointless response -

Other than that - I think it would be good to have the wipe, However some may not - I’ll try not to get offended by the people who tick NO :open_mouth:

Or OCD could be available past one week or two and the number of items you can retrieve limited by progressive cap, could be tied to RP.

OCD is not a donor package only some people like me have grinede to get my ocd and didnt dornate. i have in other ways through my husband gareth but OCD is not a donor package for all and i really trhink that empting everyones ocd is a good thing you can still keep your levels just not the contents in them!
I emptied my ocd in patch 6 and have managed to build it up in this patch okay its not full and im constantly using what in it but adleast its not full liek it was in patch 5

FU…ING BANKING SUMMER … :slight_smile:

ps. players need needs …


didnt you retire :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

and… feel free to borrow me 60M cred if you are so rich <3 <3 <3



Also … the ONLY way to possibly get to OCD7 is to hoard gold in OCD6 over several seasons. It’s going to take me months to get to OCD7. If you wipe my OCD, you wipe my reason to play this server. I will drive to Berlin in a fucking TANK and END YOU

(love you really Rex, your work is amazing, do what you think is best, but I will quit for sure, and I think over 50% will do the same)

Love, Scorp


Pick me up at the way? Ill bring beer

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Minerals do have a value now, about 500%-2000% the value they had in 6.0, AND RISING … because they are now rare. This helps new players get some credits from trading, and as Andrea said, the old OCD stashes are naturally being used up fast.

If everyone has to grind again, the new players would suffer worst, from having to compete with seasoned players mining every single resource to death. They would find it even harder to get started and more likely to quit.


Not forget… maybe a bit off topic, but just the last week ivè helped new players that warp away from their stuff at starters allot… Sure, they say it is allot, but with my OCD it is just fine to give away to help (alliance)
With all gone, they would all be fu*** :wink: