LHI Cheats

A few days ago LHI dropped multiple cv’s and ammo sinks on our base on Homeworld.
I don’t have the screenshots, but we do, and they can be provided on demand.
It’s not the first time they’ve done this to us, just the most recent and egregeious.
I know for a fact, this was raised directly to Rexxus.
No action has been taken.
They dropped a 500+ device count on our base. They took several out.
We have since re-cored that illegal ship, powered it, and dropped it atop their base on Mag. Which they threatened to report us for. How novel.
We would enjoy seeing the rules enforced, even for p2w LHI.
Going on three days now of no server response Rexxus is not encouraging. Do you need the pics or can you act in all of our self interest with or without them?

For a reason.

First I am really busy with 4.0 and knowing that both of you broke the rules here and there I hoped that you resolve this in an adult mannered way.

So here we are. Some of 5TH talking with me in Discord, some of LHI talking with me PM.
As far as I restore it chronologically Snaga had a bug and could not join the server the first time they attacked you. He tried to login but was stuck in a loading screen till we unloaded the playfield / warped him. In the meantime Robo waited for him and continued with the attack.
Dropping a big ship is legit
For now we have the 50 device rule so name who was it, not the whole faction.

Till then no proofs were given even though I requested them.

This night screenshots were posted in the get support Discord channel. Showing a ship which was already bounced from both factions here and there.

“We put it there intentionally to proove a point” is understandable but would just reflect rules breaking for 5TH aswell.

We had this lately on the EU server and it got resolved within 12 hours by clear facts, clear actions:

I am no fan of people fighting each other, insulting each other (even in foreign languages) and then after days later it is said: “but he hit me first”.


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Thank you for your response Rexxus.

Please let me be clear on a few things. I was not present for the engagement, I definitely saw the aftermath. I saw your response to SWP doing basically a very similar thing, and I was encouraged that we would see a similar response to LHI. We’ll get you the screenshots.

I am however, confused by your allegation that we have broken rules as well. Are you suggesting that by moving their ship back to a non-pvp, non-device limited world we’re breaking some rules? Which, and how?

RexXxus… FYA


Also Rexxus, the culprits were the same people you already mentioned.

Snaga and Robo.


so after crawling the logs, screenshots and chats I hope I resolved it officially now.

It is just barely before the big 4.0 but rules are rules and treated similar to the topic I mentioned in the EU. Dropping big ships over 50 devices and block limits, trolling and so on is not what we want to see.

So Robo and Snaga went to Elemental Prison for few days. They also lost half of their Bank Credits. Half because both sides trolled.

Crawling the chats showed me once again: it is sad but both iozz and statler left. So we don’t have a dedicated admin for the NA server again. Everyone who is playing there please be patient if we are not available all the time - especially during the day / night timezone. Again the BEST you can do is to create a topic in the forum!

I don’t recommend the gamestyle “no admin here? Let’s go wild”. The justice never sleeps!

Your HWS Team

ok so i know where it comes from…

Then it is settle! a cv with 50 devices and less is ok… so 10 cv with 50 devices and less is ok as well?
If i had dropped the cv i would of takin it like a man and i would of felt bad.
But i am… dissapointed.

But hey :slight_smile: its a game i got pictures and vids about some underground turrets, chat trolling and insults.
This is the last message about this… fight… the war is apon us!
I will reed the rules to make sure that i will not end in prison :slight_smile: cheers mate! see you soon :slight_smile: (its JUST A GAME REMEMBER)

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The rule is one cv per planet. And that cv has to be less than 50 devices currently

Seems everyone who broke the rules was punished. Whats left to complain about?

Nothing indeed