Little idea for a new Universe :)

Hey all,

I’ve got an idea in my mind right now and would like to share it with you before it leaves my little brain :smiley:

Since the beginning of HWS we have always the fight between more pve or more pvp, how to manage both and try to satisfied everyone, and Rex and his crew know it’s a very difficult task if nearly impossible to realize.

A lot of games have only two sides fighting to avoid too many choices and prioritize the quick action, maybe with a third neutral side for the traders part.

So in the end i was wondering a lot today and conclude we have already those 2 sides : PVE vs PVP players + (neutral traders)

What about a Universe nearly like the one we have in 3.0 but with those particularities :

  • on the left side of the universe : PVE starter planets + some planets/orbits to settle / orbits like peacekeeper for pve players
  • on the right side of the universe : PVP starter planets + some planets/orbits to settle / orbits for PVP players.

In the middle “the warzone” :

  • one central orbit PVP with severals planets PVE/PVP for outposts/BA to be near the center planet (pve on the left, pvp on the right) placed symmetrically and distance equal in each side like a circle or square.

  • left PVE planets in the central playfield are poor in ressource, meanwhile right pvp are rich in ressources.

  • one PVP planet in the midddle, on this particulary planet you have a huge POI that people have to fight for controlling it. The fist time it will be like a neutral POI until one side PVE or PVP takes control by replacing the core.

If for example they managed to keep and protect the core during 2 hours maximum, the planet switch to PVE during 4 hours in order for the wining side to rebuild defenses for the next fight. after the 4 hours the planet switch back to pvp so everyone can enjoy regular fights and benefit for all their side.

  • if no sides put their core at the end of the 2 hours, the central planet switch PVE despite, the left side planets Stays PVE, and right side PVP, no bonus for anyone, then 4 hours later central planet switch to PVP again for 2 hours.

  • only the faction who control the POI with their core can build on this planet by only rebuild/extend the POI, no others bases allowed to avoid to many lags. Others of the same side can assit with SV/HV/CV but with limits too to avoid laggy fights.

  • elemantal market places in the middle PVE for neutral traders so they can provide the war and make profits :smiley:

what is very important is that below :

-all planets/orbits on the left/PVE side are linked, you can only build on those planets/orbits except central planet if you choose to spawn you character on PVE side.

-all planets/orbits on the right/PVP side are linked, you can only build on those planets/orbits except central planet if you choose to spawn you character on PVP side.

  • when a side took control of the central planet POI (after 2 hours of figthings and planet switched to PVE), all the planets from the central playfield switch to the same side and belong to this side, from this moment to the next time a side took again the control or keep it.

thats means :

if PVE side wons the central planet, all planets in the playfiled orbit switch to PVE, meaning all PVP side structures become public on the right central planets, so they gain access to the ressources of the right planets + dismantling or taking the public structures + maybe add a BONUS for PVE players (ressources ?)

if PVP side wons the central planet, all planets in the playfield orbit switch to PVP, meaning they can enjoy raiding the left central planets + maybe BONUS for PVP players (ammo, guns ?).

To debate :

  • at first i was thinking when a side took control to change all the planets/orbits of the universe (except starters) of the same side, so PVE building mania need to fight to keep control and keep their castle on the beach.

so only central planets or all ?

  • maybe add a second POI to control in the middle of the central orbit to fight in space too ?

it will be easier to do when devs will code the Alliance thing, but maybe Rex/Jascha can code something with their awesome tool :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve thrown this idea right now and didn’t think of all it could involve/rules needed, so pls add any idea/pb/comments you want in order to make the best universe we can :smiley:

Generally kind of cool.
At least for the most people it is easy to just think of “black” and “white”…

A big problem for me is… why do you think the PvP side don’t fight with each other and the PvE guys just laugh about them and capture everything?
You know there are cool ideas out there but then you join a internet game and wait… :expressionless: |

True maybe with some kind of rules it can worked, but the general idea was to create a way so ppl can influence the “more pvp or pve thing” by fighting for the side they prefer, in order to give you a break and stop relying too much on admins / changing universe every wipe :smiley:

you can even replace the PVP / PVE with black or white side if you want or alliance/pirate, good/bad.

The second idea was to create a goal and some kind of continous event, because since HWS 1.0, it’s lacking events.

Finally, i saw a lot of pvp planets completly desert, and overpopulated PVE planets taking a lot of server ressources, some ppl already stop playing (mostly pvp players i guess) and that’s not a good sign :/, tha’s why i tried to find a solution to balance the everlasting PVPVE pb but anyway i’m sure all will be ok one day :).

Many people who play survival games fail to see the true intentions of it, having all of their bases and stuff in an safe place untouched from all the horrors that lurks in the universe, that is not survival game, that is more of an godmode cheat, i played hundreds of survival games, only empyrion have these so called “pve” places, and yes you maybe have spent 100 hours building something, but to what end? if its not gonna be used properly, you might aswell build in an single player enviroment then.

after over 600 hours in this server i have seen universes been wiped apart over and over, we started out with one pve planet that would be made pvp in events, which many thought was an good idea, for me that was the best world we ever had, and then it only got worse, pve planet one after another was popping up, admins keep saying they have no materials to harvest or anything, and i am starting to think?`who the hell harvest materials these days? we got the autominer doing all the work for us, so that dosent matter at all… what i am trying to say i want to get back the feeling of feeling unsafe, and have that revenge feeling that if someone attacked me i could get back my revenge on them, but that is gone now if they live in pve, and with the impossible to find bases in orbit space people could take their refugee over there, admins fail to see the pvp aspects ingame, and focus more on hogging onto as many players as they can instead of focusing more on pvp than pve.

i have lost plenty of old guys who used to be very active in here, but got bored since we had no pvp action left, only guys i fight is SWP the rest live in pve.

and now people even got back the buggy offline protection! like wtf, no need to make ETN or ETS pvp then, since you only have one weekend to pvp.

Yet again admins have been corrupted by the carebears, and i see more admin abuse threads in here than ever before, something you gotta be doing wrong!


honestly… the more you talk about it the more we start to realize it (or lets say me… rex was anyhow more the pvp guy). thx thranir for beeing so patient with us and helping us to get to see that again… We will work on that part especially for Alpha 4.0 to bring survival back and reducing the pve interference. Even though the pvp aspect is far away from perfect its still the real purpose of a server to give you the survival feeling that you want. Just hope the devs do also their part to encourage it more by making it work.