Little OCD patch

Hey @everyone,

Jascha was so kind to implement an old requested and desired OCD feature / new OCD command:


If you have empty slots in between some slots you can now merge these slots away.

For example if you only have 100 iron in slot 1 and 200 copper in slot 100 the empty slots in between is now removed with this command.

Hope you like it.

Your HWS Team


two weeks!! two weeks ive spent sorting my ocd, finished a couple of days ago lol…just my luck


Hahaa. Have you tried it yet?? I’m afraid it may move my freshly resorted stuff! Haha

Awesome work Jascha

no ive no need for it right now haha. but yup hats off i know ill need it in the future :slight_smile:

Yes! an ocd for us ocd people now :smiley: Thank you so much!

Please add ocd:swap

So I can swap slot 59 with slot 32 and so on…I like to keep things grouped…blank spots are less of a problem IMHO


Will do that too


winner winner right there! ocd will now be perfect, <3

Update 2


Example: ocd:swap:1:2 will swap your slot 1 with 2.


Faction leader / admins can now destroy a ship if it is stuck or bugged.
The info: CB:Destroy:ID = Destroys the structure with that ID. Only your structures! Faction admins/founder can also destroy faction structures. Abuse leads to ban!!

PRO tip: type cb:??? to see all commands / infos!

Thanks @Jascha


YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you for this!! Especially this!

Any way to see how/who/what deleted it? I cant imagine one of my faction admins deleted my ride on Gabriel yesterday… but now we have another possible cause for missing ships!

Good update though, seriously – Should help you guys from having to play hero all the time when our rides get stuck in a tree! :slight_smile:

It was implemented after your missing ship. But we can see who uses the command and ban the guy then

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CB:Destroy only works on the same plafield for now (just to make it not to easy to abuse it)

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