Living on PvP Experiment 2

So this time we tried living on Odin, snowy world. Our 5 man faction ( newly forged, mostly new people to the game) just landed on the planet today, we land our 3cv’s built a BA with max defense and 30 Hv’s in a permiter defense, I go eat come back and PKA has killed everything and busy salvaging the entire base… Time from whole faction entering planet to everything destroyed 2-3hours.

I hope other people trying to live on PvP are having a better experience than us…

Nice to see they waited for you to go have dinner :slight_smile:

There is no way of them knowing I’m having dinner just supper bad luck on my part xD lol

Don’t build on planets. It’s a bad idea.

But they know when your offline/online. Unless you stay in-game 24 hours a day. Not saying they did that, just saying they could have done that very easily. I…e the B key will show you whose online.

Press B, wait until they disappear in the list, attack. Offline raiding was 4.0 meta and also 5.0 meta because offline protection still not balanced/fixed. So don’t build in PVP unless you have no problem with offline raids.

At least the experiment was a success. Now you know :wink:

Also there are several exploits that still work in 5.0 to safely attack a base if you are not online to defend it. Don’t do it.
Update: which reminds me… I still gotta report one such exploit… Ugh but takes so much time to video it and all… Ugh…

when i look at combat log it seems like our base defense didn’t even do anything i have a feeling the cv’s simply out ranged everything, people shouldn’t be afraid to build on pvp there must be a way we just have to find it.

There is none.

Well yes it is possible, but you will have to build underground, under a mountain and force your enemy to enter on foot, no matter how much he shoots like a madman he will not know exactly is his base, and within it you can by All the weapons of the base, even if they enter or make some hole through the mountain when entering it will have to go on foot, and even if he can drill the mountain he can not even get to his base mainly you build the block starts away from the Base … no guarantee nothing will take a long time and many deaths on their part, aida more if you by traps behind each door … I’m finalizing something of the type, must go below a chain of mountains … .It will only be a meat grinder …

I’d sooner use a digger sv than go into a hole on foot.

Hey Kogami,

I’m really sorry for us attackng you, it was bad timing… we we’re hunting a faction and found yours, being a pirate we just followed the rules and obey’d.

Your HV’s did pack a punch and took one of us down, but tbh your base didnt attack us for some reason, we took down the HV’s and after that it was easy going.

Long story short, we we’re hunting a certain faction that attacked us and made me / us go on a warpath trying to find them, and this continues tonight.

Kudos on a tough base though, wasnt easy.

No worries man, was just shocked to see it go so quick , the faction is a lil down atm but we will be back :slight_smile:

Not possible because even underground (or whatever you do) there are still too many problems from 4.x that allow you to raid bases without them being able to shoot back at all. If you build on PVP, your base will be gone. Even if they play fair it will be gone.

In best case you can spam HV’s (weird that this is even allowed with all the BA/CV limits now) and 7 faction BA + 7 BA per player to slow enemies down. But slowing them down is the most you can do. There are too many cheese tactics as well to just make BA raiding relatively easy.

If someone wants your base gone, it will be gone. Especially when you logout.

Spamming Hv’s is the only reasonable way it seems since BA’s are useless and don’t shoot back, it could be that i needed to level the ground first before spawning the blue print BA since the patch stops guns from shooting if they in terrain, could be that if the base is in terrain that the guns are attached too then they stop shooting or something meh will have to test.

On base bases the base weapons are inside the base and not exposed from the outside to be targeted at long range, you create planned spaces so that the enemy has a single entrance and you place the weapons so that they can hit He but he does not have a good angle to shoot without exposing himself and being shot, in pvp I would never make bases above ground, before 4.0 could drill to the enemy base using T2 drill, now that ha is no longer possible, It has to make way in the bullet and you can still create a distraction base, it will dig to where you think the base is, but there is nothing there, remember that the location of the base is given by the initial block and not by the core. … place the starting block 100 meters from its base and no one could ever locate it easily, the only problem and the texture bug that shows everything around you if you’re in a hole.


The CV i used to get away from odin when you attacked Terminus Est if you didnt destroy it and captured it i have one request for you. Dont publish that ship in workshop please. It was just so stupid that we even lost it for error in game i had to alt +f4 to get the game working after i left planet and entered orbit. Dont know what happened the game just freezed when i left that planet i would have wanted to fight you guys at space but couldnt do it.

It’s illegal to publish ships that you steal from other people as its still their intellectual property, so no worries :slight_smile:

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I think guys from U-P clan can return your wonderful ship for reward :slight_smile:

Tesla you have my ship and JorpA’s aswell? they are different xD

Isnt base, etc, defend themselff in offline, if they have enough fuel or is those completely disabled when you are offline ?