Lost my new ship 😢

Hi, happy new year!

I made the mistake of going into Elementale market to dismantle my old CV…
My ally also came to help me with his CV and we spawn my new blue print in that galaxy.

I don’t know if it’s because there is 3 CV in same time or if we stayed too long in the Elemental Market place but my new CV was captured :cry:

In-game admin say me there is warning but i didn’t see any warning , other the usual (too many blocks, rent to pay on Lucifer/Elemental market, …)

Can anyone help me please?

thank you in advance.

1 parked (I suppose that parked = unmanned) CV per faction max in marketplace. Others get deleted after a few warnings (in public chat, you don’t see it in private) and the game should ping you about it with an SFX and dialogue in topright corner as well.
Also this information is in the guide. Marketplace is not intended for actions like that and not intended to avoid taxes and RP dodges and etc.

You can buy the ships back from the admins. For the record though, there were atleast 5 warnings spaced exactly 15 minutes apart. They show up in different colored text for your ease of noticing.


75 minutes is quite a long time you get warned. Almost no reason to not see / react to this.

Anyways can you provide please the name / ID of your ship?


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Hi, sorry to bother you again but I can not enter any other planet and to return to the planet of the hunters I need crystals I do not have enough could you help me.

Just ask someone in Global chat. Manny willing to help.
Or use the market.

I’ve been asking since last night that if someone helps me and nobody helps me and I do not have credits to buy in the market.

Watch out!

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