Lost Orbital Base in Zasc Fed

Logged on after the patch. Message said our base in ZF had too many devices… went to it and started removing every device i could, then looked at info under P menu. Said 170 some devices, so I left it alone. Then I get a message saying “you were warned” and random devices were taken. One was the core. All ships nearby opened up on the base and destroyed it pretty much completely. I salvaged what little was left, but lost two cargo containers full or iron ingots, 4 cargo containers full of crystals and at least one container of Cobalt Ingots. Hundreds upon hundreds of large fuel packs, etc. Since base showed up on the map, I got all I could out of there before people showed up, and moved all our ships away.

sadly this was something i knew would happen when they forced in the limits, i have lost two bases to unknown conditions, and when asking admins they dont know, so i guess im fucked either way.

It is not about “we don’t know”. It is about providing us information so we do know!

What ID, what Name, etc.

Rex, not asking for replacement. I don’t recall it if even had a name.Structure commander is no help. All I can tell you is that it was roughly 60k out from ZF. I think it was named orbital dock or something, but I could be wrong.

It did represent my entire faction’s stockpile… was where we stored everything we produced. But at the same time… I think I am the last person from my faction who bother’s to get on. It’s just sad to see that much work go to waste, and our entire storehouse obliterated by our own guns due to an error.

Biggest reason for this post is to make you guys aware that your message is wrong. That base did NOT have over 700 devices. It had barely over 170, and it was still affected. I ran like crazy for about an hour disassembling every non critical device on that base, to find out it was probably never over 700 in the first place.

Logs don’t even show it anymore. Only base I see is this one.

I don’t recall a base in HWS Story…

Thanks, yes we found another bug in the device output files so we don’t force it to HWS faction, only warning you. Hopefully it is fixed one day.

But even if it worked it would be set to HWS and don’t get deleted.

About your base, I can’t find an orbital dock.
Only thing I can do for now was to refill your donator packages a bit.

Maybe because you switched your faction lately

Thanks Rex. That is fine. I did switch my faction since I was the only active guys left. I probably did it just before you posted this message. Thanks for looking.