Lost ship when entering orbit

Looking to get my ship back. Was mining on gold planet, went to leave and had an internal error/crash as entering orbit. I was able to log back in on planet, but no ship.

Please advise.

Hey guys,

so I have analyzed the last week and what caused the most problems
are obviously ships which got lost / stuck in a ship / planet crashes /
game crashes, etc. etc. (beside the EAC server freezes)

This has to stop!

Up to now HWS had the policy1
that we were really generous, and gave you your stuff back. Really cool
for you, but in the end, sooner or later you had the problem again…
and again… or your friend… again.
This madness has to stop!

So we have implemented a new rule 4.7! If you don’t follow this rule we cannot help you anymore in most cases.

While this game is in an alpha state and crashes
happen a lot. We will now only help properly if you send us your logs
(via email, forum or discord)! Only then we can fix this and we do not
go in to a bug-help-bug-infinite-loop. Your logs are located here:

Have someone take you to your ship ?

I already sent the devs and you an email with the log as stated in the rule…

Please let me know if you need anything else.


I completely understand your position. I understand these bugs are beyond your control since I have over 1300 hours into this game. KptnKurt immediately informed me of the rule in game, and I forwarded the information as requested. If I can’t get my ship back that’s ok. I was mainly interested in the eight plus stacks of gold ore I had mined this afternoon.
Ship back or not, not really a big deal, It’s just very discouraging to ask for help and have another post issued as a response.

Gold planet is obviously unstable and the only source of gold ore. I’ve seen lots of chatter and forum posts about issues entering and leaving the planet. I believe you also did an emergency wipe the other day. How are we supposed to get gold to upgrade AM and OCD if we can’t successfully enter and leave the planet??? Filling wanted posts on the market place doesn’t even come close to paying the unrealistic taxes.

Also rep as a trader is nearly impossible as a casual player. I don’ get any rep until I reach OCD lvl 3 (and warp daily), but haven’t been able to raise the 300,000 gold to do so. That’s why I risked going to gold planet this afternoon when the server pop was low. It seems out of the question now that all my ore is gone.

Lastly, my ship was destroyed by somebody in orbit after my internal error, but HWS Connect has no record of who attacked it. Maybe HWS is trying to do too much on top of an “Alpha” game.

I would also like to add the forums would no allow me to upload the log file as text files are not supported/allowed, which is why I sent it via email.

You should be OCDing your gold as much as possible. I have no idea why you wouldn’t.

Every time you get a stack of gold ore, put it in your ocd. At the minimum. Then when you get back to traderworld, take it out and refine it there.

Expect to die on gold planet. Play very conservatively.

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Here is how you know someone is on gold planet:

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I put some in OCD but was out of room (lvl 2). Just discouraged since I walked away with about 15% of what I actually mined…

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks, added .log as extension for the forum upload.

As soon as I am home I check your logs / send them to devs / check your ship.
Well there are 2 other planets with gold… but yeah, it should be a bit more challenging to mine them than before.

I can only say from my observations that you don’t need one single Gold to mine to become rich. Good traders are the key for becoming rich.

Unrealistic taxes? They are right now too cheap even… but I see your point. Right now there are people with very low credits / RP and there are people with way too much credits / RP. It is obvious a balance thing to keep it as medium as good as possible. We try to address the poor and rich people soon.

Which ship? Errors are right now painful, yes and we try to fix this as good as possible.

The CV was Valkyrie ID 4213005 an the SV was 1N45892 ID 331336.

KptnKurt was able to bring my CV down to the planet (in pieces) but then it proceeded to kill me. I would immediately take damage when rezzing to current location or to the med pod he put on it because I was stuck to the bottom. I lost about 40K due to those 7 deaths.

KptnKurt deleted both for me after they were found in pieces.

I’m not looking to become rich, just trying to earn some rep as a trader! :slight_smile: